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BoHdan KolomiIETS


Obtained skills and qualifications


    • 4 years experience of C# programming.
    • 3 year experience of back-end development (ASP.NET)
      (used design patterns: singleton, unit of work, repository, abstract factory, strategy, observer, SOLID).
    • 2 year experience of front-end development 
      (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular 2/4).
    • 0,5 year experience of Unity3D programming.
    • 0,5 year experience of 3D-modeling.
    • 2,5 years of Matlab prototyping and data processing.
    • 1,5 year of numerical methods and algorithms in C/C++.
    • 1 year experience of AVR, STM32 microcontrollers programming.
    • 2 year experience of electronics prototyping and making PCBs..

 Technologies used


  • image processing
  • time analysis
  • frequency analysis
  • numerical integral 
    equations solving
  • numerical differential


  • WEB dev
  • HTML, CSS,
  • Bootstrap, Material, Clarity
    design systems
  • JS,  Angular 2/4, Jquery,
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL
  • Python
  • Bitbucket
  • Game dev
  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • 3D-modeling
  • SolidWorks
  • Compass


  • С embedded, C++

  • Arduino IDE

  • ESP-32 chip
    (BLE, Wi-FI, HTTP)
  • STM32 

Professional Experience

Dec, 2017March, 2018

IoT Intern

Ciklum CTO Office (R&D department)

The main task during internship was to program ESP-32 in C language (chip for IoT solutions). 
Protocols that I was working with on that chip: BLE,  Wi-Fi, HTTP.
I was studying the connection/disconnection intervals/delays, advertising parameters in different modes/configurations: directed advertising, whitelist configuration.
Also, I have setup ESP-32 as web server and client.
Most work was done for setuping ESP as web server:
-multi-page infrasrtucture setup;
-web-socket connection setup (for real-time data dumping)
-POST JSON, query data parsing in C

Sept. 2017Dec, 2017

Full-stack web developer

Project "Grail"

Brief description of the project:
     This is an online platform that is aimed to be the bridge between students, educators and employers.
      The platform has a knowledge&technologies tree, where each leaf provides places where knowledge can be obtained and vacancies where this knowledge can be required.
      A student can choose a way to get the desired competency or create his own competences. During platform use , student's resume  is building in the form of experience and knowledge.

      Students can create their own educational paths using courses of educators from all over the world. Collect all experience in one place.
      Employers can hire people with desired set of knowledge, skills and experience.
      Educators can promote lifelong learning connection their courses with other courses and vacancies.
      In this way, this service will help to synchronize job market needs and educational services activity.

Used technologies stack:

Back-end: APS.NET Core 2.0
Database: MS SQL

Demo will be available soon .... =)

June. 2017Sept. 2017

Full-stack ASP.NET Core + Angular2/4 web-developer

Children's Science Studios

Complex registration form was developed for parents to choose  comfortable schedule for their kids. + management functionality for editing and viewing  registered forms.

 - parent can add one or more kids;
 - it is possible to specify already passed courses;
 - multiple desired courses can be chosen;
 - for each chosen desired course can be selected multiple comfortable days and times in priority order;
 - viewing/ editing of registered forms

You can try it here:
You can view more detailed description with screenshots here (with admin part also):

Mar. 2017June 2017

Full-stack ASP.NET MVC web-developer

Auction platform for Prozorro "Kapitalist"

Prozorro is the largest web-system for state and commercial auctions in Ukraine. It has its WEB API that allows to create many platforms for auctions having specific security rules and restrictions. "Kapitalist" is one of the auction platforms in Prozorro.
That was project-based part-time job. I joined the team at the final stage of product development. I worked on authentication using ASP.NET Identity and on part of auction process (complaints and claims) communicating with API. 

Sept. 2016June 2017

Software-hardware system for registration and analysis of human stabilogram

Bachelor project

Hardware part:
Platform with 4 pressure sensors, amplifiers, ADCs and Arduino microcontroller  inside it that registers pressure and pass data from 4 channels through USB to PC for further processing.

Software part:
Matlab GUI desktop application for Windows OS.
Functional modules:
1. platform calibration;
2. signal registration;
2. signal analysis.

Detailed project presentation (with device and app images=) ):

Dec. 2016Mar. 2017

.NET developer

Access Softek

This was full-time remote job. Agile methodology was used for software development. The company specializes on development of application-constructor for banks and credit unions. I worked in a team that develops additional functionality for specific customer, which is not included in basic version.  My duties were to setup single sign-on (SSO) with related bank/credit union services .

May 2016Dec. 2016

Full-stack ASP.NET MVC web-developer

Children's Science Studios

"Children's Science Studios MAN" is educational organization in Ukraine that teaches children from 6 to 14 years different courses. They have several studios placed in Kiev and plan to expand in other cities of Ukraine.
My client wanted web-site with CRM-system functionality for automating administration and educational process.

We worked on this project in team of two programmers: me and Adnrew.

Andrew developed tests system for students. Everything else was developed by me: back-end and front-end.

As the result this site allows:
1) Divide roles and access level for main admin, admins of different studios, parents, students, teachers and content moderator.
2) Administrator can register courses, groups, clients, teachers, manage client payments, to do mailings.
3) Teacher has academic journal for each group, can note presence of student in lesson, write lesson topic, hometask, attach materials.
4) Parents and students can have access to journals. Parents can send a request to the group, can see what amount of money do they to pay and why.
5) Moderator has ability to change "surface" text and media content visible for all.
6) Main admin, additionally to listed functionality, can create reports for specific time period and calculate all needed financial indicators.

Sept. 2015Now

Programming and robotics teacher

I have 5 years experience of teaching kids and teens programming and robotics.

Here is my account on the teacher's online-platform Preply:

Here is my video-presentation as a teacher:

Sept. 2015 Now

IT and ROBOTICS academic programs developer

Children's Science Studios

In Studios, some of courses we have are "programming basics", "C# and .NET platform" and "robotics". I am a member of the educational programs developers team for these courses.

Our courses are based on a constant combination of theory and practice (working on the project) - we move from simple to complex ideas. Implementing each idea, we learn all that is needed for this.
Also, we use Socratic method called "Maieutics". That is method of asking questions. Those questions are not about checking knowledge but about thinking and solving problems.

On programming basics lessons children learn to program using Scratch IDE at first and then Processing language.
Scratch IDE allows easilty understand programming terms and develop algorithmic thinking. Then, we learn Processing language which has similiar syntax to c, c++, c#, java and allows create simple 2D- and 3D-graphics.

On C# lessons we teacher this language from three aspects of its application: desktop, mobile and web development.
We start  learning syntax in console applications and then explore main capabilities of C# development using WPF, Xamarin and ASP technologies.

Our robotics course teaches children how to create your own electronic devices. First you need to assemble electronic components: connect everything correctly, using knowledge of electronics. Next, you need to program the microcontroller (brain unit) of any device running on a specific algorithm that  is written as a program. In that stage, this prototype  with a bunch of wires should be turned into one circuit on the PCB. And finally, you need to hide all this elements in box which needed to be modeled and printed in 3D-printer for example.
Only now, this device can solve certain client problems.
Through all these steps children come across on lessons of robotics.

    Published biomedical scientific articles

    NTUU "KPI"


    Sept. 2017Jan. 2019

    The master's degree at physical and biomedical electronics

    National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Department of electronics

    The bachelor degree at physical and biomedical electronics

    National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Department of electronics

    Middle school

    Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № 105 in Zaporizhia.

    School average score – 11(190.5);

    External Independent Test(«ЗНО»):
    -Ukrainian language and literature – 182.5;


    Music school

    Zaporozhye children’s music school № 2 (piano department)

    -competitions as accompaniment and soloist;