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A versatile Program Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager and Business Systems Analyst

I have a history of overcoming obstacles to achieve corporate goals and objectives.

Proven ability to communicate to all audiences; internal and external, technical and non-technical.

Able to organize, coordinate and motivate teams to achieve goals.

Proven ability to increase organizational performance.

Looking for an employer providing challenging opportunities for an experienced and effective professional.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Solutions Manager

City of Hope
  • Manage the portfolio of Philanthropy software projects including design, budget and implementation
  • Manage the contracting process for software and services used by the Philanthropy department
  • Lead portfolio status meetings with Philanthropy’s senior management team
  • Mapped the City of Hope systems environment to help teams understand the impact of changes
  • Designed a software development lifecycle to improve the organization’s ability to achieve their goals
  • Researched project management tools for deployment in the Philanthropy Information Solutions and Finance departments
    • Deployed Trello and Podio
  • Negotiated a vendor billing dispute, reducing the disputed amount 96%, saving $347,000
  • Negotiated multi-year contracts with vendors, eliminating price increases and securing discounts
  • Created contracts process checksheets, significantly reducing process errors
  • Identified a source of large monthly overage fees, and negotiated a new contract that eliminates them
Aug 2013Jun 2014

Business Analyst

Warner Bros.
    • Contracted to define the strategy for replacing an aging software system for the Consumer Products division. The software manages intellectual property and licensees worldwide, accounting for $6 billion in retail sales
    • Identified system requirements through document analysis, job shadowing, process analysis and interviews
    • Led the vendor selection process, from initial investigation through pilot testing of the leading vendor
    • Created management presentations, ROI analysis, BPM, scenarios, and project management deliverables
    • Created specifications for enhancements to Warner Brothers Digital Assets (WBDA) Brand Assurance Classic (BA) and Cyber Brand Assurance (Cyber BA) software products
    • Identified performance issues for CineHub, the international theatrical distribution and operations system
    • Developed scenarios to test CineHub's performance using Firebug, then led the effort to capture and analyze performance metrics in the US, Europe and Asia
    • Created instructions for non-technical theater staff involved with performance testing
    • Created a standardized process for release acceptance and delivered three CineHub releases
    • Managed CineHub's offshore support and development teams located in India
      Feb 2013Aug 2013

      Marketing and Product Manager

      Group Atlantic Inc.
      • Contracted to refresh Group Atlantic's marketing program
      • Design strategies for marketing Group Atlantic workshops and programs
      • Develop marketing collateral, workshop presentations and training materials
      • Identified new marketing opportunities and methods for reaching new customers
      • Built a website for Group Atlantic

      Program Manager

      iolo technologies
      • Managed all software build projects from initial requirements to delivery of the bits
      • Managed all localization projects
      • Managed vendor and partner relationships worldwide
      • Managed new development projects for System Mechanic, System Checkup and Auto Memory Manager
      • Delivered four System Mechanic updates in eight months
      • Localized six products in eleven languages in four months, with high quality
        • Software was simultaneously localized through Sajan, eFrontier, and Avanquest
          • Project budget for outsourced work was $221,000
        • I hold the company records for:
          • The fastest localization project in iolo’s history
          • The number of software products localized
          • The number of languages delivered
      • Introduced Engineering to the concepts of quality gating
        • Reduced build request errors to zero
        • Significant reduction in defects, resulting in improved project performance and decreased chaos
      • Introduced Engineering to logic modeling through decision tables
      • Introduced project charters and retrospective meetings
      • Completed an analysis of the build system current state and future state
        • Created functional requirements for a new build system
      • Initiated status meetings between Sales and Engineering to give Sales insight into the project backlog.  Sales delivery requests became more realistic and when conflicts arose, priorities were negotiated.  This reduced turbulence in the sales channels
      • Managed the acquisition of Auto Memory Manager, iolo’s first Android product
      • Managed the acquisition of Raxco Software’s performance enhancement tools
      • Launched and maintained iolo's store on the Intel AppUp marketplace
      • Documented procedures, processes and other "tribal knowledge" never previously captured
      • Received two "Sasquatch Awards" for identifying elusive defects in System Mechanic

      Marketing and Product Manager

      Group Atlantic
      • Contracted to refresh Group Atlantic's marketing program
      • Identified new marketing opportunities and methods for reaching new customers
      • Developed a marketing program that enables growth into new markets and improves sales per customer
      • Developed material for blogs, podcasts, and marketing collateral
      • Developed workshop presentations and other training materials
      • Promoted Group Atlantic events through local technology venues
      Jun 2007Jul 2011

      Product Manager

      CCC Information Services
      • CCC ONE
        • An enterprise-wide insurance claims management system generating $114 million in revenue
        • Responsible for Estimating functionality, Profile management, and CCC ONE interfaces with every CCC product
        • Created BRDs MRDs, detailed functional requirements and use cases supporting product enhancements
        • Led LEAN sessions with sales, customer registration, billing, implementation and provisioning that eliminated problems registering and provisioning new customers.  Shortened the customer implementation process from 15 days to four.
        • Successfully managed products in Scrum and Agile environments
        • Responsible for product backlogs and project backlogs
        • Project budget for CCC ONE was approximately $8 million
      • CCC Pathways 
        • An insurance claims management system, with an annual revenue of $85 million
        • Responsible for issues arising from the field.  Pathways is set for sunset, and my goal was to resolve issues without a new program update. I resolved all issues without a program update.
      • CCC Comp-Est
        • An insurance claims system for the small repair shop, generating $8 million in revenue
        • Responsible for entire product lifecycle
        • Completed three Comp-Est development projects in four years.  No other Product Manager completed a release since Comp-Est was acquired in 2003.  The releases increased customer retention and rescued $8 million in annual revenue.  I extended the lifespan of Comp-Est by seven years, resulting in $56 million in revenue.
        • Through creative project planning, I completed three releases without impacting other projects' schedules.
        • Created the User Guide and Help system information
        • Performed Launch Management for all releases
        • Project budgets for Comp-Est averaged $100,000
      • CCC Pathways Connection Monitor
        • A VPN solution for mobile users with a revenue stream of $200,000
        • Responsible for entire product lifecycle
        • Managed the relationship with Verizon, Megapath and Aventail, the VPN providers
        • I successfully negotiated a one year extension from Aventail for the appliances supporting Connection Monitor 1.0, to maintain customers who could not migrate to 2.0 due to hardware issues.
        • Project budget approximately $50,000
      • CCC Connect
        • A VPN solution with a revenue stream of $200,000
        • Responsible for entire product lifecycle
        • Managed the relationship with Verizon, Megapath and Aventail, the VPN providers
        • Successfully negotiated an extension to the lifespan of the VPN appliances supporting Connect version 1.1 until all users were migrated to version 1.2 
        • Identified cancelled user accounts and established a process to eliminated them.  This saved $132,000 in royalty fees.  Established a process to manage cancelled user accounts.
        • Project budget approximately $50,000
      • CCC Pathways Accounting Interface
        • A data interface between Pathways and Intuit QuickBooks
        • Responsible for the entire product lifecycle
        • Managed the product into sunset
        • Product is no longer sold, but it continues to be popular with customers for it's simplicity and reliability
        • Project budget approximately $100,000
      • CCC Material Calculator
        • A calculator for paint and materials consumed in automotive refinishing, developed by MicroMix.  Annual revenue: $300,000
        • A new product I launched into the marketplace
        • Responsible for entire product lifecycle
        • Brought the Material Calculator to market under pilots with major insurers
        • Negotiated data agreements with Akzo-Nobel, BASF, DuPont, PPG and Sherwin-Williams
        • Created the User Guide and Help system information
        • Created the computer-based training materials
        • Trained end users and provided technical support
        • Managed relationship with MicroMix, the company that developed the software for CCC
      • Duncan RV Damage Estimating System
        • A damage estimating system for recreational vehicles, developed by Duncan Systems with an annual revenue: $300,000
        • A new product I launched into the marketplace
        • Responsible for entire product lifecycle
        • Increased penetration in a difficult market (declining RV sales and use)
        • Coached Duncan Systems on process, product and training improvements
        • Managed relationship with Duncan Systems, the company that owns the software

        Senior Business Systems Analyst

        CCC Information Services
        • Lead BSA for several projects including Pathways 4.4, a $1.7 million project with the largest team ever assembled (10 analysts)
        • I was responsible for a budget of $500,000
        • Lead BSA for Comp-Est, Pathways Accounting Interface, and Pathways projects
        • Designed and implemented version control for BSA artifacts
        • Developed highly rated semester-length software courses for staff, at no cost to employer
        • Developed data communications standards in XML for the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association
        • Improved processes on the Pathways team, passing CMMI Level 2 appraisal for Requirements Management on the Pathways 4.4 project.  This was CCC's first CMMI appraisal
        Jan 2005Jan 1999

        Business Systems Analyst

        CCC Information Services
        • Interviewed clients to identify actual needs and conferred with developers on design strategy
        • Drafted detailed requirements, functional design and detailed design specification documents
        • Created models using various standard notations, including: DFD, ERD, UML, BPM and Use Cases
        • Conducted Fagan inspections and walkthroughs to ensure quality documentation and design. Conducted post-implementation project performance reviews
        • Designed user interfaces for Pathways, Comp-Est and other CCC products
        • Developed data communication standards in dBase and XML for the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association

        Publications & Presentations

        “Turn Around Before Crossing a Bridge Too Far”by Scott Stribrny and Bob Thomas

        Identifies project management failures in Operation Market-Garden that turned plans into a mere gamble.

        Cutter Consortium, Enterprise Risk Management and Governance Advisory Service, Executive Update Volume 7, Number 3.

        “Small Projects Require Creative Thinking”

        Two short stories illustrating strategies to complete small projects when resources aren’t available. 

        Sequent Learning Product Management Exchange.  July 17, 2011.

        “The Product That Has No Problems”

        Advice for novice product managers.

        Sequent Learning Product Management Exchange.  January 20, 2012.

        “The Unresponsive Vendor Representative”

        Tactics for dealing with difficult vendor representatives.

        Sequent Learning Product Management Exchange.  September 21, 2012.

         “Assessing Vendor Performance”

        I learned the importance of challenging vendors as a young man working in a grocery store.

        Sequent Learning Product Management Exchange.  July 29, 2013.

        “Ensuring Project Success With Requirements Traceability”

        Presentation on the value of software requirements traceability.  Includes strategies for developing traceability programs.  Presented to the International Institute of Business Analysis Los Angeles and Orange County chapters, the Downtown Los Angeles Project Management Institute and the Software Systems Best Practices webinar series. 

        “Modeling Complex Logic with Decision Tables”

        Workshop on the technique of modeling system logic with decision tables. Includes hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.  Presented to iolo Engineering, Assurant Specialty Property and the IIBA Los Angeles chapter.

        Speaking Engagements

        I am often invited to speak at the following groups:

        • Los Angeles International Institute of Business Analysis
        • Orange County International Institute of Business Analysis
        • Downtown Los Angeles Project Management Institute

        I welcome invitations to speak on topics of Business Analysis, Project and Product Management.


        Bachelor of Arts

        California State University, Los Angeles


        Project Management Professional

        Project Management Institute

        Database Specialist

        California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

        Business Systems Analysis

        California State Polytechnic University, Pomona