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This section boils down to three questions: What have I done? What am I doing? What do I plan to do? So let’s get started…Since I have been old enough to hold a social insurance number, I have been in sales. I was a twelve year-old with three (to-be-delivered by 7am) paper-routes. I maintained that work ethic all through high-school with a miscellaneous and clothing retail job, and as soon as I was old enough to legally sign contracts, I followed the money into selling cellphones and other electronics at – what was at the time – Radio Shack. I worked there through two major corporate takeovers and supported my rather expensive honours degree in philosophy thusly. I used the training I had received in formal logic and political game theory, in combination with the tech savviness incurred from working, to sidestep my way into a career in marketing and advertising. What I did not expect was how quickly I would be elevated to a managerial role, but discovered that such a role was particularly well suited to my personality type. As with selling, a proper managers role is simple; relay practical information on the benefits of adhering to a method or product, and do so with a contagious enthusiasm.My plan going forward is simple: leave every business that employs or simply listens to me better off for having done so. I will use every ounce of ingenuity, creative facility, and technology available to achieve this result. I plan to one day reach CEO status in order to have fewer people to convince of the acumen of a certain course of action before it can be taken.

Work experience

Solutions Specialist / Key Holder

The Source

·Sole recipient of the Star Service Award, a pin designed to tell apart “those employees who go beyond the call of duty to provide truly superior service to customers or fellow employees.”

·Consistently ranked the top – or within the top three – sales associate(s) within the district, and a three-time recipient of an annual award for ‘Personal Sales Excellence.’

·General responsibilities included the design of store layouts, the training of new staff members, and the administration and supervision of closing operations.

Mar 2012Present

Community Manager

·Hire, train, and develop community advocates within each targeted region to bring small business owners up to speed on the advancements in web marketing now available to them.

·Build relationships and partnerships within the community. I did this by effectively partnering with two of Cambridge’s BIA’s, as well as a local newspaper, giving us free advertising for a year through a trade agreement.

·Market a strategy to build the search engine optimization quickly. This I did by creating easel stand-ups for each client with QR Codes directing their customers directly to our ‘Review Us’ page, so that a short testimonial could be submitted by them, right then and there.

·Teach the clients how to use the product by demonstrating from their end to allow them to get the most from signing on with

Dec 2010Mar 2012

Big Brother

Big Brothers Big Sisters

·A leader in BBBS’ Big Bunch program is responsible for calling the parents, driving the children to the events, participating in the event, and driving the children home.

·The events are pre-planned, but a leader is encouraged to propose events that are within the budget of the program.

·As the senior member of the group, I am personally responsible for submitting a form outlying the details of the event, attendance records, behavioural issues, etc.

Apr 2011Feb 2012

New Media Specialist

Canpages Inc.

·Train and develop the media consultants to effectively sell - and speak properly to - the online products offered by Canpages, namely, priority placement on the mobile applications, optimizer packages on the website, and search engine marketing programs with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

·Cultivate a strategy to generate income and increase sales across the board; leveraged marketing, for example.

·Track the sale targets and hold private one-on-one meetings with the media consultants to ensure a steady pace to achieving the rather aggressive year-end goal (of which we impressively came within 5% of achieving despite having less than half the number of reps to the previous year).

·Submit blog postings whenever relevant information arose. These posts included anything from describing what a two-dimensional barcode was, how it works, and why that is useful, to outlining what to have in a professional e-mail signature, to how to best format an effective sales incentive, ad infinitum.

Nov 2010Apr 2011

Media Consultant

Canpages Inc.

·Quickly gained in rank and status to become the highest producing media consultant in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

·Sold more of the new products than any colleague or co-worker.

·Became the first to effectively place a QR Code into a display ad within the phonebook – a trend that ought to continue and flourish in future.

·Initiated the use of an ROI advertising app on Smartphones to increase sales.

·Took on the role of becoming the K-W Chamber of Commerce liaison for the office, ensuring that everyone was aware of any and all upcoming events in the community.


Sep 2005Jun 2009

Bachelor of Arts

Wilfrid Laurier University

·    Maintained an 8.0 GPA in philosophy.

·    Successfully completed a minor in political science.

·    Member of the WLU Philosophy Club.

·    Student Advisor for the Judicial Affairs Council.


Mark the trail, not the path of least resistance.
Diverse Management Style
Tailored to the individual, as well as the situation.
Tech Savvy
Over a decade of experience dispensing electronic and web-oriented technical advice. 
Proficient in Microsoft
·Fluent in both English and French.