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Work experience



Research Analyst


San Francisco CA- Research Analyst-Researched data for sales and marketing executives. 

Training Coordinator

Commercial Training & Development

Project Manager

Commercial Training & Development
Project Manager- Project Coordinator

Training Manager


South San Francisco, CA Training Manager- Commercial Training & Development

  • Successfully led and contributed to multiple training projects across Commercial Training & Development, Commercial and MCCO Organization.
  • Implemented efficient and effective distance learning and technology solutions to ensure field curriculum could be delivered for key field initiatives including product launches, new hire onboarding, management and leadership programs and on-going training content.
  • Led the re-design of new hire training for Access Solutions/Managed Care.
  • Designed and developed a certification and training program for a designated team to ensure staff's competency to provide excellent customer service and technical support to HCP offices utilizing a secure external platform to manage and process patient cases.
  • Key strategic training partner for the implementation of program initiatives as it pertained to patient assistance programs for internal home office teams as well as external customer facing partners, such as, FRMs.
  • Created and implemented communications across all training programs for distribution by supervisors and sr. leadership to ensure training timelines and for pull-through activities(for training that sticks.)
  • Collaborated with Quality/Compliance and Legal to ensure the team was meeting expectations to remain within compliance with all laws, regulations and policies.
  • Primary lead and trainer for CT&D staff members to adopt and implement learning technologies into curriculum. Facilitated critical meetings including: Product Launch After Action Reviews, Insights Workshops and Operational Process Improvements.
  • Led a team that developed and implemented a Cultural Competency course for the purpose of increasing participant's cultural awareness and improve communication skills.
  • Provided cross-functional project management for training and learning technology curriculum development.
  • Evaluated, piloted and implemented Virtual Training program resulting in significant cost savings for field training. Set up technical support process for distance learning curriculum resulting in less than 99% productivity for remote learners.
  • Developed internal web-based training project management tool utilized by entire training department(100+) to track training projects, costs, and duplication in effort.
  • Established an online tool for external selling partners to access training materials, resulting in a 100% decrease in operational cost and increase in utilization. EXPERIENCE



San Francisco City College


Notre Dame de Namur University


Communication Skills