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The core of my work experience comes from customer service. I’ve been in retail at Juicy Couture for 3 years, and was a server at Outback Steakhouse for 3 years as well. From each job I gained great communication skills that allowed me to be personal with my clients from Outback and make them want to come back and visit me no matter what environment I was at. I have a very relaxed personality and people love getting to know me because I can make them laugh and keep them entertained while motivating them to get work done. I am well known for being ambitious and creative. In fact, I was constantly recognized for my creativity by the corporate office of Juicy Couture. I have exceptional skills in merchandising. I dress the mannequins for my store, and one year even had my mannequin looks presented in a fashion show. I am consistently the top seller in the San Antonio market, and have even had the highest sales per hour in the west district. My clients at Juicy love me because they know they are in good hands. They trust my honesty and hard work to find them the perfect outfit to wear. I am also very dedicated and team oriented. Although I can stand on my own, playing volleyball for ten years has taught me discipline and teamwork. These skills I apply on and off the court. I have so much to offer but acknowledge I still have plenty of room to learn and grow. I look forward to the opportunities and I am eager to face the challenges of the professional world!


To gain professional knowledge and expand my career horizons.


Client relationship development, networking, product marketing, design layout, volleyball


Veronica Benevides

Veronica and I both opened the first Juicy Couture together in San Antonio in 2006. At the time she was the assistant manager, but by early 2008 she was chosen to take over the store. She has been crucial to my professional development as a role model and sales associate.


Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Sales Lead

Juicy Couture

I helped open the first Juicy Couture in San Antonio in 2006. I learned how to construct a business from the inside out, and how to market products using the available resources. I'm in charge of clienteling customers in order to maintain and grow strong relationships. I also keep track of my co-workers numbers, which include: sales per hour, weekly goals and actual sales, units per transactions, average dollar per transaction, and also ranking my peers so they can see where they stand compared to the rest. I have the most responsibility out of all sales associates, thus, when I was promoted to a full time status my managers actually created a position for me so that I could expand my skills and ease into eventually becoming a floor supervisor.

Aug 2004Jul 2008


Outback Steakhouse

I began working at outback as a hostess. My main priority was to ensure that our customers were receiving the best restaurant experience possible. I lead my team by giving specific instructions and taking initiative to see that our shift went smoothly. I was promoted to take-away where I expanded my customer relations, as well as learned cash handling procedures. I adjusted well to a very fast paced and attention demanding environment and was quickly promoted to be a server. I learned to be patient, quick, and efficient as a server. My responsibility was not only to create a happy environment for my customers but also maintain the restaurant's appearance as a whole.


As a communications major, I'm well educated in giving presentations in front of audiences and writing technical pieces related to my field such as: press releases, radio public service announcements, and backgrounders.
Customer Service
Making my customers happy is my biggest priority. I am very well at communicating my customers needs and wants, as well as problem solving with them when they aren't satisfied.
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe creative suite consists of InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, and Fireworks. Although the bulk of my expertise comes from designing layouts for brochures, display cards, and booklets in InDesign; I also have a strong background in Photoshop as well. Flash and Fireworks I have utilized to create presentations and webpages and several different occasions.