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We are all well aware that wine is to be consumed and enjoyed and the staff at the Bordeaux Wine Company will most certainly agree with you but they will also tell you that today the best wines demand the same level of admiration and esteem as do antiques and fine art.After all, let us not forget that the combination of business and pleasure is a highly valuable undertaking.

Taking advice from the experts in the industry is highly recommended and that the success of wine as an investment is really due to shortage.  It is common knowledge that the longer one holds onto wine and its availability is reduced, the prices rise and of course the wine tastes even better as it reaches its finest drinking age. 

Wines from the top chateaux in Bordeaux and from this district in general, have quantity limitations in place each year and the key to success lies in the choice of the wines and first growth wines such as Lafite Rothschild, Latour and Haut Brion are the safest bets to take a gamble on.  As supply is diminishing as it is being consumed, these Bordeaux wines are being considered equivalent to the highly capitalized blue chip companies and are most definitely a great place to start.  Second Growths, better known as super seconds have also established their superiority more recently i.e. La Mission-Haut Brion,  Léoville-Las Cases and Montrose.

It has actually always been quite a tradition to investing in wine especially due to the attractive profit on capital that stems from the leading Bordeaux houses also known as First Growths. Another reason for these wise investments is that it is considered to be a well-conceived portfolio as it has practically zero association with debt and equity markets. 

For British investors in particular, wine is not an issue for capital gains tax with it being treated as a wasted benefit by the Inland Revenue and therefore making it a smart ‘work of art’.

Online wine merchants, the Bordeaux Wine Company have a wide network of customers in the UK and Europe with a planned expansion into the USA and the Far East.  They are able to advise their customers regarding resale at a moment’s notice, when to take profits or when the optimum has been reached.  The Bordeaux Wine Company are experts in yielding the highest profits for their investment clientele thus making them one of The UK’s leading advisory on wine investment.

Over the last few years, wines have proved to be consistently stable, high yielding and low risk investment, the market has also had little or no affect by stock market instabilities and interest rate modifications.

Purchasing wine from the region’s top chateaux can certainly limit the risks, due to their consistency in quality and secondary market demand.  This is an approach that has proved to be practical over the years, and alternatives are available, which can be just as rewarding.

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