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Jan 1998May 2001


Sep 1997Jan 1998


Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Brand & Marketing Director

Zaman Media Group

Zaman Media Group is a provider of daily news publications for the Turkish community world wide. The company is among the Turkish Top 500. It is one of the most respected and prestigious media companies in Turkey. Zaman Newspaper, the flagship title, is the most selling daily newspaper in Turkey with 740,000 copies. It is also the only title audited by BPA World Wide, an international circulation audit firm. Zaman also owns an English daily 'Today's', a news magazine 'Aksiyon' and a news agency 'Cihan'. 

Responsibilities Included:

  • Created new marketing and advertising campaign
  • Responsible for entire marketing budget (details available upon request)Report to CEO
Sep 2005Oct 2008

Marketing Manager

Zaman Media Group

Responsibilities Included:

  • Managed the biggest brand image campaign
  • Increased brand awareness by 5 points (Src. Millward Brown)
  • Improved all aspects of the Brand Dynamics (TM) model 
  • Saved over $ 650,000 in Media purchases 
  • Responsible for marketing budget (details available upon request)
  • Built new product cases and business plans 
  • Launched new product and generated $ 2 mil. in less than a month
  • Lead product launch meetings 
  • Set market research standards 
  • Created product marketing plans and materials 
  • Worked closely with Sales to develop sales support materials 
  • Developed and executed marketing campaigns 
  • Measured product success 
  • Defined sales team training standards 
  • Liaison between design, printing, distribution and sales
Apr 2005Sep 2005


Turkish Armed Forces

Responsibilities Included:

  • Served mandatory military service under Turkish General Staff
  • Trained for close combat situtions
  • Protected and served high-security military R&D facilities
Apr 2004Apr 2005

Project Manager

Zaman Media Group

Responsibilities Included:
  • Lead team of analysts and consultants to develop efficient processes
  • Suggested and built new organization structure
  • Sucessfully implemented new operational departments
  • Successfully lead a project team which generated a simple model for distribution channel resulting in an additional $ 5 million (USD) annual income
  • Suggested areas for improvement to upper management
  • Coordinated weekly status meetings and addressed risks
  • Reported to CEO
Aug 2001Apr 2004

Network & Systems Manager

City of Istanbul

Responsibilities Included:

  • Managed entire network systems of the City of Istanbul always aiming maximum efficiency
  • Main responsibilities include server configurations, maintenance, security and administration of servers (Exchange, Proxy, Firewall, Application, Backup…)
  • Sucessfully implemented a server based system that helped optimize cost of ownership
  • Maintained Disaster Recovery System and supervised backups for full system restore
  • Supported technology purchase decisions
  • Performed routine system checks
  • Reported to Director of IT about ongoing issues and developments in industry
Sep 2000Mar 2001

Network & Systems Specialist

Responsibilities Included:

  • Managed mixed network environment mainly based on Microsoft Server Technology
  • Responsible for testing and installing new systems
  • Maintained network sustainability and made sure users received most efficient computing environment when needed
  • Identified network computing issues and solved problems immediately
  • Reported periodically to management about ongoing issues, new system developments and upcoming technologies
Jan 1998Aug 2000

Lab Assistant

Responsibilities Included:

  • Assisted over 2000 faculty and students with computing, networking and printing needs.
  • Maintained simulator programs for students and faculty
  • Reported periodically to management


Web Design


Daryl DeLuca

"Bulent is bright, articulate, and a resilient leader in all aspects of his personal and professional life; He is articulate, demonstrates good judgment and is always thinking forward; Bulent is a likable individual with an extremely bright future ahead; He is warm, kind, caring, trustworthy, dependable, responsible and reliable. I highly recommend Bulent Keles and would gladly provide additional information on his behalf. If this sounds ‘glowing’ it is meant to be."

Tolga Acarli

“Bulent is holding a very strategic position at Zaman Madia Group. We have worked together in restructuring the company and reengineering business processes. The company is on its way to become a prestigous newspaper globally and Bulent will be playing an important role in this accomplishment.”

Orhan Azizoglu

"Bulent is a true professional on every aspect of his job. He is terrific at preparing business plans and presenting them with ease. He is perfectionist and would prefer to work with best people in business..."

Yuce Zerey

"Bulent has an intelligent and creative manner as well as highly motivated job challanger that makes him different from around. He has also easy going and know what he expect from marketing. I made several projects with him and I would like to work with him again."


Aug 2001Oct 2008


Jan 2003Dec 2004


Jan 2003Dec 2004



Brands Managed

Conference, Seminar, Fair...

Global Newspaper Congress

  • 2008 WAN Global Congress - Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2006 WAN Global Congress - Moscow, Russia
  • 2004 WAN Global Congress - Istanbul, Turkey

Global Advertising Conference

  • 2008 WAN Advertising Conference - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2007 WAN Advertising Conference - Zürich, Switzerland

Global Distribution Congress

  • 2006 IFRA Managing Distribution - Madrid, Spain

Brand & Marketing Conferences

  • 2008 RETAIL DAYS, Guy Kawasaki - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2008 LEADERS' CONFERENCE,  Jack Welch - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2007 LEADERS' CONFERENCE,  Richard Branson - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2007 VISION SEMINAR, Philip Kotler - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2007 WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING (WOMM), George Silverman - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2006 LOVEMARKS, Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2006 BRAND CONFERENCE, Bob Geldof, Jeff Manning - Istanbul, Turkey

Technology Fairs

  • 2008 CeBIT - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2007 CeBIT - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2006 CeBIT - Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2005 CeBIT - Hannover, Germany


  • TURKISHNative
  • ENGLISHAdvanced
  • GERMANEntry Level


  • WAN, World Association of Newspapers
  • INMA, International Newspaper Marketing Association, Member
  • IFRA, INCA-FIEJ Research Association, Member
  • IAA, International Advertising Association, Member
  • PMI, Project Management Institute, Member


To support growing organizations using innovative and professional practices to further develop my career on the path to becoming a CEO.

Hobbies and Interests


  • Swimming


  • Internet
  • Computer Games
  • Blackberry


  • Down tempo
  • Breakbeat
  • Electro House
  • Soundtracks
  • Classical
  • Jazz


  • Cultures
  • Sightseeing
  • Exotic Food


  • Movies
  • Magazine
  • Newspapers
  • Soap Opera