Bobby Gilbert

(229) 947-2321

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2013 - Feb 2016

Lead Sales Associate

Dollar General

Managerial Duties, stocking, and other odd jobs

Mar 2013 - Jun 2013


Dollar General

Conditioning and stocking.

Left job due to father's health



Georgia Work Ready

South Georgia Technical College

Georgia Work Ready Gold Certified

Sep 2008 - Jun 2011


South Georgia Technical College




I can do basic math in my head, and am capable of doing more complex math with the assistance of a calculator and/or a sheet of paper. I can figure up percentages with zero errors and can do almost any basic mathematical function (barring advanced geometry and calculus).


Even though not in a professional setting, I can type 90 wpm with minimal errors. 

Network Installation

Can run network cable, set up wireless networks, and set up network security with relative ease. Can work on a limited basis with servers in a corporate atmosphere.

Hardware Installation and Repair

Three years experience diganosing, replacing, and repairing broken hardware in computers. Can diagnose problems with relative ease, and given the proper tools, can work on any working part of a computer.

Windows Programs

Knowledge of troubleshooting several common Microsoft products, including the entire Microsoft Office Suite. Minor experience using and working with Adobe Photoshop. Knowledge of the less common and LibreOffice Suites.

Virus Removal

Removing viruses with several different antivirus and malware programs. Current preferences: Avast! Antivirus, MalwareBytes anti-malware, and AdvancedSystemCare by IObit.

Linux OS

Knowledge of Linux systems, particularly the Ubuntu OS, from 8.04 on to the current 12.04, including upkeep, maintenance, and installing programs.

Windows OS

Knowledge of Windows OS troubleshooting, compatibility issues, maintenance, and upkeep. Knowledge of several programs designed to make running Windows easier, faster, and cleaner.