Rookie director, screenwriter, and creator Blake Leibel continues to develop new concepts and ideas in the field of science fiction for use in film, television, and comic books. In 2010, he published the graphic novel Syndrome under the publisher Archaia Comics’ new Black Label imprint. Collaborating with writers Daniel Quantz and R.J. Ryan, as well as penciller David Marquez, Mr. Leibel’s Syndrome explores questions of morality, including an examination of the root cause of evil and the means to fix it. In just over 100 pages, Blake Leibel weaves a tale about a rogue neuropathologist intent on proving that evil is not only biological, but fixable; he goes on to create an alternate reality in an underground complex in the Nevada desert using a serial killer as his test subject to provide that proof. Alongside Syndrome, Mr. Leibel developed the space opera comic book series United Free Worlds, which debuted in 2008. 

Beyond his career as a writer for comic books, Blake Leibel carries distinction in both the television and film industries as a director and screenwriter. Mr. Leibel’s work first appeared on the silver screen in 2008 with the film Bald, which he directed and wrote. The same year, Blake Leibel directed three episodes of Spaceballs: The Animated Series, Mel Brooks’ television follow-up to the cult science fiction parody film. Mr. Leibel recently sold a new screenplay, Psychopomp, to Children of Men producer Hilary Shor, with an expected release date of 2012.

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - Present

Comic Book Creator, Movie Screenwriter, and Animation Director