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EDUT 6115 - Standard 1.3 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standard 1.4

EDUT 6117 - Standard 1.4 Example

EDUT 6118 - 1.4 Example

EDUT 6215 - 1.4 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.1 Example

EDUT 6117 - Standard 2.1 Example

EDUT 6116 - Standard 2.3

Carver High is the only school in Muscogee County School District that gives their students a netbook that satisfies the integrated information literacy curriculum in all areas.Before the students are given a netbook, they gave to read the Netbook Policies and Procedure.

EDUT 6118 - Standard 4.2

The balloon Walk at South Columbus Elementary promoted reading with the parents of students.  The parents were asked during the year to support the Balloon Walk Program. 

EDUT 6118 - Standard 1.4

During my visit at Arnold Magnet Academy I had to demonstrate create and demonstrate an attractive positive educational climate when I was managing the book fair.  I was in charge of getting money and making sure the students filled out the correct forms.

EDUT 6215 - Standard 1.4

Demonstrated technology-rich techniques at Arnold Magnet Academy, when I helped the ESOL students complete an assignment.  The ESOL students had to state their favorite native actor/actress or signer and give a brief bio on that person.  The students has to use the computer lab. 

EDUT 6118 - Standard 3.3

For the 2012 - 2013 academic year Jordan High School is giving all of their students netbooks instead of textbooks.  We has to prepare the netbooks for the students.  We labeled and enter the codes in Destiny. 

EDUT 6215 - Standard 3.3

Mr. Neal needed an idea for his English class that work incorporate technology and an assignment that would be presented to the class.  I suggested Wordle.  I showed Mr. Neal my Wordle assignment from my EDUT 6209 class and he loved it.  I plan to create a lesson base on using Wordle.  

EDUT 6215 - Standard 4.2

While I am working at a school, it is important that I go over the policies and procedures of the school.  The examples below are the school rules.

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.1

4.1 - Managing Information Resources: Selecting, Organizing, Using

March 6, 2012 at Eddy Middle School with Ms. Hagan.  While we were in Destiny, Ms. Hagan printed out a list of fiction books that has not been checked out in the past five years.  Ms. Hagan believes that the media center has not been weeded in many decades.  I could not believe that over 30 pages were printed out.  I know that Ms. Hagan and I were going to try our best but I just don’t think we are going to get all of the books weeded on this day.  Ms. Hagan and I divided the list and got to work.  I am not sure of the exact number of books we removed but it was a lot of them.  And Ms. Hagan was correct; Eddy’s media center had not been weeded in a number of years.  We found books that were originally check out in 1965. 

Resume Overview

  • Person Information
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Community Services
  • Honors/Awards
  • References


Effective Media Specialist prepares students to become independent apprentices, with the desire, skills, and abilities to be lifetime learners.  To accomplish this goal, Media Specialist must collaborate, support, and assist classroom teachers and administration in planning goals and objectives which integrate information skills with a variety of media.  Media Specialist also accentuates the importance of reading for pleasure and an appreciation of literature. 



Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

Master Arts of Teaching, Present

Major: Library Media Specialist

Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

                        Bachelor of Arts, 2004

                                                Major: History

                        Minor: Spanish

                                                Hardaway High School, Columbus, GA

                                                College Sealed Diploma Awarded, 1996

Work History

Professional Experience:

2006 – Present Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

Administrative Secretary, Department of College of Education and Health Professions Student Advising and Field Experiences (SAFE)

·Teacher Certification - Submits transcript requests at the end of each semester and gathers all necessary information to process teacher certification applications and submit them to Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Also, maintains a database with this information. Assists with preparations for certification meeting at the end of each semester.

·Student Teaching/Internship Preparation -Prepares student teacher files; maintains student teacher/intern database; manages mailings for student teachers, cooperating teachers, principals and university supervisors.Submits printing requests for evaluation forms, student teaching and intern handbooks, and other forms as needed.Merges student files at the end of each semester and purges old ones.

·Cooperating Teachers Honorarium -Compiles and processes information sheets from cooperating teachers each semester and maintains a database with this information.Submits memo for payment to business office at end of semester.

·Travel -Processes travel applications for all University Supervisors and other office personnel.This includes completing applications and submitting travel expense statements at the end of the semester.Maintains a spreadsheet with this information.

·School Contracts -Updates contracts with partner schools annually by making changes to existing dates, names and addresses and mails out to partner schools for signatures; files as they are returned. Maintains a list of counties to ensure partnership with all counties.

·Transcript Evaluations -Initiates the evaluation process by accepting fees and transcripts from prospective students and forwarding transcripts to appropriate program coordinator.Ensures that departments receive fees for evaluations by periodically distributing funds.Prepares cash receipts report and deposits transcript evaluation funds as needed.


oMaintains the departmental budget

oSubmits remedy web requests for work orders and print requests as needed

oOrders office supplies

oAssists with compiling the Building Coordinators handbook

oSubmits payment request for Building Coordinators each semester

oGathers and prepares all information and appeal packets for the Undergraduate Council meeting each month

oGenerates reports on information as requested

oAssists with “special projects” as needed

oAssists students, faculty, staff, & visitors as needed

2003 – 2006 Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

Senior Secretary, Department of College of Education Services and Field Experiences (SAFE)

·Assists in scheduling departmental meetings

·Distributes satisfaction surveys and records the data generated

·Supervise federal work students

·Provides basic trouble shooting for office machinery and computers

·Maintains advising appointments for five advisors

·Creates and maintains undergraduate and post-baccalaureate student advising records

·Assists with student registration

·Updates and maintains course listings and degree progress sheets for undergraduates

·Processes all admission to Teacher Education applications

·Initiates the processing of Background Investigation Questionnaires

·Initiates the processing of the HOPE Teacher and HOPE Promise scholarship applications

·Maintains databases related to Praxis scores, background investigations, lab placements, admission to Teacher Education Program and school addresses

2000 – 2003Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

Secretary, Department of Teacher Education

·Assisted the Coordinator of the Future Teacher Academy (FTA) and Intern Teaching Team Program (ITTP)

·Monitored purchasing and budget for FTA and ITTP

·Assisted in scheduling departmental meetings

·Processed purchase orders

·Assisted in collecting data for accreditation purposes

·Ordered exam copies of textbooks

·Supplied book orders to bookstore

·Supervised federal work study students

·Maintained office supplies

·Worked with various software programs

·Managed a multi-line telephone system

·Sorted and distributed the daily mail

1999 – 2000Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

Federal Work Study Student, Department of Teacher Education

·Managed a multi-line telephone system

·Performed general receptionist duties, (i.e., coping, typing, filing, faxing, and document duplication)

·Worked with varies software programs

·Greeted and announced all visitors

1997 – 2000Moneyback Gas Station, Columbus, GA

Assistant Manager

·Supervised part-time cashiers

·Handled schedules for cashiers

·Deposited daily bank drafts

·Maintained store supplies

·Worked well as team member

·Processed customer transactions effectively

Community Services

2006 - Present     Student Services Committee, Member 

2003 - 2006         Diversity Committee, Member

2000 - 2004         History Club, Secretary and Treasurer



Model of Appropriate

Name:  LaJuene Black

Program of Studies:  M.A.T. in School Library Media Specialist


  • Jean Partidge, Director SAFE Office

Columbus State University

4225 University Avenue

Columbus, GA 31907-5645

(706) 568-2200

  • Tina Butcher, Associate Provost

Columbus State University

4225 University Avenue

Columbus, GA 31907-5645

(706) 507-8265

  • Joetta Reeves, Co-worker

Columbus State University

4225 University Avenue

Columbus, GA 31907-5645

(706) 568-2191

Professional Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Library Media Specialist depend of the size of the school and the number of the students. From my field experiences, I think that Media Specialists are responsible for the following:


  • Organize library according to a classification system for easy assess for patrons
  • Develop curriculum needs of students, teachers, and administration
  • Weed outdated and damaged books/materials
  • Collaborates with teachers and administration
  • Shelve library materials

Informational Specialist

  • Provides instructional leadership in the use of information resources and literature
  • Provide assistance in access to technology
  • Reserve materials for class use Instruct and assist students and staff in location of materials utilizing print resources, software, and Internet resources.
  • Assist students and staff with reference questions
  • Create motivational reading programs


  • Establishes behavior standards
  • Schedule the use of the library facility
  • Maintain the library facility
  • Inventory books, periodicals, and audio visual materials
  • Prepare and assist with bulletin boards, live broadcast, and displays


  • Administer the budget of the media center
  • Work to generate library funding within the district and from outside sources
  • Maintain and generate overdue lists and notices utilizing the centralized library automation system

EDUT 6115 - Standard 1.3

I was able to meet this Standard when Ms. Katie Preston, Media Specialist at Key Elementary, show me how she created bookmarks for the students.  They bookmarks displayed their reading level and the bar code, which allows the students to access information.  Ms. Preston explained the bookmarks identify and promote the student to become a more confident reader. An example of the bookmark is listed below.

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.3

I satisfied this standard when I assisted Ms. Linda Jones, the CSU Librarian, at the resource center help desk.  Because I worked at CSU for the past 10 years, I was able to integrated College of Education information to 2 future students.  The students has questions about the how to fins curriculum content and their academic advisor. On the Field Experience Assessment, Ms. Jones gave me an 5.

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.2

It is important for the classroom teacher and the media specialist collaborate to create a learning experience for their students.  Ms. Preston, Key Elementary Media Specialist setup a calendar to meet with the teachers and the students.  Example of Ms. Preston's 2010 -2011 and 2011-2012 is below.

EDUT 6115 - Standard 4.1

It was important for Ms. Preston to show diversity in her media center because Key Elementary students are 90% African-American.  There is a display by the check desk that list some of the great leaders of the past, present, and maybe the future. 

EDUT 6115 - Standard 4.2

Key Elementary had list of the media policies listed on the wall.  This is a great example of 4.2 standard being meet.  A picture of the list is below.

EDUT 6209 - Standard 2.1

During my time at Carver High school, the only school who provided their students with netbooks instead of textbooks, I had to help the media specialist remind a student, who lost their netbook, the netbook rules

EDUT 6209 - Standard 2.2

My first day at South Columbus Elementary, I had to meet and greet parents who helped students achieve the 4th quarter balloon walk.

EDUT 6116 - Standard 4.1

Weeding is one clear way that Blackmon Road Middle ensures that their collection is analyzed and reflects the diversity on the student body.  The Media Specialist created brochure explaining the weeding process and the policy of the media center. 

The center also has a collection of African American books.

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.2

4.2 - Managing Program Resources: Human, Financial, Physical

The day I worked at Eddy Middle School , the media center was closed to students because the school was a voting site.  Still, Ms. Hagan went over her policies with me and gave me some examples.  It also should be noted that this is Ms. Hagan’s first year at Eddy Middle School.  I quickly asked Ms. Hagan if I should reschedule and come back later in the week. Ms. Hagan didn’t think that I should not reschedule because this is part of working in the media center. 

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.3

4.3 - Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and Assessment

Between the hours of 11:30a.m. and 1:00 pm. Ms. Montarella explain in great detail what AR mean and how she uses it in her media center.  Also during this time I checked in books, shelved books, and directed students to their appropriate AR book selection. The students that came in the media center during this time were upper class men.The only time I had to give the “teacher’s voice” is when a student was giving me a hard to because they could not check out a book.The student didn’t have their card and they had an overdue look, so the policy states that they cannot check out another book.

EDUT 6117 - Standard 1.4

1.4 - Stimulating Learning Environment

Ms. Moss on March 5, 2012 gave me the the task of setting the parental control on e-readers that will be given to students who wanted to join the Northside High Book Club. Ms. Moss wanted to make the e-readers were used to the selected readings. On this day, I had to load the books and but a password on the WiFi feature.  Students won't be allow to download books nor have the option to get on the Web.

EDUT 6116 - Standard 2.2

Before student can gain access to the technology in the Media Center, tht student and their parents must sign the Muscogee Count School District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Agreement Form for Standards for Acceptable Use as Defined in MCSD Technolofy Plan. 

EDUT 6115 - Standard 1.4

One positive display in the media center was th celebration of Dr. Seuss birthday.  The display maintain a positive educational environment that promoted reading.  In order to get a prize, a student had to solve a Dr. Seuss problem that required research.  This is an excellent technique that incorporates technology and reading.

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.1

Before a book is placed on the shelf, the media specialist looks up the AR Level and the Quiz number.  During my field experiences at Key Elementary, I had to look up the AR information.  The media specialist must ensure that the student is given the correct curriculum level, so they become academically success.

Personal Infomation

LaJuene A. Black

3022 Plantation Road

Columbus, Georgia 31903

Home: (706) 393-7599

Work: (706) 568-2191

Fax: (706) 568-2231

E-mail: [email protected]

EDUT 6117 - Standard 2.1

2.1 - Knowledge of Learners and Learning

On March 7, 2012 at Gentian Elementary School with Ms. Montarella.  Between 9:15 though 11:30, I conducted preview of the book fair with 5 classes, ranging from grades Pre-K to 3rd grades. It was my job to explain to the students doing the preview, what items that will be available for purchase.I start by asking the students to hug themselves or put their hands behind their backs.I knew once the students saw all of the “cool” items it will be hard for them to resist touching the merchandise.Each class was allotted 20 minutes and the classes came every 10 minutes.The only time I have to stop the tour is when some of the girls saw the Justin Bieber posters.Which I can totally understand, I can remember being a young girl loving New Kids on the Block and wanting to buy any and all of their posters.

ALA/AASL Standards

Standard 1

  • 1.1 - Efficient and Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior
  • 1.2 - Literacy and Reading
  • 1.3 - Access to Information
  • 1.4 - Stimulating Learning Environment

Standard 2

  • 2.1 - Knowledge of Learners and Learning
  • 2.2 - Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher
  • 2.3 - Information Literacy Curriculum

Standard 3 

  • 3.1 - Connection with the Library Community
  • 3.2 - Instructional Partner
  • 3.3 - Educational Leader

Standard 4

  • 4.1 - Managing Information Resources: Selecting, Oraganizing, Using
  • 4.2 - Managing Program Resources: Human, Financial, Physical
  • 4.3 - Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and Assessment

EDUT 6118 - Standard 2.1

While working about Arnold Magnet Academy, to ensure and promote literacy, Ms. Vinyard and I create a star bookmarks for the students.

EDUT 6118 - 2.1 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.2 Example

EDUT 6116 - Standard 2.2 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standard 2.3 Example

EDUT 6116 - Standard 2.3 Example

EDUT 6118 - 3.3 Example

EDUT 6215 - 3.3 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standard 4.1 Example

EDUT 6116 - Standard 4.1 Example

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.1 Example

EDUT 6115 - Standards 4.2 Exampl

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.2 Example

EDUT 6118 - 4.2 Example

EDUT 6215 - 4.2 Example

EDUT 6117 - Standard 4.3 Example