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Key Characteristics

Meet demanding objectives. Inspire others to top performance. Simplify complex problems. Take initiative to assume leadership of failing projects. Natural leader. Perform against tight deadlines. Analyze situations rapidly. Effective at organizing teams. Handle rapid change easily. Superior writing / verbal skills.


High Availability and High Scalability; Technology Acquisition; Outsourcing Vendor Negotiations and Management; Agile Methods and Management Techniques; Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); Disaster Recovery; Object-Oriented Architectures; Domain Driven Design (DDD); Web, Mobile, and n-Tier Client-Server Environments, Cloud, Hosted and Thin-Client; Digital Asset/Content Management; Business Intelligence and Database Architecture

Industry Experience

Broadcast Media

Consumer Retail



Finance& Banking







  • Revenue Growth
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Full Life Cycle
  • International
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Turnarounds
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Warehousing
  • High-Availability
  • B2B and B2C


A highly accomplished and results-driven Top Information Technology Leader with a track record of achievement in strategic planning and team leading, business process improvement, vendor management, enterprise application architecture, and project management.Adept at identifying increased efficiency and improved productivity, while improving ROI through strategic information technology implementation. Leads cross-functional teams in design, development, and deployment of commercial and consumer-facing products.Utilizes extensive skill set to coordinate with product development and C-Level management to position a business as an industry leader.

Work experience


Senior Director, Application Development

Music Choice

Senior Director, Application Development2010-PRESENT

  • Tripled size of engineering department, as well as initiated enterprise documentation standards.Evolved department to continuous integration and deployment; instituted agile project management techniques; and devised research and development opportunities, establishing engineering department as area of innovation within product development company.
  • Negotiated and managed introduction of over 25 vendors.Introduced and integrated numerous off-the-shelf vendors into custom architectures to create unique systems, composed of multiple commodity applications in order to migrate to cloud-based architectures updating from legacy systems.
  • Aligned projects with strategic goals across departments within company.
  • Managed development engineers and held responsibility for oversight of technical projects.

Director, Application Development2008-2010

  • Directed engineering department to enterprise architectures used in 24/7 broadcast-based product development; including development, QA, database, broadcast, web/mobile, and business intelligence.
  • Led architecture and development of fully interactive television network (SWRV).Led team of 50 engineers, with addition of over 30 independent contractors, building custom SOA n-tiered system integrating web- and mobile-based consumer interactivity to dynamically and automatically program broadcast music video network, leveraging custom system integrated components.

VP Application Development

  • Created and managed business strategy.Implemented and executed strategy to return company to profitable technology competitor in highly fractured space.
  • Managed maintenance of legacy systems, while designing and outsourcing development of future SOA architecture.Oversaw management of lean FTE base with much restructuring around third-party tools and outsourced vendors.
  • Assumed responsibility for managing outsourcing relationship.Commoditized architectural elements and leveraged third parties and outsourced vendors as company maintained goal to remain lean.Managed relationship of core components design and implementation.

Director Product Management

Princeton Global Services
  • Restructured start-up organization into well-organized, profitable business with increasing numbers of clients and improved reliable software with projections of nearly quadruple previous year’s revenue.
  • Negotiated strategic industry alliances.Identified and pursued relationships with other complimentary industry organizations to improve unique selling proposition for company.
  • Restructured contracts, business plan, and P&L.Centralized and digitally controlled company documentation, providing viable legal documents, as well as forecasted profit and loss statements.
  • Architected and planned enterprise solutions.Upgraded hardware and implemented infrastructure elements to create redundant, high-available solution.Planned and negotiated offshore development.

Associate Director

Associate Director2003-2006

  • Led teams of up to 20 delivering full lifecycle development projects.Served as technical communications manager between executive stakeholders, operational management, and development teams, focusing efforts on multiple concurrent and technically diverse processes.
  • Rescued $6,000,000 major application development effort that fell behind and struggled in eyes of management.Requested opportunity to take over IT management.Analyzed causes of failure.Implemented programming methodologies and automated tools.Added new features.
  • Architected enterprise grade solution to replace legacy systems.Re-engineered multi-system legacy operation through architecting full SOA object-oriented n-tier .NET implementation.Designed improved workflow, integrating imaging, reporting, and accounting modules.Distributed web-based and client-server architecture for three-year project.
  • Served as project manager of legacy system migration.Engaged as personnel manager of concurrent system runtime environments during migration from five older technology-based systems to modern distributed, scalable object-oriented system, which included programmers, external vendors, testers, and business analysts, as well as budgets, hardware acquisition, and service contracts.

Senior Engagement Manager2002-2003

  • Oversaw HIPAA compliance project.Developed web-hosted business intelligence/reporting system.Designed and prepared data warehouse.
  • Generated $3,000,000 in new business by converting to web-based system.Updated multi-company insurance claims application via physical media distribution.Converted client/server into thin client web-hosted product infrastructure.
  • Developed incremental value by adding business intelligence capabilities.Managed overall conversion and feature expansion.Integrated secure web access to accommodate existing and new customers across broad array of industries, including automotive, chemicals, and construction products.
  • Reduced overhead and administrative costs by implementing standard workflow system.Implemented and centralized web-based legal billing system based on legal file standards and integrated workflow system to allow custom approval paths per client.

Senior Technology Consultant1998-2002

  • Worked with Peterson Consulting, which represented subsidiary of Navigant Consulting Inc.
  • Secured significant follow-on work by completing high visibility project.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented multi-media application and administrative tool set to manage SEC investigation of large bank merger.
  • Met deliverables with aggressive timelines, establishing long-term productive relationship with client.




Small Business Management

Mercer Community College