Lars Holmqvist

Lars Holmqvist

Work History

Work History
2008 - Present

Augmenta AB

CEO,  venture capital company with 40 partners investing in early stage companies.

Mar 2005 - Present

Senior Advisor to BE

BearingPoint (BE)

One of the worlds largest management consultancy companies. Presently 17 500 employees in 39 countries.

Mainly: New consultancy solutions for BE & closing successful deals with

large international  companies & private equity companies.

1999 - Present

Owner, consulting (Mgmt-Finance/IT/Med.)

L & C i Lund AB
1999 - Present

Partner of the private equity assoc. 1999


Private equity association.

1989 - Present

Board of director

1 IT & 1 pharmac.

Board of director experiences since 1989. Presently at the board of 1 IT and 1 pharmac. company.

1999 - 2005

CEO and launcher

WeSpot AB

WeSpot AB an R&D company creating industrial solutions (security sensors, biometric sensors, door controls/openers, elderly care sensors) with image analysis on proprietary embedded platform.                    

Signed personally 4 heavy industrial contracts with companies in Japan,                                            Sweden, USA and Switzerland.                                                                   

Made a MBO 2004 together with key personnel and two previous chairmen & turned the company profitable in 6 months.                                                                                                     

Sold WeSpot to a Dutch sensor company 2005, now owned by the world leading japanese sensor company Optex.                                                   

The WeSpot Elderly Care Sensor is presently (2008) sold in many countries in Europe.

1989 - 1999

CEO & founder

DanData Sverige AB, now Atea

A very fast growing IT-company. only organic growth. Profits  every year.

From 0,25MUSD in turnover 1989 to >35MUSD 1998.                             

Appointed Manager of the Year by the Municipality of Landskrona 1994.

United Data Suppliers Scandinavia AB (UDS), subsidiary of DanData,founder 1995

Sold my shares 1999.

Europe's 3rd largest IT-integrator 2007.

1987 - 1989

Area manager

Ericsson Radio Systems

With responsibility to build up new subsidiaries and divisions for the new line of business - mobile phones.

Initiated subsid. & divisions within my responsibility: Belgium, Switzerland,

Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Venezuela

1984 - 1987

Ericsson Information Systems

Approx. 1 year as projectleader within market communication for electronic

word processors. Thereafter appointed area manager with responsibility for our subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and India for Ericsson's division for word processing.

1980 - 1984

Underwriter of international reinsurance

Skånska Brand

Risk management analyses and negotiations with international insurance companies and brokers.


Swedish, German, English - fluent, Danish & French - medium,

Spanish - medium to low, Serbo-Croatian - low


I have CEO and Chairman/board of director experiences since 1989.

My experiences are more broad as leader than very specific and field oriented.

Specific areas and skills: Industry focus, leadership, innovations, commercial development with technical understanding, investments - Private Equity & Venture Capital, MA,  business- and operational strategy focus, successful entrepreneurial behavior in both high-tech start-ups and new business areas within large companies.

Presently I am CEO for Augmenta AB, an early stage VC-investor and

Senior Advisor for the large management consultancy company BearingPoint.

I am based in Lund, Sweden resp Nice, France and have international experience from Asia, Europe & the Americas.

Curiosities & various occupations, from 1,5 to 24months



Caregiver at the geriatric dept. of the hospital in Hässleholm

Building worker E Berndtssons Bygg AB

Trainee Pestalozzi Verlag in Erlangen, Germany

Bread salesman and distributor of Unos Bröd AB

Deputy teacher at several high schools in the province of Skåne/Scania during university studies.

Book keeper SAS Catering, Sturup Airport

Board Member of the University Student Union Kristianstads Nation, editor of Student Union Magazine, Chairman of election committee etc

Member of the Board of the English Institute at the University of Lund


Travels, family & friends, workout, food & wine & literature