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I am a customer/client focused licensed counselor (LGCP), leadership coach, organization development consultant and facilitator with expertise in team development, conflict resolution, organizational change management and talent management processes. I partner with clients by utilizing a structured process for goal development, needs discovery and creation of customized interventions that produce improved organizational effectiveness. I am a creator, designer, author, facilitator and presenter of formal and informal learning experiences and workshops geared toward executives, managers and employees to enhance individual and team dynamics, processes and outcomes with very positive feedback ratings. I am a Certified Leadership Coach through Linkage, Inc. and a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the PDI PROFILOR 360 management assessments.

Work experience


Organization Development Consultant

Johns Hopkins University – Office of Talent Management & Organization Development

  • Consult on multiple projects as a trusted advisor to senior academic and administrative leaders and managers of the Johns Hopkins University to address organizational, leadership, and team performance issues.
  • Led a taskforce of talent management professionals in developing, recommending and implementing University wide performance management processes as part of a larger integrated talent management initiative.
  • Provide direct client business consulting which includes data gathering, analysis, recommendations for action, implementation and project management.
  • Design and facilitate formal and informal meetings, retreats and training courses including topic areas such as change management, performance management, diversity and conflict management.
  • Independently provide collaborative organization development services including executive coaching to high potentials, strategic planning and goal setting, business process re-engineering, organization assessment and redesign, competency development, succession planning, employee recognition, work climate assessment, group conflict management and team building, role definition and negotiation, diversity consultation, and survey design/administration.
  • Manage highly complex, sensitive and confidential information.

Counselor (Part Time)

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling
  • Counsel, educate, and mediate/problem solve with couples, individuals and adolescents with clinical issues related to abuse, mood disorders, anxiety, grief/loss, life transition, divorce, blended family issues and general behavioral problems.
  • Assess symptoms, personal information and diagnoses problems to devise effective treatment strategies.
  • Develop ongoing rapport and relationships of trust through clear communication.
  • Assess client progress and effectiveness of treatment plans.

Administrative Project Assistant

Johns Hopkins University – Office of Organization Development & Diversity
  • Consulted to various university departments in designing, implementing, analyzing and reporting results of online survey data collection.
  • Facilitated meetings, focus groups and training courses in the areas of change management and training needs assessment.
  • Supervised student employees, coordinated their schedules, delegated appropriate work, trained and evaluated their performance.
  • Prepared post meeting reports and evaluations for university internal consultants
  • Discovered and distributed research materials that address the needs of internal consultants and/or their clients.
  • Created and monitored office operating budget.

Administrative Assistant

Johns Hopkins University – Engineering Research Center

  • Resolved and enhanced administrative office issues and services such as payroll, purchasing, record keeping, forms control and invoice processing.
  • Supervised student employees, coordinated their schedules, delegated appropriate work, trained and evaluated their performance.
  • Monitored and maintained office operating budget.
  • Planned logistics for meetings, special events and conferences.
  • Interviewed job applicants and conducted orientation of new administrative employees.

Customer Service Analyst / Compliance Analyst

Esurance Insurance Services

  • Resolved on-line policyholder technical problems and provided decision making regarding policy cancellations and reinstatements.
  • Educated off site service center staff on system issues, functionality, and policy processing.
  • Established, organized, and maintained compliance with state mandated DMV reporting.
  • Created a comprehensive reporting manual to transition responsibilities to Service Center staff.
  • Initiated, planned, developed and implemented a robust automated web reporting utility, which eliminated manual processes and streamlined reporting compliance for future use.

Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) / Therapeutic Support Staff Supervisor

Edgewater Psychiatric Center – Children’s Services
  • Counseled adjudicated youth in two county run juvenile detention centers providing mental health wraparound services deemed medically necessary by a physician, including crisis intervention for suicidal and harmful clients.
  • Supervised and trained Therapeutic Support Staff regarding policies and procedures
  • Collected and reviewed staff paperwork
  • Created new staff training manuals for the Juvenile Justice Branch



Bachelor of Arts


PROFILOR 360-Degree Management Assessment

PDI Ninth House

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Consulting Psychologists Press

Certified Leadership Coach

Linkage, Inc.

Licensed General Professional Counselor

Maryland State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists