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Racing insight      Focus                   Results

Dance                   Movement             Balance

Music                   Rhythm                  

Networking         Social activities     Planning          Find out ..

Interior Design    Creating things      Inspiration

Theatre                 Acting                     Write / Speak

Architecture         Science                  To learn            Curiosity

Nature / Animal   Photography         Image, Form    Create / Creativity

Cooking                Curiosity               Experiment        Understanding


MY GOAL: Is to make sure to do my best to both clients and companies,

to ensure understanding of the creative process emerges.

MY VISION: Being that I still, after many years working in your company,

and has been renewed, developed me a better employee.


Information management
I am trained in technical information which management of information to different customers is essential.
Cooking: Creativity
I have worked in the restaurant profession for many years, and I like to create and experiment develop new dishes, most in traditional home cooking with inspiration from Italy, France and Asia, Swedish, too.
Design: To Create something
Getting creating web pages, leaflets, brochures and documents to customers who need help ... designing coherent marketing and more
II dance: bug (it is a dance where the people in the Nordic countries do), salsa, tango, samba, merengue, flamenco ... to keep me in shape pure exercise



My Portfolio


Work experience

Sep 2013Nov 2014


Tolerans Service Partners

Tolerance Service Partners 

is a social enterprise where any profit goes to 

to employ another person so that person can feel 

yourself useful again and give back into society 

We work with Corporate service, where different kinds of services includes: 

janitorial, repairs of furniture also restuering of the same. '

Tyre Hotels, logistics and inventory, transportation, cleaning, etc.

Jan 2010Feb 2012

Market Communications

The compound Victoria Hall

Take care of inside information, market associations in the house,

be sure to email functions and internet page creation, and to show externally what's in the house.

Jan 1990Aug 2008


Amica Ab

Preventive work prior to ordering, construction of buffets, table setting of tables,

keep track of bookings, track of drinks and prices, and keep track of

allergies and more.


Mar 2002Sep 2003

High examen

Studium AB

My studies in Information Technology managed a range of topics, such as:

Target group analysis, Laws and Regulations, Project Directive, Project Planning, Screenplay, White Paper, the first client meeting with more