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BorderBound Communications - Your One-Stop Shop for Integrated Marketing Services

BorderBound is your best choice for integrated marketing solutions. We help companies increase visibility, deliver the message, & increase sales.

Expertise in search engine optimization, direct mail, email, drip marketing, web, signage, literature distribution, polling, targeted programs, full-coverage, radio, TV, newspaper, blogosphere, and with a staff that's ready to help you through this tough economy.  The pros at BorderBound have seen the ups and downs and we helping leading companies grab market share when their competitors don't or won't.

These days it takes guts and long-term vision to grow a business.  Use BorderBound & see your business grow in 2009.

Update your image. Get more traffic...and more LEADS! We update most sites PRONTO! Reasonable rates and follow up to make sure it's done the way YOU want it done. You're paying for results, and with BorderBound, you get 'em. Our Search Engine Optimization service has many of our clients finding their site in top 10 & even #1 on major search results. Contact us TODAY to get your project done right and on time.

Press Releases, Get Your Info in Print

BorderBound can provide Press Release Services for an effective

way for you to inform clients and prospects about your business

and significant industry events.

 By using BorderBound for press releases, you gain the edge by raising your profile, creating a notable identity in your industry that projects you as an expert, which builds additional opportunities through visitor feedback and inquiries.  We handle all required functions including:
  • Produce press release piece based on your details.
  • Create unique email account to receive inquiries
  • and other specified duties.


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Web Hosting Service of BorderBound Communications

We provide 100% reliable web services to our customers. Our user-friendly Control Panel (now in it's 6th year of operation) makes it easy to setup your web folder & email accounts. You can do it or we can take care of it for you! If your current "provider" isn't offering you a Control Panel, it might be a good time to switch to a hosting company that uses current technologies.

Our services include webmail, email, dns, and lots of extras. Two of our hosting packages are shown below. Ordering is very easy, just choose the one that's right for you, or email us at [email protected] You get hosting services that are Fast, Focused, and Reliable.

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