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Erato's Choice Society
The music society Erato's Choice has a mission to stimulate the creation, performance, appreciation and study of lyric writing in all its diversity. As its promoter I organize projects for my lyric lab students in which they can present their work to an audience outside the conservatorium. Through these projects lyricists and singer-songwriters are able to experience the effect of their texts and songs in an challenging context of museums, galleries, clubs and even living rooms.
Sep 2003Present

Art Teacher

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
I have created a two year course "Art: Language and Image" in order to hand the students of pop music a tool on how to use other sources, other objects of art specific and cultural in general, for their own musical creative development. In order to focus on the pop musician as the creator of contend we need, at some point during the education, look intensely at what lies behind the 'notes'. We need to start viewing the student of pop music not only as primarily a musician, defined by music as her/his choice of medium in which to express her/his skills. We need to view the student in a broader sense; first of all as an artist and to be utterly practical we need to view the student as a producer of pop culture. In 2002 I started as a partner of the think-tank focussing on the challenging opportunity as of how to create pop music inside the professional high educational format of the conservatories. After developing the contend it was decided I should teach the course myself. Art: language & image is considered a 'crucible' as: • a place or situation in which different elements interact to produce something new. • a place or occasion of severe test or trial. The main question was and still is: How to prepare the pop musician of tomorrow? It is safe to say that the pop department of the CvA succeeds to do just that. Ever since our start in September 2003 we have delivered professional musicians to well known bands and projects inside the Netherlands. Many of the bands formed during the curriculum courses won major Dutch prizes. However winning prizes is not what it's about, it's about forming exciting bands, writing good songs, producing inspiring albums, initiate innovative projects, spread knowledge and insight through band coaching and other educational faculties and fill the stages with great music. That's what our students are doing successfully as creators of contend.


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Master Art Education


Cultural Science

Open Universiteit
Sep 1988Jun 1992

Bachelor Free Art


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