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My "Elevator Speech"

  • I work with good direction and limited supervision and I bring my "A" game to work every day.
  • I'm a quick-study and very coachable. If I don't know how to a job, I can learn how, probably even before you could get the approval from HR to hire a person.
  • I'm a life-long learner who believes every day and every situation in the workplace is an opportunity to get better at what I do.

This is what I can bring to your team as a Management Sciences Mechanic:

  • Critical thinking skills "honed" by the daily tasks and the emergency management situations that I dealt with during my 30+ years as a firefighter/paramedic and fire officer.
  • Leadership and management skills acquired through work experience and education (Both my undergraduate and graduate degree programs were steeped in leadership and management theory and practice). I'm equally adept at being a leader or a follower as required by circumstances or needs.
  • Knowledge management skills and experience that I developed while working with the U.S. Army and its 12 Principles of Knowledge Management and its all-weather portal, Army Knowledge Online (AKO) which has now become the model for the Department of Defense enterprise portal, Defense Knowledge Online (DKO).
  • "Tech savvy" end-user who effectively uses software like MS Office® and SharePoint® to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Social media practitioner with active accounts on LinkedIn® (600+ connections), Twitter®, and a personal blog on WordPress®.
  • A wide range of technical writing skills that enable me to prepare business documents, e.g., letters, memos, reports, proposals, etc., as well as create content for social media, e.g., write blogs, discussion boards, compose Twitter feeds, etc.
  • I'm an accomplished public speaker with many years of experience in delivering outstanding media-supported presentations that met the needs of the target audience;
  • I'm an adult educator and instructor with the ability to effectively connect with student audiences and help them reach their learning goals.

My Background

One of my former bosses and mentor, Jim Graham, was frequently heard to say, "I have my PhD. from the school-of-hard knocks."  While I may not have yet earned my doctorate from that "esteemed" institution, it's only because I haven't figured out what to base my thesis upon.  Take a look at the "curriculum" I've been following:

  • I served the citizens of Chesterfield County, Virginia for twenty-five years alongside the men and women of the Chesterfield Fire & EMS Department, retiring at the rank of battalion chief;
  • I've been a planning and operational consultant for a small, but up & coming, medical transportation company in southeastern Ohio;
  • I've been an Instructor and Course Developer for the Georgia Fire Academy on the campus of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia;
  • I've been an employee/owner at a management and information services company where I've:

▪ Provided staffing augmentation to the U.S. Army's Fire and Emergency Services Branch Chief (part of the Army's Installation Management Command) serving as one of two staff officers for the Chief.

▪  Been a senior analyst for the Federal Voting Assistance Program, working to improve the usability and accessibility of electronic voting systems for military and government personnel deployed away from their place of permanent residence.

▪  Been a senior analyst working with the Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy (an office under the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness).

▪  Been a part of proposal writing teams that developed company responses, i.e., proposals, according to Shipley Associates guidelines, to Requests for Quotations (RFQ) issued by federal and military agencies.  (I've developed the Past Performance narratives for four proposal teams).

▪  Been a senior analyst and SharePoint analyst for a contract team working with the Veterans Administration to implement the VA's new Strategic Plan, Refresh, 2012-2; and

  • I've also been an instructor for training programs-at the local, state, and federal level--targeting student populations ranging from entry-level providers through chief officers.

Experienced public speaker, presenter, and facilitator; enterprise risk management; strategic planning and quality improvement; coaching and mentoring of supervisors and managers; training and development of emergency responders; and experience using Web 2.0 technologies, e.g., blogs, wikis, and discussions, and social media to improve organizational communications for both internal and external customers.


I love to work with people who are passionate about the cause, committed to its success, and kind to others along the way.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Chief Content Creator

Fire EMS Leader Pro

I started writing and posting on my blog, Talking “Shop” 4 Fire and EMS, to put some meaning to the concept of sharing organizational knowledge, the unique organizational knowledge that every officer in the Fire and EMS world possesses.

My mission is to use my blog, along with various social media platforms, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as a “point of connection” for each of us to share our collective wisdom with each other and the future leaders of Fire and EMS.  My blog is now syndicated world-wide via the First Arriving Network.

Nov 2013Present

President and CEO

Prevention Connection International (PCI)

I work closely with Tracy Last, the developer of the "Best Teaching Tool on the Planet for Teaching Children Fire Safety Behaviors", the "Fully Involved" HOME SAFE Teaching System. Together, we are working to bring this outstanding teaching system to the attention of fire departments, EMS agencies, Safe Kids coalitions, hospitals--Shoot, any organization that's committed to keeping children safe from the ravages of fire! You have to see it for yourself at

Jun 2012Present

Freelance Writer


I create web content for on topics assigned to me monthly by my editor.  Generally, I write two pieces (750-1500 words) each on Products and Apparatus.  I also create content for monthly and bi-monthly e-newsletters for Safety and

Sep 2011Feb 2012

MS SharePoint Analyst


Worked on team to compete for Task Order Proposals as issued by the Veterans Administration under the Services for Program Excellence and Corporate Transformation Umbrella (SPECTRUM) contract vehicle. My specific duties involved knowledge management for the team using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 software to create a web-based portal and child sites.

Using the portal, I managed the information sharing and collaborative activities of CALIBRE and our 16 teaming partner companies for the SPECTRUM contract vehicle, a $1.1B IDIQ contract (CALIBRE was one of six prime contractors selected for participation in SPECTRUM by the Veterans Administration). Specifically, we used the portal for Opportunity Management, Proposal Development Management, and Contract Management activities.

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Management Analyst


I served on a proposal writing team in the functional position of Past Performance Editor/Writer.  We developed a successful proposal response for a Request for Proposal from the Department of the Army to provide managerial and technical support to the Army's Office of the Chief for the Army Reserve (OCAR).  This winning proposal contained 12 Full-time Employee (FTE) positions and has a contract value of $60 million.

Our second proposal was in response to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from the Veterans Administration for its proposed Services for Program Excellence and Corporate Transformation Umbrella (SPECTRUM).  This far-ranging program will support the VA's efforts to implement its FY 2012-2015 Strategic Plan to transform and shape the VA's organization to meet its 21st century challenges in meeting the needs of America's Service Veterans.  This contract totals $1.1 billion with FTE requirements to be determined upon award of the contract or portions of the contract by the VA.

Feb 2011Jun 2011

Senior Analyst


Assigned to a Wounded Warrior project at CALIBRE HQ at Metro Park in Alexandria: the Warrior Transition Needs Assessment Project. We worked on a project with Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of Wounded Warrior Care & Transition Policy (WWCTP), to conduct a  "gap analysis" for their various Wounded Warrior care and transition programs and make recommendations for improvements to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

During this project I conducted research activities, program analysis, prepared improvement proposals, delivered presentations, and developed plans for the use of social media to enhance communication between WWCTP and its stakeholders, i.e., Wounded Warriors and their families and their caregivers.

Sep 2010Feb 2011

Senior Analyst


Assigned to project team working with the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) to make improvements in its implementation of the Overseas Uniformed Citizens Absentee Voting Act 2010.  This initiative focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness in the processes used by active military personnel, their families, and other U.S. citizens to cast absentee voter ballots when they deployed away from their place of permanent residence.

My job as a Senior Test Analyst was to assist the Lead Test Analysts in their work to assess electronic voting systems and their ability to manage absentee voting, make recommendations on improvements for those systems and interface with client organizations, e.g., the Wounded Warrior Project, the Department of Defense, etc.

My tasks included report preparation, data collection and analysis, document management, and the development and maintenance of the team's wiki site, used for internal information sharing and collaboration.

Jun 2009Sep 2010

Senior Analyst


I provided staff augmentation as a Senior Analyst assigned to the U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (HQDA IMCOM) in Crystal City, VA.  While there, I served as one of two staff officers in providing planning and analyst support to the Army's Chief of Fire & Emergency Services as we supported the planning and logistical needs for 82 Fire & Emergency Service Departments on U.S. Army installations around the world.

One of my more significant projects was developing the first knowledge management processes using the U.S. Army's 12 Principles of Knowledge Management and its all-weather portal, Army Knowledge Online (AKO) which later became the model for the Department of Defense enterprise portal, Defense Knowledge Online (DKO).

For this start up effort, I used the the Army's software, milSuite, to create and host an Army Fire & ES milBook Group (milBook, a part of milSuite, is the Army's version of Facebook that resides behind the Army's computer firewall).  That Fire & ES Group contained a blog, discussion board, announcement board, and file management capabilities and was used by fire officers across the Army enterprise.

Jul 2008Mar 2009

Public Safety Instructor III

Georgia Fire Academy

On the staff of the Georgia Fire Academy on the campus of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia. Primary responsibilities included coordination of National Fire Academy course deliveries in Georgia; development of curriculum for Chief Officer III and IV for Georgia; instruction of company officer and chief officer curriculum courses.

Sep 2007Apr 2008

Planning Consultant

Patriot EMS
  • Coordinate development of strategic plan and operational plans for a young private sector medical transportation company serving the Tri-State region of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
  • Develop and deliver training to all members of company on safe, effective, and efficient operating procedures and processes.
  • Responsible for education, training, and implementation of company's Strategic Plan throughout the company.
  • Project management for special projects as requested by company owner.
May 1982Dec 2007

Battalion Chief

Chesterfield Fire & EMS Department
  • Middle Manager responsible for leading, guiding, and directing people in pursuit of the mission--delivery of high quality emergency services--for a public sector Fire and EMS department serving a full-time population of 310,000 residents. Assignments during career included: command in the Emergency Operations Division; Director of Training and Safety Division; Director of Emergency Communications Center; and Director of EMS Division. (1999-2007)
  • Appointed by Fire Chief to a position on a six-member Strategic Project Management Team that was tasked with implementing a fee-for-ambulance-transportation program and electronic patient care and billing report system for Chesterfield Fire & EMS. (January 2002 to October 2002)
  • Assigned as Project Manager for project to reevaluate and re engineer the deployment of emergency response assets for Chesterfield Fire & EMS, a joint effort between CFEMS and the Chesterfield Emergency Communications Center. (March 2007 to November 2007) 


Rank of Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America

Fire Officer IV

National Fire Services Professional Qualifications Board

General Instructor

Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council

Firefighter III

National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications

Fire Instructor II

National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications


Aug 2002Sep 2004

Masters of Science

Grand  Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

Completed degree requirements while working full-time for Chesterfield County Fire & EMS through GCU On-Line Learning Program. 

Jan 1986May 2002

Bachelor of Science

University of Cincinnati

Completed degree while working full-time for Chesterfield County Fire & EMS through the National Fire Academy's Degrees at a Distance Program (Formerly the Open Learning Fire Science Program).  Graduated with High College Honors.

Sep 1997Sep 2001

Executive Fire Officer

National Fire Academy

EFOP is a four-year program that targets senior fire officers for executive development.  Through a competative process, 200 senior fire officers from across the United States are selected to participate in the program.  Each year participants attend a two-week program at the National Fire Academy's Emmitsburg, Maryland campus.  Following each course, participants are required to complete an Applied Research Project (ARP), taking course content and applying it to an issue or problem facing their home organization.  Participants have six months to complete each ARP and their continued participation in the program is contingent on completion of the previous year's ARP.


MS SharePoint 2010
I've used SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, and InfoPath software to develop an Internet-based portal to support a multi-company team's work on a contract for the Veterans Administration.
Using MS PowerPoint
Using MS Excel
Using MS Word
Written Communications
I possess good written communications skills and have a great deal of experience:   Writing narrative reports in the workplace Writing for Fire Chief Magazine (one of the premiere fire service trade journals in the USA) Regular blogger for Mutual Aid, the blog for Fire Chief Magazine, Mutual Aid Blog Creating and writing regular content for my personal fire safety blog,  
Delivering Media-Supported Oral Presentations
I'm Skilled, practiced and experienced in developing and delivering oral, media-supported, presentations to different groups in order to:   Provide information Teach a skill Report Progress Selling a product, service or strategy Obtaining a decision Solving a problem
Using Microsoft Office Suite
I'm skilled and practiced in the use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, especially integrating information between applications.


Scott Ehrmantraut

Scott was my immediate supervisor for my work on the Veterans Administration SPECTRUM contract.

Beth Decker

We worked together on several projects including the Wounded Warrior Special Needs Assessment Study and the Veterans Administration SPECTRUM contract.

David Palumbo

Chief Palumbo was my first supervisor following my promotion to Company Officer in Chesterfield Fire & EMS.

Leo Gonnering

Leo was my first CALIBRE supervisor during my work at U.S. Army IMCOM, Fire & ES Branch.

John Vanlandingham

Colleague whom I worked with at HQDA IMCOMM Fire & Emergency Services.

Robert Pridemore

Served together as Co-Managers of the Chesterfield County Emergency Communications Center for 2+ years.

Examples of My Work


Department of Defense