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I am in the process to obtain a master's degree in accounting. I want to become financial adviser initially, and help people in financial dilemmas.   My goal is to help others in financial problems and to help them create a healthier lifestyle within their finances.


My name is Brittney Middleton.  I live in Laurel, MS.  I am majoring in Accounting.  I volunteer at my church, Mill Creek Church of God, with special needs children.  I have a passion working with children in my spare time, and enjoy every minute I am able to spend time with them or just simply lending a listening ear.  I simply want to help those in need. I have chosen accounting as my career major to become a financial adviser to help people in financial situations. No matter the situation or circumstance I do whatever is necessary to help, and do not give up until something is achieved.  I believe this can produce a domino effect, and I hope and expect to make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small or of importance. 


Aug 2004May 2009


Northeast Jones High School

·During my High School Education, I was involved in many organizations and academic programs. I was in Beta Club, in which I helped with special needs children and children with cancer, and was a part of the Habitat for Humanity Services. I was involved with our peer council. I was a Journalism Editor, both of our annual and a bi-weekly newspaper. I was a member of Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Art Club, and the secretary for our National Art Honor Society. I was also a member of our Math quiz bowl and Academic quiz bowl. I continued throughout my high school duration with an all A's honor roll. My senior year I received Student of the Month, Who's who, and was recognized for being within the top ten seniors, having ranked 5th in my graduating class with a 4.21 GPA. I was numerously recognized for being Who's Who among American Teenagers throughout the nation. I was a recipient to the Jones County Junior College Honor's college for my 2009-2011 years attending Jones County Junior College. Finally ending my educational achievements, I was the recipient of the Academic Scholarship, ACT Scholarship, Journalism Scholarship, NEJ Alumni Scholarship, and Champion Technologies Scholarship

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

shift leader

Eatza Pizza
Feb 2012Present

shift leader

Eatza Pizza
While working at Eatza Pizza, I began as a waitress and a cashier up front at times. However, through my hardwork to prove my dedication and workmanship, I have been promoted to a shift leader/manager.  My duties included to supervise over my fellow coworkers, and direct them in providing customers with a rememberable time, in order for them to come back and enjoy their time repeatively. At the beginning of the day I am to count the opening till and make a record of the money going in, and I am to keep the cashier's register fully stocked throughout the day.  During closing I am to count the money in the till and once again take a record. From there I place the money in the safe and make sure it is locked before I leave.  I stay in the store till everyone has left and finished their priorities, and during the time of this I keep watch and ensure correct procedures.
Sep 2010Feb 2012

Cashier/Customer Service/Check Cashing


As positon of a cashier, I was responsible for many areas in the front line of service. The register was my responsiblity upon my shift, and I was to ensure money was never over/under the correct till.  I had the responsiblity of the items in which was surrounded/handed to us from the customers and the ilse we were in charge.  Making sure the customer had a pleasant experience, and a notion to return to increase our profitabily was also an important resposiblity. Cashiers were the last to whom the customers would incounter within the store, and so we needed to provide an excellent service. 

Jul 2006Sep 2010

Floor Personal/Cashier

Regal Entertainment Center

As floor personal I had the responsibilities of providing customers with satisfactory service within the theater. I observed any problems a customer may have/had, and I respectibly took the appropriate actions to meet the needs of the problem. The actions may have including taking the appropriate steps myself, or if it was beyond my duties and athorization, I would refer the customer to the manager allowing the problem to be solved effieciently. I was responsible for both concession and Box office money draws, ensuring no mistake in the tell at the end of my shift. I was also responsible for any complaints made, and ensured that the complaint was taken care of to the satifactory of the customers. Within the duration of my employment, I recieved numerous employee awards of satifactory work. 




Jeannie Robertson

Mark Staphs