Robert (Bob) Rivenbark

Robert (Bob) Rivenbark

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - Present


Rivenbark Creative

I work as an independent consultant and copywriter for advertising agencies and corporations. I help my clients generate new sales revenuesm and gain mind- and market- share by developing cutting-edge marketing strategy and tactical creative campaigns, usually in partnership with an art director.

Clients include:

- Baron Jay Film Group (, an independent film production company.

- University Medical Products (www.universitymedical,com), direct marketer of retail beauty, skin, and hair care products that are also sold in major retail outlets

- Biosense Webster (laser-edged cardiac treatment technology)

- Beckman-Coulter (clinical laboratory equipment and consulting services)

2007 - 2008

Senior Copywriter


Dramatically increased, sales, mind- and market- share for the nutritional supplements of this leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals and medical foods.

Concepted and executed creative campaigns that included direct mailers, email blasts, print collateral, and Web content (see, an interactive Web site that connects chronic disease sufferers with practitioners offering therapeutic lifestyle changes).

Wrote compelling, impactful Web articles for, a patient-focused online news service covering common chronic disease prevention and reversal through therapeutic lifestyle changes.

2006 - 2007

Senior Copywriter

Pacific Communications

Increased product sales pharmaceutical accounts, through compelling, impactful print-, email-, and Web-based marketing communications.

Accounts included:

- BOTOX® Hyperhidrosis



2003 - 2006


Rivenbark Creative Services, Inc.

Increased client sales, market- and mind- share by creating fresh, compelling, impactful integrated marketing communications campaigns (including print advertising, direct mail, email blasts, and SEO-compliant Web content development)Led creative teams and served as client liaison in partnership with ad agencies, design shops, art directors, Web developers, broadcast directors, and strategists .Wrote creative copy and developed proposals, marketing plans, and integrated marketing communications campaigns.Clients included:

- RSA Security, Inc. ( information security software developer, sponsor of the RSA Conference, a major data security professional conference held each February in San Francisco, and promoted through aggressive direct mail and email blast campaigns

- M&M Products ( Nationally ranked direct marketer of beauty, skin, and hair care products

- élan Pharmaceuticals

- SkinMedica Corporation (cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals)

- IVAX Corporation (medical instrumentation and pharmaceuticals)

- HealthScreen America (freestanding medical clinic)

- Medical Device Development Group (medical technology development firm)

- McKesson (healthcare-related software)

- BeSomeOne (non-profit organization working with troubled youth)

- John Willis Homes (residential real estate)

- CFC Refimax (nationally ranked refrigerant products and services firm).

2001 - 2003

Marketing Communications Manager

Lithonia Lighting

Significantly increased market share for several major industrial lighting product lines.

Managed all strategic marketing communications for general fluorescent group and American Electric lighting.

Generated effective strategic marketing plans and oversaw creation of print and Web-based marketing communications tools (print ads and collateral, email blasts, and Web content).

1998 - 2001

Copywriter/Marketing Strategist

The Development Team

Significantly increased mind- and market- share and successfully launched brands for clients by developing targeted marketing communications campaigns from initial concepts to creative execution.Concepted and wrote powerful, results-getting creative campaigns, including direct mail, print ads and collateral, email blasts, and Web content.Led account team from initial sales call to final execution of promotional campaigns.Clients included:

- Bio Shield Technologies (

- S1 Internet Banking Software (

- BellSouth (

- Varilux Eyewear (

- Manhattan Associates (

- Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (

1998 - 1998

Senior Copywriter


Increased sales, market- and mind- share for all leading accountsby creating powerful, impactful direct marketing television and radio commercials (DVD of sample TV spots available by request at [email protected]), and direct reponse print campaigns.

Clients included:

- Save the Children (

- Monsanto/Solutia Carpets.

1997 - 1998

Senior Copywriter

Folio Z

Generated significant sales for all major clients through impactful, award-winning copy for print ads,

collateral, Web content, and direct mail.

Clients included:

- Great American Cookies (


- Seagull Software

- Direct Connect Systems

- Atlanta Internet Bank

- Dataforce

1995 - 1997

Senior Copywriter/Consultant

Syngergistic Creative Services

Increased mind- and market- share for all clients.

Led account team from initial sales call to final execution of promotional campaigns.

Developed proposals, marketing plans, and integrated marketing communications campaigns.

Clients included:

- Iterated Systems

- Southern Automated Systems

- U.S. Cost Engineering Software.

1994 - 1995

Senior Copywriter/Editor

Tiger Direct

Increased direct response sales of all major consumer technology clients.

Led account team and served as client liaison for major accounts.

Wrote all direct response print collateral and SEO-compliant Web content for, one of the world’s most successful interactive e-commerce sites.

Clients included:

- Microsoft

- Novell

- Corel Corporation

- Apple


- Yamaha




University of Georgia

Honors graduate in English with a minor in German.

Studied in Erlangen, Germany during summer term.


Studied in Oxford and London, England for two years while earning my M.A. in Creative Writing, having won a full academic scholarship for an original short story.

Studied playwriting under Paul Thompson, a playwright in resident at Britain's National Theater.



Direct Mail/Direct Response

Compelling, results-getting direct mail and direct response campaigns from initial concept to finished campaigns that strongly brand clients' products and services and motivate prospects to buy.

Client Relations

Expert in establishing and building trusting relationhips that last a lifetime.

Broadcast TV & Radio Spots

Hard-hitting, visually arresting, motivating television and radio spots from initial concept and key frames to finished spot. Email me at [email protected] to request a FREE DVD with sample direct response TV spots.

Marketing Strategy

Shepherd creative campaigns from initial pitch to final creative execution.


Frank, compelling, insightful articles that engage readers while informing and educating.

Web Research

Fast, efficient, insightful Web mining that yields invaluable insight into how to position a product or service for improved sales even against stiff competition.


Bold, imaginative, edgy, yet strategically sound copywriting that changes buying behavior and boosts sales, time after time. Experienced in print-, Web-, email-, and broacast-based media.


Projecting an impactful--and profitable--brand in today's media-inundated world demands an artful mix of sound strategic planning and arresting creative execution. I combine the roles of investigative reporter, sociologist, scholar, and creative copywriter to help my clients identify their unique value proposition and brand personality; then I find the best ways to reach the people who really want to buy what we're selling.

We buy because we strongly feel that a product or service meets one of our basic needs better than any other. Emotion is always the deciding factor, and we buy solutions, not products.

That's where brand personality comes in. Think of "Apple Computers" vs. "IBM Computers." Images instantly spring to mind, because both companies have successfully branded themselves to meet the needs of very distinct audiences. A brand personality expresses the client company's core values.

I create brand personalities that customers rely on, in the same way they'd count on a trusted friend. And today, that means choosing the right media for the target demographic group. That can include print-based, direct-mail based, email-based, Web-based (including SEO-compliant blogs, banner ads, and social media sites), and/or broadcast-based communications.

When you hit all the right notes, in all the right media, people naturally dance to your tune. And you'll see the results on your bottom line.

Member, eMarketing Association,

Sample interactive Web sites I've written content for: 


To find a senior copywriting position that allows me to leverage my many years of experience in writing for all media, in order to help clients increase sales, mind- and market- share.


Hiking with my wife and dogs; travelling; meeting new people; participating in and leading church activities, including the Education for Ministry 4-year program and organizing the Holy Film Series; reading fiction, screenplays, history, and theology; discovering new films; following politics and current events.