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Why you should care about the business you’re applying to and how to get the role

Adam Rogers | December 7, 2016

Customer support professional is fast becoming a desirable career in its own right. This means that job seeking is becoming more competitive. As you’ll already know, when a company is hiring for customer service, they hire a person to be the face of their company. The words and actions of that individual play a significant role in defining the reputation of their brand.

The perks of working for a customer-centric business is that they empower support teams, focus on team building, and have a strategy to execute core traits that puts the customer first when dealing with a request. Your career as a customer service professional can flourish with a business that has this focus

So why should I choose one company over another?

An area where most job seekers consistently make mistakes is sending off their resume - without thinking - to any company that happens to have a job opening.

However, you want to be more strategic than this. Rather than collecting a somewhat random list of customer support roles on your resume, you should aim for a standout roster of positions at customer-centric companies which are renowned for their approach to customer service.

It will be more impressive to prospective employers if you show your commitment to your customer service career by carefully selecting roles at key organizations. Even better, you’ll gain more self-fulfilment by working in roles where you are encouraged do your job authentically.

Show them you’ll raise their customer service standards

Customer service is increasingly being seen as central to a business’s operations rather than an add-on.

In a customer-centric business, the support team will have a lot more responsibility for maintaining and improving customer support performance. Rather than simply being an operational necessity, a stellar support team is seen as a competitive business advantage.

Show the hiring team that you’ll help them raise their game by being a leader rather than a follower. You’ll provide great ROI because you’ll be going above and beyond the call of duty to delight their customers, and improve their processes to make a wider impact.

You can demonstrate these qualities by sharing your knowledge of customer service KPI metrics for improving performance.

Make sure you employ all the skills you would actually use on the job in applying for the position, so let your personality shine during the interview and analyze every last detail of your customer service skills test.

Find out more about how Kayako hires for customer service excellence with our handy guide.

Reverse-engineer the job advertisement

Customer-centric companies are hard to find, and when you find one, you want to seriously consider how you apply for the vacancy. The following section will teach you how to apply for the role and maximize your chances of success.

You should treat the job description as gold dust for working out what the company is looking for from their prospective employee. If it’s not clear to you from the description, then this should tell you something about the priorities of the company.

Start by auditing the customer service job listing you’re interested in, and thinking about who it’s for. Before filling out any application form, assess the criteria for the specific role by asking yourself these three questions.

  1. Are you passionate about helping their customers?
  2. Could you be sincere and transparent with these customers?
  3. Can you demonstrate confidece in the role and the company you would represent?

By establishing these basic criteria, you can move forward in the hiring process to be selected as the best of the best. This is how savvy businesses filter out candidates that don’t match a company’s vision of customer-centricity.

If it’s a customer-centric business, the perfect candidate should be able to empathize with the customers as human beings. You should have a genuine interest in solving the customer’s problems.

Show you understand how a company’s customer support reps play an important part in their overall offering because what customers will often be paying for is to interact with friendly members of their team.

Loyal customers are a direct product of great customer service

Business focus has traditionally been on attracting new customers, but now companies are starting to realize the importance of retaining existing customers. In such a saturated market where your competitor is literally a click away, loyal customers are key.

A great marketing campaign can generate new customers but it can’t keep them - only outstanding customer service can do that. Gaining loyal customers is an art rather than a science, but it’s a direct product of customer service.

If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, they actually want to remain loyal to your company. It’s much easier to stick with what you know than to switch suppliers, it’s more financially sound in the long term, and not to mention more rewarding. If you can show during a job interview that you understand this concept, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the job.

To consistently provide great customer service a company must use top-notch customer support tools, and your prospective employer will be impressed if you can demonstrate knowledge of some of the most well-known platforms. They will likely be using at least one of them in their operations, especially support tools with customer experience at heart and not treat people like “tickets”.

Customer-centric staff will get people talking about their business

Companies who appreciate the true value of their support team boost their reputation more than those who neglect it. If someone has an amazing customer experience with a company, they’re much more likely to mention it to family and friends.

On average, consumers spend 2 hours, 51 minutes online every day. A vast percentage of this time is spent researching brands or products that interest them. It shouldn’t be underrated how much of this time these savvy shoppers spend observing the online conversation around a certain brand in order to inform their purchasing decisions.

We’re describing a digital version of word-of-mouth. 81% of consumers’ purchasing behaviour is influenced by their friends’ social media posts. That figure is even higher than the percentage of customers who said referrals from friends and family were more influential over their buying habits than direct marketing (77% according to Nielsen).

Remember: 71% of people said they would be more likely to comment positively about a brand with whom they’ve had a good customer experience. This is compared to a likelihood of just 19% if they’d received unsatisfactory customer support, or no response at all at all.

To include more customers in that 71%, show that you’d go the extra mile to resolve a query at the first opportunity.

Employees that care about customers will boost their company’s reputation

Make sure you really care about customers to ensure you are the ideal candidate for prospective employers. And if you don’t, perhaps you may need to consider why you’re pursuing a career in the customer service profession.

By choosing the customer service job roles you apply for wisely, and following our steps to prepare for your interview, you will be creating an impressive resume of customer-centric businesses that will have companies clamouring to hire you.

Build your career as a customer service rep in the right way, and you’ll enjoy an authentic and satisfying work life with companies that put the customer first.

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