Jan 2009 - Present

Post Graduate Certificate of Valuation

University of British Columbia

I am working towards an AACI P.App designation. These courses and successful completion of the program will allow me to complete my Applied Experience Program under the supervision of an AACI P.App and write my designating examination. 

Courses thus far include; Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal, Commercial Property Analysis, Critical Analysis and Forecasting in Real Estate,

I am currently taking Case studies 1 and will be 2/3 of the way towards completing the program.

I am currently a Candidate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

I am also a student member of the REIBC and will eventually work towards getting an  RI designation. 

Sep 1999 - May 2004

Bachelor of Business Administration

University of New Brunswick

Member of the Business Society & Campus Marketing Manager

Work History

Work History
Sep 2005 - Present


Down to Earth Forestry Service

I started this company with a close friend of mine. We noticed that there was an opportunity to help private wood lot owners replant their lands when the pine beetle epidemic started to decimate trees across B.C. The established tree planting companies were too big to consider planting for land owners. The government was subsidizing land owners to replant their land so, we canvassed land owners who had harvested their beetle affected trees and we worked to get them the trees from the nurseries and we provided the service of replanting their woodlots. 

Aug 2010 - Sep 2011

Forestry Technician

Apical Forestry Consultants

I am the eyes on the ground, I am standing with my kestrel (weather monitoring device) in the middle of nowhere on a cut block. The weather has to be just right to spray. I have my radio and sometimes a quad that gets me in and out of the cut blocks. When the conditions are just right I liaise between the monitor in the sky and the chopper pilots, and then I run or quad to the next block to monitor the weather. I make the ultimate decision whether or not the conditions are right. If they aren't we pay big fines to the government if the wind causes us to spray out of bounds.The hours are erratic, two shifts first one at sunrise and the second just a few hours before sunset. 

Other jobs include PSP's I measure tree heights and diameters for the mills who are monitoring tree stands. This is a production job, $200 a plot. That means that I have to co-operate with my team mate so that we are being as efficient as possible. We are audited so the data has to be correct. This is an unsupervised job that requires great safety requirements, and a spatial knowledge so that I don't get lost in the woods. Knowing how to use my GPS  is my safety net. 

May 2007 - Aug 2011

High Baller Tree Planter

Wildwoods Reforestation Ltd

Typical day planting:

I wake up its 6:00am, oh, I am still sleeping in a tent in the woods. Do I have my water and day bag prepared? If yes, sleep in 5-10mins. No, get  up in the cold morning get water, coffee breakfast. Next I find out what helicopter load I am on and prepare my day bag, lunch, water, rain gear, ibuprofens check. I fly to the block and its go time!!

I have to plant as many of these little seedlings I can. Oh yeah I am competitive, mostly with myself, but it also feels good to outperform the pack. I am unsupervised besides my crew boss who checks up on me every so often, I tell him where the trees need to be in order for the block to get planted as efficient as it can be. I am paid piece rate so efficiency is key. I don't want to have to make any more steps in a day than I absolutely have to.

This is a very mental pursuit. But at the end of a day after planting 6,000 trees, which is about 1500 more than the average at my company (and earning between $600-$700), it feels more like I just finished two marathons. I can't wait for the chopper to land and get to dinner, my body is screaming for protein and more liquids. 64 planting days later (3 months) I am the highest producing planter in the company!!

Wildwoods is the epicenter of tree planting every planter and their dog wants to be on the contract, because we are the fastest and the best, and I beat the best, makes me think I am the best planter in the industry!!! Care to make a wager?

Finally after 5 months (including two other contracts, Apical and Big Sky) of enduring the elements in northern Alberta, at the hardest job in the country, I get to go home and be with my fiance. After 6 years I finally paid off my student loans and I can afford to live and work in the city. Hope someone can see the merit in that sort of work. I sure do. 

I made $51,000, not too bad for 5 months. It only makes sense. I Can't wait to show the next employer my hard work and perserverance.

Oct 2004 - Apr 2005

Travel Representative

Intrawest, Resort Reservations

I am the voice on the end of the line, How can I help you? I book ski vacations for people. It's a great job, I am friendly and the voice on the other end is inquisitive. I am the oracle of ski vacations. I know whistler village inside and out, the best dining, the best pubs, the best hotels and most important the best activities in the area when people aren't resting from a huge powder day on the ski hill. 

I am the source for great flights, and cozy firesides. The buck stops here, I put everything together and I am responsible for the guests from A to Z. They keep my extension and I help them whenever the need it. Even if the hotel forgets the hair dryer in the room I am responsible this keeps me on my toes. 

The hotels like me, when I book enough rooms they compensate me with rewards, and I get commission on sales. This keeps me motivated to keep my clients happy and interested in what is happening in the village, so I can sell them on the greatest place on earth. Sometimes the sell isn't so easy but I get the job done and the client is always happy. 

Volunteer Work

Habitat  for Humanity

Helping those who can't afford to own houses, build and maintain their own home at reasonable prices. Subsidized housing in Vancouver is a necessity and I am helping that goal become realized for many low income families.


My short term objectives (1-2 years) are to complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Valuation at the Sauder Business School at UBC. In the meantime gaining meaningful employment is my top priority. Ideally I am looking to find experience in appraising commercial real estate or assisting in a capacity that allows me to use my education and add value to my knowledge of the industry.

In the long term(3 years) I am looking to finish the Applied Experience Program, whereby I am mentored through a case study that qualifies me to write my designation exam for the AACI to become a fully designated member of the AIC.

By completing the above two goals I am working towards becoming an expert in commercial real estate investments.

I am driven towards this end and compelled to do my best in school and on the job.


My resume, I believe does not fully represent who I am and what I have to offer. I struggled immensely with student loans after completing two Bachelors Degrees at a university that at the time was the most expensive in the region. When I moved to Vancouver upon graduation, my first job was with Intrawest which was a great job however, I was unable to pay my rent in addition to the monthly payments on my debt; I was over leveraged. Tree planting offered me the ability to make a yearly salary ($45-50,000/year) in a matter of months which enabled me to put large sums on the principal portion of my loan which at the time was $56,000.00 (twice the national average). Upon graduation I was making $24,000year in a contract position that lasted six months. It was driving me into poverty. 

The stress and burden of such a loan made it impossible to enter into entry level positions and build a career with my new education. I thought it was much more prudent in the short and long run to enter austerity measures and rebuild my financial health. That was my 5 year goal and I did it with flying colors (20 years less than my amortization period and half the time of the average student loan borrower). I now have a beefy RRSP and over the course of putting my financial house in order I continued to build on my education through long distance education, and bar tending in the off season. Now I am in a great position to dedicate my time to fulfilling my goal of becoming a Real Estate Appraiser with the designation AACI P.App.  

My dedication to my goals and  the wherewithal to get out of debt and on track is the type of decision making that I believe should be valued in these fragile economic times. We have seen in the past few years, in grandiose terms, where living on substantial leverage gets you. I am not in that position and I am the face of the new economy. 



Written Communications

I have been preparing appraisal reports for the past two years and completing projects that demand great explanation and coherency. I have two Bachelors Degrees that both involved many papers and projects. I have received straight A's on all assignments over the course of my PGCV at UBC.

Verbal Communications

I have years of customer services as a Bartender, Front Desk Agent, and Travel Representative, I can listen and respond to peoples needs with great ease. 

3 Approaches to Value

Creating appraisals and estimates of market value based on the Cost, Direct Comparison, and Income Approaches to Value.

Financial Analysis

Reading financial Statements, calculating key ratios, making them meaningful/relevant for clients or others 

Microsoft Office Applications

Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, One Note, Access