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Sep 2015Present

Clover Health

Clover Health uses data analysis and preventative care in trying to improve health insurance for seniors by offering a Medicare Advantage insurance plan.

Aug 2014Aug 2015


Helped build the flagship product for the top payment processor in the nation. Our Node.js app and supporting backend services processed 50% of all credit-card swipes in the US.
  • Contributed to framework for presenting complex aggregated insights in a simple manner to small business owners.
  • Re-architected backend service libraries with well-defined APIs to allow for more modular development of various application features.
  • Helped train team in modern development workflows and practices around software engineering.
  • Technologies used: Node.js, Coffeescript, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch.
Jul 2013Jul 2014


Propeller set out to change the way simple mobile applications are built.

  • Designed and implemented a JSON-based declarative app description language, that was rendered into a native mobile UI.
  • Our apps supported dynamically-loaded content (like AJAX), forms, and real-time reactive elements powered by a WebSocket API.
  • Built and scaled our Rails backend API powering an example implementation on our platform delivering native versions of Shopify stores.
  • Kept our shops in sync by receiving and processing thousands of Shopify webhook requests per day.
  • Helped build the native iOS rendering engine, written mostly in RubyMotion.
  • Technologies used: Ruby/Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Puma, WebSockets, Celluloid, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ/Bunny, RubyMotion.

Propeller was acquired by Palantir in July of 2014.

Dec 2010Nov 2012


Rails Engineer on the Web Team. In addition to rotations on the Support team, as well as general work on the Rails application, I worked on several projects in small cross-functional teams:

  • Led a rotating cross-functional Support Engineering team responsible for fixing issues, freeing up feature teams to focus on new development.
  • Activity Streams: Implemented and helped guide the Activity Streams API for partners, including publishing, permission systems, OAuth key management, and Open Graph Object integration.
  • OAuth2: I worked with Product, external developers, and internal users to produce a more standards-adherent implementation. Worked closely with developers working on Yammer Embed to ensure a smooth user and developer experience.
  • Premium Groups: I was responsible for implementing features for this wide-ranging and important Yammer feature.
  • Growth Team: Sole backend engineer for Yammer's first cross-functional team dedicated to growth hacking. We ran 13 different experiments focusing on boosting user retention, engagement, and vitality metrics.

Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in July of 2012.

Jun 2009Dec 2010


Rails/MongoDB app and API for a data product in the Private Equity space


Sep 2006May 2009

Computer Science (Honors) / Applied Math

State University of New York at Stony Brook