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Birju Sheth

Passion for a cause and diversity attracts me most.

  • Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • +91 90990 25781

Who I am and what interests me

I am someone who enjoys meaningful conversations, looks for depth and likes to set the tone at the workplace. I truly believe  that this trait helps me excel as a professional who can build trust and manage the expectations of the stakeholders in the organisation.

Professionally, I aspire to engage in a role that entails communicating with different audiences, involve in business operations and participate in strategic planning and execution in pursuance of creating a brand-driven organisation.

My passion and drive come from making a difference to people, through my work and by challenging myself to raise my own benchmark. I take special interest in theory and practices of communication and culture in the workplace so as to align soft skills with the strategic objectives of the organization.  

Highlights of the work I have been engaged in so far

  • Built a formal HR department to help transition from a growing to viable expanding business. My goal in this role is to keep the company's mojo alive and thrive to create an environment conducive to do great work. People matter and so do the metrics! 
  • Implement and continue to research industry best practice compensation programs, pay-for-performance plans and rewards and recognition framework to incentivize and promote healthy competition. 
  • Proactively manage turnover and retention, ensuring significant increase in high performer retention and healthy attrition rate for low-performers. 
  • Develop company policies, business processes and continually educate stakeholders / internal customers  to strive for smooth business operations. 
  • Chair committees such as wellness, philanthropy, special initiatives, excellence @ work, working mostly with volunteers and on a shoestring budget. The outcome: stronger team, deeper bond and discovery of unexplored talent.
  • Initiated a bi-monthly newsletter, an attempt to bring together employees working at different company locations by providing a platform to share their stories, ideas and interests. The newsletter, within a short duration, gained the talk of the town status. 
  • Gained extensive exposure to learning and development at IIM Ahmedabad, while  assisting the faculty in designing course content, study material and selection of case studies to drive the key learnings.
  • Pet project : Co-founder and content writer for online newsletter : BeeMad@4-to-6

Work History

Aug 2015Present

Manager, Human Resources

Apttus Software 
Jan 2015July 2015

Content Writing & Internet Marketing

Independent Consultant
Sep 2007Apr 2008

Recruitment Consultant

IMS Empresaria
Jun 2005Nov 2005

Graduate Internships

Bausch and Lomb, Hyatt Regency and Centre for Professional Development, RIT


Aug 2004May 2006

Masters of Science

Rochester Institute of Technology


Create a workplace culture that attracts, retains and promotes professionals

Craft HR interventions and conduct analysis of its impact on business

Work with geographically dispersed & diverse team/s

Content writing


Workshops Attended

  • Human Resource Auditing, Academy of HRD, Ahmedabad, June 2011
  • Research Proposal and Report Writing, IIM Ahmedabad, September 2009