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While making weekly feature videos and promotion videos, I came to know many new people outside of school too. It has been good experience for me to practice skills in interviewing and how to get along soon with new people. I am confident in icebreaking and also in drawing out people's feeling during the interview without making others feel awkward. This is one precious skill that I've learned while majoring in Multimedia production and journalism.
Garage Band
I like trying new things and one of my interest is in songwriting. Recently I began to use a program called 'garageband'. I record ideas for song that I have lists of melodies in my phone. Through garage band, I came to move them into songs. It is just recent that I began to use garageband and I am yet in beginner's level, I'm trying to find out better ways to use it through lectures in Youtube.
Dreamweaver and Wordpress
Creating contents is great but knowing how to promote and convey it to more people is important as well. This is the reason why I've chosen web design as my minor. I have had a website called 'Flavorofkorea' which introduces Korean recipe,culture, restaurants and shops that people can enjoy Korean product in Springfield. It was my first step in getting closer to web design and had been a great practice. 
Indesign and Illustator
My interest in designing lead me to study web design and have it as minor. While attending 3 design classes, I came to have deeper interest in designing. I've designed logos(east coast and west coast) for Bkang Design, which is my virtual design company and various things like paint cans and wine bottles.
Final Cut Pro
As multimedia production major, Final cut pro has been the good device for me to edit and create new contents. I've been creating feature videos weekly this year and this grew my skill in using Final Cut Pro.


I was interested in meeting new people, sharing stories, and creating since I was young. Drawing and singing was my hobbies along with chatting and this lead me to have interest in multimedia production. I have various interests still and haven't actually decided what I want to pursue as career but it is sure I would like to work as someone who creates. I am keeping on trying out new things, and am willing to challenge.


- Shooting and editing : Shooting and editing has been one of the representative ways to create contents as Multimedia production major. As one who wishes to work in field of broadcasting, my biggest interest in shooting and editing. Though I like shooting feature or promotion videos, I like also like to shoot fictional stories that I try out many things outside of class. 

- Illustrating and designing : Since when I was young, I've enjoying drawing. Since 2 years ago, I began to also upload my designs and illustrations on Facebook. I like sharing my works with other people and also earning inspirations from other artworks. You can visit to see my works.

-Singing and songwriting : Singing has been my long hobby and I had many thoughts to make my own song and recently I began to start composing with a program Garage Band. I am not in great level that I can't yet input many techniques yet but I am currently making songs. I haven't learned music and also about programs to compose but am learning new skills through Youtube lectures and it is becoming my best hobby these days. Since working in music production is also one of my dream, I will keep on doing this and looking for better ways to improve skill in composing.

-Writing novels : I have habit of making notes whenever I have any idea that I think is interesting and try to develop it as proper sentence. Along with writing lyrics, I like to write novel. One novel I've done writing is one titled 'You and I'. It is a 10 page horror/thriller novel. I have more short novels and I am trying to translate them in english with more proper words ands sentences.

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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Drury University

As Multimedia production and journalism major and web design minor, I am going to graduate in this December, 2013. I currently have GPA of 3.43 and is focusing on media production.