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Currently, he is working as an application developer in a multi-national food manufacturing company. He possessed over 10 years of experience in electronic commerce, B2B and B2C development/operations. In the current position, he produces web applications for Asia Pacific in alignment with corporate strategic plans. He is privileged to assist his project team by leading their efforts with regards to web applications development for North America. The sales performance is increased by 3% per annum.

In the previous position, he was a consultant and also assisted his project teams by leading their efforts with regards to IT Asset Management, financial reporting application and B2B system integrations with external clients in Government Department, Bank and Utility Company in Hong Kong and Singapore. Those deliverables increased efficiencies of customer relationship management and electronic billing, and generated revenue subsequently.

He always involves transforming business objectives to corresponding technical requirements that is a valuable skill to this field.

He is highly motivated by projects with the goal is to deliver quality deliverables to prospective customers. He enjoys working in a creative environment with people are smart,  dedicated and collaborative.

The world of Information Technology often moves very quickly. Quick thinking team player helps generate results that projects need.

He is a holder of  PMP, Prince2 Registered Practitioner and MCP.

He published two conference proceedings in the 11th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, UK (2000).

He received a Master Degree of Commerce in Management Science and Information Systems of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.