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Work experience

May 2013Aug 2013


Cullinan's Stadium Club
I worked in a fast-paced environment serving drinks to large amounts of customers, updated associated social media outlets, and designed marketing materials.
Mar 2009Aug 2013

Computer Lab Assistant

St. Pius X

Volunteered at a local catholic grade school and church where I supervised setup of computers in classrooms and was responsible for installation and establishment of printer and internet connections.

Jan 2011Jan 2011

Marketing Intern

My position involved data entry, report generation, customer support, and creation of marketing materials at a video conferencing software company.


Aug 2010Dec 2014

Biological Sciences

The University of Alabama

My wide variety of completed coursework included General Biology/Chemistry/Physics, Calculus I-III, Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant Ecology, Toxicology, Entymology, Virology,
Developmental Biology, Personalized and Genetic Medicine, and Microbiology


My teamwork skills have been acquired playing various sports throughout my childhood and my high school career, and they have been honed in my work experiences. This was especially true when I held my position at IOCOM, because often times I was asked to collaborate with other interns to create marketing tools, and for various other non-marketing related tasks.
My intelligence has always been a strong suit of mine throughout my life. An aptitude test revealed that I am likely to be able to perform tasks and develop skills that require the aptitudes of clerical speed, vocabulary, numerical computation, analytical reasoning, inductive reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and eye-hand coordination in less time and with more ease than most people.
Data Entry
I acquired this skill through my position at IOCOM where I was responsible for recording data I had found through testing latest versions of IOCOM's Visimeet software for bugs and errors.
The dense material I was confronted with throughout my college career has given me the ability to memorize very specific details. My courses also required me to apply these specific details in the explanation and understanding of very broad and complex systems and mechanisms. My coursework has given me the skills required to memorize at a micro-, meso-, and macro- level.
The volume of biological coursework I have completed along with my understanding of upper level chemistry concepts acquired through classes such as Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry have given me a strong foundation of scientific knowledge.
Creative Problem Solving
My innate ability to solve mathematical problems coupled with my experience dealing with problems I have confronted in my scientific courses, in my various work positions held, and also in my everyday life have given me this invaluable skill.
Highly Personable
From a young age I have always had many good friends to interact with on an everyday basis. My large extended family which includes over thirty aunts and uncles and close to fifty cousins have exposed me to large amounts of loving interaction on a regular basis. My immediate family, extended family, childhood friends, high school friends, and friends and connections I have been exposed to in college and through my fraternity Alpha Kappa Lambda have fostered my acquisition of this trait.
Work Ethic
I can first point to my experience being a member of my high school wrestling team which won state championships my sophomore, junior, and senior year as the foundation of my amazing work ethic. My work ethic has grown exponentially throughout my years at college where work ethic is a necessary attribute for success.
My entry level biology courses along with my advanced level biology courses has given me a vast and complete understanding of various biological topics along with basic foundations which were introduced early on and enriched through repetition in various courses later on.
I was placed in advanced mathematics courses in grade school, and from that point forward I was placed on a course which would allow me to excel in mathematics courses and complete Calculus I, II, and III courses.
Social Media
Beyond my experience with social media in my everyday life, I have become proficient in setting up, maintaining, and updating social media for small business as a result of my position at Cullinan's Stadium Club.
Microsoft Office
I am proficient in Microsoft Office software as a result of my position at IOCOM. I was given specific instructions of how to use each Microsoft Office component. I applied these skills through collaboration with other interns to create contact lists, marketing tools, and also to complete various other tasks required of my position.