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Introducing VisualCV Mobile

Jessica Wakeman | November 15, 2016

More than 50 percent of job board traffic comes from mobile channels, and 50 percent of smartphone job seekers have used their smartphone to fill out an online job application.

In fact, nearly half (48 percent) of job seekers believe mobile devices will be the most common way to search for jobs in two years.

This is why we built VisualCV mobile. Available immediately through the App Store and Google Play, the VisualCV mobile app enables job seekers to create, edit, and share professional resumes from a smartphone.

In today’s competitive job market, employers want a succinct, comparable version of your profile that is customized to show why you are the best fit for the job. A standard resume won’t cut it.

Our mission is to provide candidates the tools they need to manage their professional profile and make that great first impression whether they are at home or on their mobile device. Now you can easily create, edit, and download multiple resumes/CVs from your smartphone - no matter where you are. Never has creating a resume or CV been so convenient!

To learn more, read our press release.

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Jessica Wakeman

Music, cycling, and tech nerd, Jess was an early member of the Hootsuite marketing team as it grew from 10 to 1000 employees.

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