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Master of Public Health, Global Environmental Health

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Statistics, Epidemiology, Built Environment, Social Network, Remote Sensing, Health Policy


Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science

School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University

Environmental Modeling, Risk Analysis, Economics and Policy, Urban Planning


Summer School, Complex System

Beijing Normal University, Department of System Science

Network Science, Machine Learning



Data Analyst

Valence Health, Chicago
  • Maintain and update data sets for medical claims (more than 20,000,000 claims), medicaid members eligibility, and healthcare providers. 
  • Complete standard reports for medicaid managed health plans based on contracts, including 834, 837, P93, EOP, financial and operational reports
  • Develop internal reports to track efficiencies and create automated data quality control protocols. 
  • Work collaboratively with other teams at Valence to standardize SAS processes, performance measures, and products. 
  • Train New hires on data loading and reporting.

Intern - Research Analyst

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta
  • Served as research analyst in Climate and Health Program, National Center for Environmental Health. 
  • Independently decided the sample size (50+ cities with 30+ yrs data), combined the data source, and used SAS, Excel, and SQL to run spatial analysis, linear regression, and time series analysis to reveal the pattern how climate change can affect human health. 

Intern - Research Analyst

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Asheville
  • Trained at National Climatic Data Center.
  • Accessing different sources of data. Using SAS, R, and ArcGIS to clean the data and providing data product to public health researchers.
  • Practiced data mining skills and gained experience about managing large database.

Student Consultant

Rollins International Student Advisory Board, Atlanta    
  • Improve the diversity of Rollins School, serving as the link between international students and Rollins staffs and faculties.


Science and Technology Association in Tianjin University
  • In charge of freshmen debate contests, science and technology project approval, Challenge Cup competitions, symposiums of association.
  • Organized and coordinated work within departments, learned to make decision from the point of view of leadership.

Intern - Environmental Health & Safety

Novozymes, Tianjin
  • Studied and maintained the waste water treatment system.
  • Analyzed the working environment of the workers and gave advice on how to improve the environment and safety.

Leader of Debate Teams                                        

School of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Worked as team member and leader in debate contests
  • won several prizes, trained first year students. Won the  first place of Tianjin University’s Debate League in 2011.

Class President

School of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Took charge of class routine affairs, facilitated the establishment of youth league branch.

Academic Experience

  • Shengnan Han, Jeremy Hess, Jesse Bell, Shubhayu Saha. Definition of Extreme Heat Events: Evaluation and Comparison[D]. Emory University, 2015.
  • Shengnan Han, Hongtao Nie. Study on the Driving Mechanism of the Marine Plankton Ecology Based on Cell Automaton[D]. Tianjin University, 2013.
  • Shengnan, Lihe Chai. Nutrition Coupling Efficiency between Trophic Levels at the Initial Stage of Community Succession Based on Heuristic Cell Automaton Model[J]. Journal of Tianjin University, 2012.
  • Shengnan Han, Lin Zhao, Hongyang Yang, Wen Gu. The Analysis of the Foundation of Eco-industry Park Comprehensive Assessment Index System. Tianjin University Science and Technology Project, 2012.