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Cherylann Stachow is a proud mother of four with a strong foothold in Canadian online gifting space. Cherylann is a great example to other women who wish to be a stay-at-home mom. She created her business her way, without sacrificing the needs of her family and rising it beyond everyone’s expectations. She had a simple mantra and no huge business goals; she wanted to make people happy! Creation of Boodles of Baskets enabled her fulfill all her wishes.

Boodles of Baskets specialize into designing beautiful gourmet gift baskets for different occasions with shipping throughout Canada and recently USA well. The business has expanded over the years into fresh baked cookies, gourmet fudge, fresh cakes, and plush toys and of late into drop shipping as well. She forayed into drop ship to enable the other entrepreneurs the opportunities to build their own businesses. Today the business has successfully expanded into six specialty shops under the umbrella of Boodles of Baskets .

Boodles of Baskets
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: (416) 214-7745