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A seasoned professional who is successful in creating innovative solutions to complex and time sensitive projects utilizing diverse workforces in a highly visible environment. A recognized leader with proven ability to develop and deliver solutions that are consistently on-time and on budget.


Oversaw operations that included planning, scheduling and managing an organization comprised of 8 departments and 300 personnel. Successfully consolidated fragmented staff operations to provide time-critical information in support of worldwide operations. Served as principal advisor to a senior executive on issues involving budget, personnel and strategic planning for an organization comprised of 240,000 personnel with a budget of $4 billion.

Creative and Innovative

Identified creative and innovative solutions to problems with the goal of achieving superior results. Expertise in asking probing questions of team members to surface and resolve problems. Rapidly gathered information to develop and implement workable solutions in the minimum amount of time. Proven ability to mesh diverse perspectives in order to create a collaborative and effective team.

Leadership, Mentoring and Team Building

Excelled at accelerating change with strong leadership skills throughout career by mentoring subordinates and building productive working relationships. Established rapport with coworkers, providing inspiration and encouragement to pursue professional goals and, in so doing, improved the quality of the product and the organization. Mentoring produced a high level of motivation and achievement in the work environment.Lauded by a supervisor with comments such as “a natural leader,” “people thrive under his leadership,” and “I have met no one better at team building and problem solving.”

Analytical and Problem Solver

Communicated key information to develop productive and successful relationships. These relationships promoted the discussion of problems or issues and surfaced key questions. Superb analysis and critical thinking skills resulted in effective problem solving. Proven ability to bring diverse perspectives together creating a collaborative and effective team which drove a large and wide-spread organization to success. End results were a clear set of directives allowing coworkers to provide superior customer service that generated additional business opportunities. A previous employer said “ Bruce excels at making sound decisions with imperfect information and limited time.”

Work experience


Director, Freedom Team Salute

U.S. Army

Directed the development and implementation of a $7M Army program to recognize the service and sacrifice of parents, spouses and employers of active duty, Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers.

Challenge: Develop a recognition program to reestablish and strengthen the strained relationship that exists between former employees and a multi-billion dollar world-wide organization.

  • Developed a $7M budget to support the personnel, administrative and marketing costs within the organization’s existing budget. Directed the development and implementation of a multi-level marketing plan targeting local and national media, state and local civic organizations, as well as various veterans groups.
  • Served as the Army’s principal liaison and spokesperson for a nationwide program.
  • Established a self-sustaining nomination initiative with the American Veterans of Foreign Wars, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, and similar organizations, capitalizing on the good will that exists with members who are Army Veterans.
  • Supervised the creation of a Freedom Team Salute Ambassadors Program that was instrumental in sustaining the vital marketing portion of this campaign plan.

Result: In a nine month period, the Army recognized over 780,000 parents, spouses and employers of active duty, Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers.


Director, Government Affairs

Textron Corporation

Challenge: The Army had completed the purchase of approximately 180 armored security vehicles (ASV) for use by the US Army’s Military Police. The Army leadership decided not to renew its contract with Textron as the ASV requirement for the Military Police had been fulfilled.

  • Identified a need for the services of a Washington D.C. based consulting group comprised of retired Army General Officers who had access and influence with key Army decision makers. Developed a contact plan listing all key decision makers within the Departments of Defense, Army and members of Congress who either had a direct or indirect ability to influence the approval and funding for the procurement of additional ASV’s.
  • Initiated and coordinated conference calls to members of the “capture team” and senior Textron management to share ASV information developed from the Army Staff at the Pentagon. Participated in the creation of Textron’s ASV marketing presentation and briefing to Army senior leadership. Coordinated and arranged meetings with key Army decision makers and staff for members of the “capture team.”

Result:The ASV marketing initiative began March 2004. In June 2004, the Army awarded Textron Systems a contract to produce a total of 1941 ASVs with an initial contract valued in excess of $500,000,000.


Army Officer

U.S. Army

US. Army Officer - World Wide Assignments

  • Plan, train and equip Army forces for world-wide contingency operations
  • Commander, Executive Officer, Operations Officer, Congressional Liaison Officer

Chief, Army Congressional Liaison Office

U.S. Army

Challenge: EducateMembers of Congress and their staff who have influence in the defense appropriations on the Department of the Army’s financial needs.

  • Learned how the defense appropriations process worked, the committee structure, the political nuances, and how staff members support or influence this process by interacting with Congressional staff members.
  • Became well acquainted with the two levels of staff personnel who support the senators and congressmen on the defense appropriations committees.
  • Identified those individuals, including members of congress, who understood the programs, initiatives and funding issues important to the Army.
  • Arranged for visits to local army facilities, both domestic and overseas, to enable Congressional staff members to see, touch and talk to soldiers in a setting that helped add “context” for a better understanding of a funding issue or new program imitative.
  • Identified those Army initiatives or programs that became “political issues” and proactively arranged for subject matter experts to conduct briefings for members of congress and their staff.

Result: Responsible for presenting the Army’s “Transformation” message to members of congress and their staff members on the Defense Appropriations Committees. This initiative resulted in $240,000,000 of additional funds from the Congressional Appropriations Committees to support the Army’s transformation initiative.

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