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B. Lee Jones

Consulting Professor and Interim CIO

Work experience


Consulting Professor

Silicon Valley Innovation School(

Merger & Acquisition Consulting, Interim CIO

Lecture Subjects:
- Modern World IT Systems
- Enterprise Application Integration
- Business Intelligence
- Social and Anti-Social Media
- Cyber-security
- Quantum Computing



San Mateo County-Office of the Assessor

Clerk-Recorder-Elections, Redwood City, CA

The Director of Information Technology is a Deputy-level position and responsible for the day-to-day operations of the (IT) division of the Office:
* Plan, organize, direct and review the functions and activities of the Business Systems Unit of the Office of the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder including applications development, enhancement and maintenance, micro-and mini-computer support and data communications support;
* Provide highly responsible and complex management and automation support to the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder;
* Establish, monitor, evaluate, and revise Office goals, objectives, policies, and procedures;
* Develop and implement plans, objectives, and budget;
* Direct a diverse staff of professional, technical, and clerical personnel through management of supervisory personnel; and
* Coordinate assigned activities with other County departments and outside agencies.


Technology Consultant and Interim CIO

Integrated Virtual Systems

Integrated Virtual Systems, Fremont, CAMay technology consultant specializing in complex systems/Cloud integration, systems and network security and disaster recovery planning

VP of IT and COO

Clean Technology Trade Alliance
Trade Alliance, Bremerton, WA: Interim SVP, COO/CIO Global Edge Media Corporation, Chicago, IL: Interim President, CEO/CIO Actelis Networks-Fremont, CA & Tel Aviv, Israel: Interim VP, IT & CIO

VP of IT and CIO

SunPower Corporation
San Jose, CA: Interim VP, IT & CIO Page 2 Stratex Networks, San Jose, CAMay World's Leading Independent Producer of wireless broadband telecommunications equipment. VICE-PRESIDENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER Restored credibility of computer operations and support, LAN and WAN, telephone systems and telecommunications for corporate computer centers in U.S and international sites. IT operations supported fifty-six remote offices, ten major computer centers on five continents across twenty-two time zones with over 3, 100 users at 99. 999% uptime with a 98% customer excellence rating. Did not have a single project go over schedule by more than one quarter(at the user's request) or over initial budget estimates by more than 6-1/2%. IT budgets averaged 1.56% of revenue vs. an industry average of 3. 8%. with a 0% IT employee turnover rate. Successfully completed all corporate all M&A integration and strategic projects. Identified and implemented key controls for user access management, SDLC and entity level controls governed by ISO, CoBit and Sarbanes-Oxley regulation.

Technology Consultant and Interim CIO

Integrated Virtual Systems

Integrated Virtual Systems, Fremont, CADecember technology consultant specializingincomplex systems integration, systems/Cloud and network security and disaster recovery planning: Subject Company Inc.-Palo Alto, CA: Interim CIO: Strategic marketing to potential investors and CIO evangelist to potential customers.

IT Director

Wireless Logic
San Jose, CA: Developed System and Network Plan and entire suite of security and IT policies. Voysys Corporation-Fremont, CA: Interim IT Director: Developed corporate System Plan and entire suite of security and IT policies. Deluxe Checks-St. Paul, MN: Site Manager-Initial phase of major re-engineering project including consolidated call centers, database design and systems network implementation.

Manager, International IT Operations

Scientific Research Management Corporation
San Jose, CA: Consulted: computer/network security for several Fortune 100 companies. Bechtel Corporation(PMB Engineering Inc.), San Francisco, CA Established internal systems integration and WAN consulting capability. Read-Rite Corp., Milpitas, CAOctober MANAGER, INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS OPERATIONS

Manager, Development Operations and Technical Services

Tandem Computers Inc
Cupertino, CAJanuary MANAGER, DEVELOPMENT OPERATIONS AND TECHNICAL SERVICES Consolidated operations, networking, facilities management and PC support for six major, previously independent computer centers with a staff of 50

Director of IT and Director of CAD

Sierra Semiconductor
Corp., San Jose, CA DIRECTOR, INFORMATIONSYSTEMSand INTERIM DIRECTOR, DESIGN AUTOMATION Pioneered use of mini-supercomputer and networked UNIX workstations for CAD design. Designed, implemented and administered all hardware, operating systems, network architecture, databases and application software for worldwide computer operations. Established world-class CAD/CAM/CAE design centers in the United States, Netherlands and Singapore.

Strategic Marketing Manager

United Technologies Microelectronics Center(UTMC)
Colorado Springs, CO STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGER Established the UTMC strategic marketing function promoting use of microelectronics content at all United Technologies companies. This enabled United Technologies to leverage individual company technology and provide superior, leading edge products and services. Researched, prepared and presented the UTMC President's Statement of Business Plan and UTMC Five-Year Technology Forecast to UT Technical Council and Strategic

Director, Computer Services


Designed and administered all corporate software development and computer center functions. Developed and implemented innovative software for variable-aperture, vector-scan E-Beam mask preparation Page 3



UCLA Anderson School of Management


 Recommendations For B. Lee GLG Scholar--Technology, Media & Telecom Councils, GLG Educator and Expert Witness Gerson Lehrman Group

“Lee has been an integral part of the CIO Roundtables, facilitating discussions and providing great insight. His years of experience enable Lee to be a wonderful addition to any team.” January 14, 2010

Betsy Reinking, Program Manager, CDI IT Solutionswas with another company when working with B. Lee at Gerson Lehrman Group

“Lee is a true visionary with a deep and accurate understanding of enterprise technology and its impact on all faucets of the business. A leader that bridges divisional gaps and creates opportunity through innovation.” April 15, 2009

Nepal Patel, CEO, CXOsync LLCwas with another company when working with B. Lee at Gerson Lehrman Group

VP of IT and Chief Information Officer Stratex Networks, Inc.

“It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience working with Lee Jones. I had an opportunity to work for Stratex as vendor and should say Lee Jones was one of those rare, easily approachable CIO's and highly knowledgable leader. He had great vision and strategy to improvise Stratex Networks IT capabilities. I would look forward to work with him again in the future.” September 18, 2008

Sandeep Reddy, Account Manager-Sales, Sierra Atlanticwas a consultant or contractor to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee is leading by example, after all the awards he received from the industry; there is no need to further the glorification of his knowledge and achievements. On Top of this he is a great listener and an excellent communicator. He truly takes the time to understand the issues before offering a solution. He is always visionary, a great team player as well as a fantastic motivator. Thanks Lee for your leadership...” June 13, 2007

Vincent Havart, RF engineer, Stratex networksworked with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“My company worked with Lee and his team in design and development of enterprise application integration solutions. Lee is a wonderful person and a great leader to work with. He is demanding, sets high standards in everything he is responsible for; and at the same time very fair and takes the time to appreciate good work by others. Of more than 100 CIOs that we worked with during those years, Lee stood out as one of the more forward thinking executives in how he leveraged information systems to drive business value.” May 24, 2007

Raju Reddy, CEO, Sierra Atlanticwas a consultant or contractor to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee Jones has been my client for over 9 years and over the course of this time I have valued his professionalism, knowledge of the business and objectivity. Above all he has been very influential in helping shape my prior consulting firms Oracle Practices. He has been a client, advisor and friend and what I like about him is tremendous power to network. He might as well have started Linkedin! I am happy to offer my endorsement for his important role as a CIO at Stratex Networks.” May 14, 2007

Rajiv Chopra, VP, Trianzwas a consultant or contractor to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“B. Lee Jones is an experienced executive level manager and an IT expert. He has an easy going approach and is well liked by his colleagues.” April 17, 2007

Sean McBride, Global Technical Support Manager, Stratex Networksworked indirectly for B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“When you consider the IT Infrastructure at Stratex before the arrival of Lee Jones and you look at it today you will understand the considerable impact that this guy has made. He built a team of true professionals who it has been my pleasure to work alongside for many years. Today Harris Stratex has best in class IT systems fully integrated and adding value to the business. I have known Lee as a colleague and as a friend and I’m more than happy to offer my endorsement of his tenure at Stratex Networks.” March 4, 2007

Peter Gordon, Director of CRM, Stratexworked with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I have worked with C-Level executives throughout my career, and Lee is in the top 1% of executive level talent. He combines a deep appreciation for the technical, while at the same time a broad understanding of what it takes to run a successful organization.” February 27, 2007

Steven Miller, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Voice & Datawas with another company when working with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee is the rare CIO that is able to solve complex business issues through the assessment, selection, and deployment of enterprise class IT solutions. In addition, Lee is able to rally the entire organization around new technology for the betterment of the business.” February 18, 2007

John T. Grosshans, Senior Vice President WW Sales, GoRemotewas with another company when working with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working for Lee while managing the conversion of legacy systems to Oracle ERP, Siebel CRM, Agile PDM, Clarify Service and integrating it all together using Vitria middleware at North America, EMEA and Australia and NZ locations. Lee is a strong executive with a successful and proven track record of visionary leadership and demonstrated strategic thinking.As a manager of people, I have known Lee to be a fearless and motivating leader with full of integrity.” February 17, 2007

Dharmendra Khanna, IT Project Manager, Stratex Networks Increported to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I enjoyed working with Lee and supporting his IT group at Stratex and since his employees valued working with him as well, it was easy :)” February 15, 2007

Megan Hansen, HR Generalist, Stratex Networksworked with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I worked under Mr. Lee B. Jones for 9 years since 1997. I like his leadership style. Trust people, delegate and encourage to achieve high goals. He has lead us to implement the required and adequate technology to meet the business requirement. He has lead the most efficient team of the organization at the least cost. It is fun to work under him. He never allowed pressures to overwhelm us. He knows how to get the best out of each individual. I wish him luck in his future assignment.” February 13, 2007

Michael Titus, IT Operation Manager, Stratex Networks, Increported to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Our company SigmaQuest enjoyed working with Mr. Jones and Stratex Networks. Mr. Jones is subject matter expert and helped us better understand the organizational challenges and best ways to position our solution. As an outside vendor it is hard to get CIO's attention. This was not the case here as Mr. Jones is easy to work with and very resourceful. -Nader Fathi, SigmaQuest CEO” February 12, 2007

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Nader Fathihired B. Lee as a IT Consultant in 2005

“I have worked with Lee for about six years at Stratex Networks. During these six years IT at Stratex has seen a number of projects and Lee has managed them all very efficiently. In my work as a system analyst I have many times faced problems that I needed Lee's help in, and Lee was always quick to provide solutions and motivated the team. Lee I wish you all the best.” February 12, 2007

Saurabh Saharan, Siebel Tech Lead, Stratex Networksworked indirectly for B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I've had a long, productive relationship with Lee, both as a client and as a friend. I've come to know him as a dynamic, no nonsense CIO who has received public recognition for his accomplishments at Stratex Networks. He is a strong team builder and people motivator, and a fascinating, multi-talented person. He brings tremendous experience and know how to the CIO role.” February 12, 2007

Marc Hebert, EVP, Marketing & Alliances, Sierra Atlantic, Inc.was a consultant or contractor to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I have found that Lee is the kind of guy that you can count on to get things done. When he says he's going to do something he does it! Lee knows the right people and he's highly respected in his field. He's a team player and would be an asset in any organization.” February 12, 2007

Gerry Beemiller, VP Sales, Pericomwas with another company when working with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to become familiar with the success Lee had at Stratex as it related to their Agile system implementation. At the time, Logitech was considering moving forward with Agile as our corporate PDM standard. I was very impressed with Lee and the success he was able to achieve at Stratex as their CIO. I certainly feel very comfortable in recommending Lee as a senior IT executive to any organization looking for an accomplished CIO.” February 12, 2007

Dan Poulin, VP, IT & CIO, Logitechwas with another company when working with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“I have worked with Lee for almost 8 years now and would highly recommend him for any new position within IT and business management. Lee has been a truly loyal, approachable and honest boss, colleague and friend, always willing to discuss business and personal matters openly and always with a sense of humour. They say when you join an organization that you should try to find a godfather that is willing to look after you and help to develop and progress your career. I have found this within Harris Stratex Networks without a doubt in Lee and would welcome working with Lee any time in the future. Best of luck with any future roles and I will support any future dealing with Lee.” February 12, 2007

Tony Rees, Business Systems Analyst, Harris Stratex Networksreported to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee was a pleasure to work with and hence got the very best out of our organization. He was always firm and clear in his expectations and delineation of responsibilities and deliverables. Lee was also an excellent negotiator and insured that his organization received full value for their money.A strong CIO.” Feb 11, 2007

Andy Shulman, Regional Vice President, ePlus Technologywas a consultant or contractor to B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee took the IT Department at Stratex to a World Class organization. He was instrumental in launching numerous innovative solutions to Stratex Networks keeping the company extremely competitve. Lee was key in the company's transition from an archaic ERP sytem to the ORACLE system.” February 11, 2007

Tony Salangsang, Manufacturing Director, Stratex Networks Inc.worked indirectly for B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee possess outstanding leadership skills and emotional intelligence competencies that surely differentiates him from most professionals. He knows how to serve his clients and how to build a team to the point of transforming a business relationship. He is very good mannered, great at communicating with all kinds of people, and amazingly intelligent.” February 11, 2007

Carlos Freitas [email protected], National Sales Manager, Infonet Brazilwas with another company when working with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“B.Lee is an extremely competent and talented IT executive. I have relied on him over the years as a mentor and friend and have often asked for his guidance before undertaking a new endeavor. His experience and professional vision is unmatched as is his grasp of highly complex issues and their solutions.” Feb 10, 2007

Michael Brookins, Independant Consultant, Brookins Consultingworked indirectly for B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

“Lee Jones is Chief Information Officer and as such helped my position by supporting effective communications between many diverse locations around the world. Set up networks of communications between San Jose, CA, New Zealand, Taiwan, and other Stratex remote locations. The IT department improved dramatically when Mr. Jones joined the organization. His guidance brought Stratex from a "hit and miss" IT department, to a highly reliable and effective team of professionals. Regards - Bob Griffith ( [email protected] )” Feb 10, 2007

Bob Griffith, Engineering Manager - Synthesizers, Stratex Networksworked with B. Lee at Stratex Networks, Inc.

Manager, Development Operations & Technical Services Tandem Computers

“As a leader, Lee offers his team members tremendous opportunity to stretch and grow within their roles as well as within the organization. For example during my first years at Tandem, Lee would assign me tasks that provided challenge in both the work and how I thought about the work (strategies, ideas, tactics and general brainstorming). While our roles have continued to evolve and our paths have taken us to different corporate organizations, I consider myself fortunate that I can continue to count on him as a mentor.” April 12, 2007

Lisa Bauer, System Admin., IS Project Manager, Team Leader, Tandem Computersreported to B. Lee at Tandem Computers

Director, IT and Director, CAD Sierra Semiconductor Corp.

“Lee Jones created a work environment that was productive and enjoyable. He intercepted the political issues when necessary and provided an environment that permitted me to do my job effectively. He did not micro-manage me but was always available to discuss issues and to offer suggestions for improvement. His knowledge of the systems resulted in a very-high uptime thus minimizing the impact to me as the provider of application support. Lee was key in making my years at Sierra Semiconductor the most enjoyable and satisfying of my professional career.” February 14, 2007

Dan Dickey, Sr. Systems Analyst, Sierra Semiconductorreported to B. Lee at Sierra Semiconductor Corp.


Vice President/Chief Information Officer position with strategic information technology responsibilities requiring leadership, innovation and demonstrated professional experience in the effective development and utilization of international corporate computer and network resources.


  • Enterprise application integration
  • Vintage auto racing
  • Wine collecting
  • Gourmet cooking
  • Languages (human and computer)
  • Music (Jazz, classical, opera, Broadway, Oldies R&R
  • Counterfactual Theories of Causation


Internationally recognized technology and business visionary with more than thirty years of proven successin domestic andinternational information technology infrastructure, strategic and tactical planning, knowledge management and project execution.A Builder, not a Maintainer!A proven leader who institutes operational initiatives and carries them out in order to create positive corporate change, efficiency and increased profitability.

Ability to bring structure, order and professionalism to complex integrated information infrastructures. Leadership in the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated systems that attain maximum levels of availability, provide useful and understandable information in a secure, maintainable, and professional computer environment. Significant experience and knowledge in computing architectures and implementation of networked computing structures, including experience with Web technologies, Internet, Intranet & Extranet development, implementation, and maintenance. Demonstrated success in providing total corporate computer administration, strategic planning, systems design, facilities planning, network planning, and overall operations effectiveness. Professional reputation for being innovative, systematic and very results-oriented. Possess extensive international business and technical experience, multiple human and computer language skills and multi-cultural knowledge and experience. Excellent liaison and technical analysis skills provide exceptional rapport with corporate management, the user community and its management, customers and the media.



  • Best of Fremont Award 2011-Internet Consultants category by the U.S. Commerce Association
  • CIO 100 Award Winner 2002 – Enterprise Application Integration                       
    • CIO 100 Award Finalist and Information Week 500 Finalist 2001-2007
    • Outstanding Customer Award 2005 – Vitria Technology Inc.
    • Nominee for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader
    • Gartner Group CIO Award Finalist 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006
    • Stanford Professional Education/Information Week CIO Boot Camp 2000                                            (Tom Kosnik – “Take the Hill” Case Study Award)



    Advanced Systems Management

    Stanford University Graduate School of Business