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An experienced IT and Operations executive who has managed and delivered programs and projects in several industries:  telecommunications, financial services, consulting, construction, and manufacturing.

Work experience

Program Management

First Data Corporation

Joined this $5 billion financial services company as part of the acquisition of Card Establishment Services.  As the result of an acquisition, merged the two internal networks and managed the combined staff that eventually reached 70 people in four cities with a budget of $5MM.  The combined network grew to 6,000 desktops and 300 servers based on Cisco Technology. 

As program manager delivered projects to further the strategic objectives of the business. Projects included:

·Combining two internal data networks following a merger that included 6,000 desktops and 300 servers in four cities in the Eastern U.S. Managed the project through the life cycle: Initiation, Planning Execution, Management and Control, and Closure.

·Combining five e-mail systems into one including evaluating various systems and recommending the best fit and implementing the conversion in each location. Site projects included hardware and software procurement, technical and end-user training, and deployment. The site projects ran concurrently and the program came in on time and within budget and grew the system to handle 150,000 e-mails per day with an uptime of 99.95%.

·Developing a methodology to improve application network performance and reliability. The project involved modeling and testing of applications. The product of this project was used to help internal and external clients. In one case helping an external client improve their application response time by 50%.

·A project with Lloyd’s Bank in the U.K., where the charter called for reducing the cost of international data circuits. The project developed a design that combined mainframe traffic and Intranet traffic on the same circuit cutting the cost in half while meeting service levels.

Program Management

Consac Industries

As program manager delivered six cost reducing projects. Projects included:

·Research, plan development, and execution of mobile phone expense reduction (achieved savings of 72%) optimizing usage plans to forecasted use.

·Reducing telecommunications expense by 50% through vendor management and contract renegotiation.

·Reducing consulting expenses for programming services by 33% by implementing project management best practices, RAID logs, dependency logs, stakeholder communication plans, formal stakeholder signoff.

·Implementation of Change Control and Project Management processes that decreased the number of incidents reported on a daily basis by 70%.

·Developing a Network Architecture to enable our infrastructure to scale reliably, resulting in fewer configuration errors and emergency changes after network implementations.

·Developing profitability reports by brand, distribution center, product class and account executive.  After one month 64% of account executives showed an improvement in gross profit on their sales.

Program Management

Peconic River Woodworking, LLC

As program and relationship manager for Peconic River Woodworking, managed projects through the complete lifecycle: proposal, requirements gathering, development and manufacture (construction), implementation and post implementation care. Planned and documented the projects according to requirements gathered from customers, blueprints and specification documents. Scheduled and managed the concurrent manufacture of products across multiple in-flight projects, verified scope with clients as each phase was delivered and installed.

Implemented a comprehensive change control process to ensure mutual understanding, achieving a significant reduction in project issues. All change requests were made in written form, reviewed to determine the impact, cost and risk, and were reviewed with the customer prior to execution. These efforts resulted in growing the company 330% over four years, improving customer relationships and increasing market share to 80% of the major builders in the marketplace from startup.

After an analysis of the current capacity and capability of the company, led a project to upgrade the hardware and processing power of the company – acquired and implemented new machinery – increasing output by 100% and reducing scrap by 80%.

Additionally implemented an on-going quality program that identified internal opportunities and a series of internal projects to continuously improve our capabilities including :

·Introduction of  Computerized Network Control (CNC) equipment to improve quality and reduce costs.

·Implementation of   lean manufacturing techniques such as 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) which improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.


WR O'Connell Consulting, LLC

Hired by luxury dessert distributor in Maryland to lead the process to find a replacement for their internally developed ERP system. After meeting with Stakeholders developed and presented a project plan to the management group that documented their need for replacement system that would decrease risks over their internally developed system. The project included the creation of a project charter, stakeholder register, requirements gathering and signoff, product evaluations and a formal recommendation and presentation to the senior stakeholders. Recommended a cloud based application that would combine ERP, CRM and eCommerce for 70% less that could be delivered in one-sixth the time than an internal replacement.

Created and managed a program working with Small Business Owners to enable the Business Owners to develop and execute business development plans, honing and increasing their personal skills in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Planning. Provided management and control oversight, from planning to project closure



Project Management
Have successfully managed numerous projects in IT, construction, telecommunications, and manufacturing.




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