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I have assumed many positions with the company that I am currently with, ISH Cable Services who sub-contracts through Ervin Cable Construction for the Google project here in Kansas City.  I started out with ISH as an operator on machinery such as a directional drill and moved upwards in my path of learning the process of underground construction for the Google project. A good majority of my time (11 months) spent with ISH was on the construction side of the project. The rest of the time was spent assuming different positions throughout the company. I have done investigations on the ducts and underground work to determine why the fiber cannot be pulled. I have also fixed the issues that were found during investigations or otherwise known as NCI's (Non Compliant Issues), and have set/reset many vaults and fiber cabinets. Validation Supervisor is the position I currently obtain. I work hand in hand with Icon Engineering inspectors and post walk-out the construction of underground ducts or aerial strand, and fiber dailies to ensure that the work was done accordingly with the planning on the maps provided. 

Work experience

Nov 2014Apr 2016

Validation Supervisor

ISH Cable Construction

In the current position I assume, I complete post walk-outs with Icon Engineering inspectors, and deal a lot with the billing processes and the construction maps. I also determine whether or not there needs to be redesigns done on maps when a contractor encounters an obstacle. I also supervise crews, and have many validators from the company I am currently employed with report to me for work.

Jun 2013Nov 2014

Equipment Operator

W & W Construction

With the company of W & W construction the owner was a family friend who has been in the business of underground construction for quite some time. for around 6 months I shadowed his company and employees to learn the processes of drilling and pulling back conduit, and how to place the different vaults required in the Google project. I spent most of my time with W & W Construction here in Kansas City shadowing the operator of the directional drill.


State Fair Community College


Professionally deal with contractors and customers

Knowledgeable of underground, aerial, and fiber construction processes 

Operate Directional Drill

Able to determine redesigns on maps

Able to read construction maps

Completing dailies and billing information


Available Upon Request