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Work experience


Handmade Restaurants, LLC



law degree

Washington University


He may be the President and CEO of Handmade Restaurants, LLC dba Cruisers Grill, and the builder of his own real estate business, but Bobby Handmaker has never forgotten about enjoying the simplest things in life. This includes sharing family time with his two precious daughters, Daisy and Sadie. It also includes reading, which enriches the mind and refreshes and fattens the soul. Bobby Handmaker likes going to the beach. He cooks and works out amidst a constantly busy daily schedule. Other than his children, Bobby’s biggest passion is thoroughbred racing.

Mr. Bobby Handmaker’s daily career pace is considered hectic based on most standards. He operates four Cruisers Grill restaurants in four different locations, which requires him to be consistent at monitoring each one of them. However, in order to espouse shared leadership, Bobby Handmaker commits the operations to his senior managers, whom he trusts immensely to know what to do even in his absence. In fact, Bobby assembled a team of seasoned senior managers whose supreme goal is to make Cruisers even better each day and to ensure growth of the business so it can satisfy the ever-growing demand.

Bobby Handmaker believes that inspired leadership thrives in sharing of responsibilities, so he constantly challenges his key employees to surpass sales and profits goals before the end of the year. For Mr. Handmaker, this is his way of empowering employees to make intelligent choices in ensuring growth in the business. The results have always been exciting not only for his employees but for Bobby as well.

Cruisers Grill restaurants are known for their uniquely laidback, Florida style atmosphere that is at once family-friendly as it is pleasant and satisfying.