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I grew up in the country, working on a farm most of  my life, as a young boy I loved participating in athletics. Since I was 7 years old I wanted to play in the NFL. I went to McKay high school, where I ran track and played football. as a junior I was first team all league with 1251 yards rushing in 7 games, as a senior I accumulated 1701 yards after 8 games and was leading the state of OR in total rushing yards for the highest division of schools (4a at the time now 6a). The final game of the season I went down in the 2nd quarter with a high ankle sprain and ended up second in the state in Rushing yards. In track and field I was the 100m champion for my conference, the Long jump champion and was the anchor of the 4/100m team which also took first place, my personal best time in the 100m was 11.02a. After high school I ended up going to the last college on my list because I figured I would start as a true freshman and because they gave me the highest scholarship. After an Injury my freshmen year i ended up red shirting so the following year I ended up starting mid-way through the season. My sophomore season I was 1st team all independent and my junior year I was first team all conference again.

I am looking to train individuals with a wide variety of needs, from elderly, to high school athletes to obese individuals. My main goal beyond the basic needs of keeping individual’s safe and giving them knowledge regarding health and fitness is to implement a variety of characteristics that will help the individual in all aspects of life. The characteristics include primarily self-discipline, confidence in their ability to complete a task, such as a training session. And demonstrate integrity, the way in which most of these goals will be accomplished is by self-example.

Work experience


Ron Wilson Center

I was, and currently am, the staff at a house with four individuals who all have some type of disability; of course I know their handicaps but am not able to release that information to the general public. It is a wonderful job, a tremendous blessing to my life in all areas. it is a blessing to know these people, these friends that I have made. I have learned a great deal about that fact that looks are deceptive. What makes one a person is not their appearance but their inward personality, their spirit! These people I work with are real people, they just need a little help doing some physical things every once in awhile if that.

Crew member

College Pro Painting

Painted houses, the job was a charector developer because of the role in which I had, having to work under individuals, is humbling, I was at the bottum of the totum poll. I only worked here for a month, it was a summer job.

Jun 1999Aug 2005

Crew Leader


I worked on a Farm; moving irrigation pipe, Driving Tractors, Driving combines, Driving Trucks with grass seed and dumping them, Trucks full of strawberry crates, planted strawberries, swathed grass fields. Many odd jobs were done such as the list above along with smaller tasks like putting fences in etc. Hours on the job were very long, usually 12 hour days, one week 82 hours were worked, and that is in six days.



Sep 2005Jun 2009

Exercise Science