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Work experience

Oct 2010Present

general laborer

I have worked off and on for manpower doing different job duties ranging from forklift driver to line operator. They are a temp. service that finds me work when needed.
Mar 2010Jun 2010

forklift driver

Mar 2009Jul 2009


Staley Inc.

I installed fiber optics, phone, and coax cable, along with security cameras. Worked over the road and just needed to be home so had to quit for the familys sake.

Oct 2008Jan 2009


Royal Communications

I currently relocated with my family and started working for Royal Communications in July. I am currently still employeed with this company but they have laid me off due to lack of work. I installed in large scale voice and data.

Jun 2006May 2008


Self Contracting

I did contract work for several different cable, and phone companies. I performed such duties as: running cable from the pole to a splitter on the outside of the residence, and then from the splitter to each television, I ran phone lines from the outside nid to a position in the home where the jack was needed, ran line from the nid to the computer for internet, and I installed both the O.N.T.'s and the back-up power supplys needed for fiber to home. I have done trap removal contracts, audit contracts. I even went as far as installing what they call people counters for AT&T mobiil  stores out on the east coast.

Mar 2004Jun 2006


Hometown Electric

I worked for Hometown Electric as a laborer when I first started. I helped install electrical lines, changed out breaker boxes, and just upgraded the customers service in general. A month after I began working with the company they picked up a contract with Columbus Telephone to install the back up power supplies for the new fiberoptic system that was installed throughout Columbus. I went to the phone company and learned the proprer installation instructions, and I started off putting them in myself. Not long after I was assigned a crew that I taught how to do the installs, which gave me the time to do scheduling and time to find owners of houses not being lived in. We ran some trouble tickets, and installed the high speed internet for the customers who upgraded from dial up. It was only after the fact that I learned I could make more money doing the same work as a contractor that I decided to leave.

Sep 2001Mar 2004

Line Operator

I started out there as a basic laborer. I performed several duties at this company. The product that was produced there was doors. There were several different production lines within this building. Each line performed seperate steps in the making of these doors. I started off on a foam line, which put the foam inside the door, then layed inside a locking mold to keep door from expanding, and then was retrieved and cleaned, and sent to shipping. I went from a line worker to line operator in less than four months, which is directly under the supervisor. I was transfered to days, and put on a line where they installed the railings on the four sides of two bare skins. Again, I made line operator in less than four months over people who had worked there for more than ten years. My duties on both lines where to make sure all product was up to par with specs., make sure that thecrew was producing the doors quickly and efficiently without blemishes or dents on the doors, keeping the right doors with the right orders, and making sure all paperwork is done on time and turned in at the end of every shift.


Aug 1994May 1997


Riverton Highschool

I attended Riverton Highschool, where I graduated from. I held about a 3.0 gpa, and kept a pretty good attendance record. I took enrolled in all my basic classes such as: English, History, Science, and Math. I also chose to take computer courses three out of my four years, and psycology courses two out of the four.


Forklift driver
I got my certification from OSHA to drive forklift when I was employed by Masonite International. I had to move stacks of doors from line to line, and from line to shipping. I have since ran forklift while working for sunbeam where they certified me, and through manpower.
cable and phone installation
I have been installing some type of data line off and on since I was eighteen. I started at that age in Joplin, Missouri for the company, Cable One. I was hired with absolutely no experience and taught to do installations from the tap at the pole to each individual television set. It was a great way to get my feet wet, and I was taught extensively by several different technicians. I took the good from each one of them and rolled it into my own style. I do each installation as if it were my own home. Whether it be cat5, cat3, rg6, romex, or power line for apc's. It all gets put up to satisfy the customer as best as possible. If the customer is not satisfied then the job is not complete!


My objective is to find a solid company to work for and establish myself. I am 33 years old and I need a job that i can call home til i retire.

About Me

I am a hard working family man that insists on doing the best I can at whatever I do. I am a firm believer in doing a good job and making sure it is done right the first time. I have found that life is hard and the only way to get through it is with a positive attitude. That attitude radiates from me everywhere I go, and in everything I do. I am a leader when everyone else follows, so I believe with my attitude, it keeps moral high, which makes for a productive and enjoyable work enviorment. My work record has covered several different areas with an emphasis on the cable industry. With cable, phone, and fiberoptics, I can actually wake in the morning and say I want to go to work. That in my eyes is one of the most important aspects of obtaining and keeping employment. I have done contract work for Pioneer Phone Co. in central and southern Oklahoma, Rural Telephone in western Kansas, and Columbus Telephone right here in my hometown. I have installed back up power supplies for the  fiberoptics ,along with cutting customers over from the old system, and I have installed cable, phone, and IPTV in residential homes. All of which I enjoyed very much so. I am capable of doing alot of jobs, but this is the field I would really like to work in.


My interests include hunting, fishing, and spending time with my family. I believe that if your family is happy then the rest of your time when your not with them you will be happy too. I would also like someday to buy an old car, like, a 64-67 mustang, or a 60's model vette and restore it to its original condition, only better.


Joe Shibi

I worked daily with Joe. I reported to him with any problems,and I also helped him tear down drops and take care of trouble tickets when I was needed.

John Korprich

I worked with John on a daily basis throughout a contract that I worked on out in western Kansas when I was contracting for TriStar Communications. We were installing IPTV.

Benjie Jarrett

Benjie the half owner of Hometown Electric in Columbus, Kansas. They do construction, electric, and held the contract to install the back up power supplies for the fiberoptic system.

Gary Spear

 I spoke to Gary on a daily basis about our daily progress.

Dan Spatafora

I worked with Dan since I got off my last contract out in western Kansas doing such things as: running romex wire for electrical outlets, installing new ceiling fans, putting up panelling, and putting in new water lines,and faucets for different customers.

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