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To obtain a position in the film or television industry that utilizes my post-production and production skills of editing, compositing, and filmmaking.


My name is Brandon Gosnell, and I am a recent film school graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, currently living in the Baltimore area, and I am looking for any type job in the film, video, and television market. I have a wide-range of expertise with most advanced knowledge in production, post-production, motion graphics, and compositing, but I also have extensive pre-production knowledge. I have worked as both an editor and a cinematographer. I have strong software experience as well as camera, lighting, and sound operating experience. I am hardworking, ambitious, and have a strong passion for the collaborative process. I work well with a team and can bring a creative force to any project.


Aug 2005May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

Aug 2007Dec 2008

Two semesters of intensive film specific studies at Temple University


Lori Gardner

Production manager at Classic Photography.

Reid Perkins-Buzo

Head film professor at Messiah College.

Phil Katz

He is a partner in his own video production and communications business called GroundUp Marketing based out of Philadelphia, PA. I was his assistant editor.

Sam Katz

Sam started History Making Productions, and is currently the producer for the History of Philadelphia documentary currently in production. I have helped to create web videos for the project to promote interest in the film and in Philadelphia.

Kory Grushka

Kory is currently in the process of starting his own non-profit organization; The Idea Coalition. I am currently helping him create a promotional video for his company.



Knowledge of Post-Production Software:
Adobe After Effects Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Avid Xpress Pro Avid Pro Tools DVD Studio Pro Final Cut Pro Motion Livetype Soundtrack Pro
Camera Operator
Camera operator shooting on 16mm film, SD and HD video, and television broadcasting cameras.
Lighting for Film, Video, and Television
Lighting for Green Screen
I have had both professional and student experience in green screen lighting. Shooting with a range of cameras from SD to HD, and a variety of lighting kits.
Advanced Editing in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
Effects and Compositing in After Effects

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Freelancer in Post-Production Editing and Compositing

Various Companies

Freelanced for multiple contractors and corporations. Jobs involved: creating expressive and dynamic videos from still images and vector graphics, compositing 3D graphics in Adobe After Effects, editing images and professionally shot HD videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, and touching up photographs and graphics in Adobe Photoshop. I am currently working with The Idea Coalition on a dynamic promotional video, in the past I have worked with History Making Productions and the Jewish Federation.

Sep 2010Present

Production Associate

District Photo Inc.

Overseeing the production process from data entry for customers, to photoshop and lightroom touch ups, to final product output on silver halide prints. I was also integral in training and supervising software operators.

Sep 2009Sep 2010

Digital Imager

Classic Photography

Data entry for client's photographs, advanced Photoshop touchups, compositing photographs, advanced color correction with Adobe Lightroom.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Assistant Editor

GroundUp Marketing

Assisted in all stages of production: pre-production, filming/shooting, editing, distribution to internet. Jobs involved: comprehensive pre-production planning, customer service, filming on SD and HD cameras, operating audio equipment, lighting for green screen, editing on NLEs, compositing 3D graphics, distribution for internet and DVD.

May 2007Aug 2008


Various Contractors

Duties involved: general lawn care, tree and bush removal/trimming, soil removal and distribution.

Apr 2005Aug 2006

Sales Associate

Banana Republic

Duties involved: customer service, stocking shelves, and cashier.