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 Product Intro

Our product line is focused on the control of free radicals, which are responsible for the chronic inflammatory, degenerative processes and aging of the human body. Most human chronic diseases of infectious and degenerative nature are the result of a dysfunction of the host defense system, caused by a disruption in the communications network, mainly due to Free Radicals. We are repairing this problem and prolonged application of Biovien â products will help activate and restore the body’s defense mechanisms and will help in the restoration of the skin & body to a normal and healthy physiological condition.

Another benefit of controlling free radicals with our products is the protection of the human native defense system against viruses and other surrounding germs. As a result of this philosophy, we designed complexes of biologically active substances called anti-oxy-vitamines and chaperones, adapted to the requirement of the applicants’ age.

Our product is the first line of creams, body lotions, and dietary supplements with simultaneous uses of the same biologically active components to prevent and modulate systemicand dermatological conditions or disorders. It protects organisms against microbial infections and also slows the aging process through control of the oxidative processes. We protect the skin from the outside and nourish it from the inside. This approach provides better results than a single topic application.

Our products can be classified as Diet Supplements, effectively nourishing and protecting skin and the whole body.

We have specific products designed for young people, prone to bacterial infections (acne). Our combined products act faster and more efficient than the traditional antibiotic therapies by restoring native defenses.

Our remaining products are recommended for people 30 years and older.Gradual enrichment of our cosmetics and dietary supplements recommended according to the age requirements is a new approach.Our Nutricosmetics have a different anti free radical activity, regenerating potency, and ability to repair and reverse the sign of aging. One of these products is particularly effective in the protection of the whole body against microbial invasion and in the restoration and revitalization process of severely damaged body and skin due to UV, temperature insults, or skin distressed by cosmetics procedures and environmental stress. Our products are designed to prevent and repair existing damaged skin and the ill effects on the body.



My name is Tim Sites and I am working with Dr. Georgiades MD, PHD who has spent the last twenty years developing our revolutionary technology and products that are unlike any other product and technology on the market today and have remarkable revenue potential.

Are you looking to invest in “game changing concepts” with total addressable markets over $1 billion?  We definitely meet those criteria. Are you focused on investing in market leading startups fueling significant business paradigm shifts? We represent a huge paradigm shift and are unlike anything currently in the marketplace. We are seeking start up capital to launch our very exciting and revolutionary new products and technology. 

The attached documents are included for your review:

1. PPT Biovien Investment Opportunity Overview (15 minutes long with sound)

2. PPT Key to Success ( With sound)

3. New York Times article on Acne

4. Acne Theirs and Ours

5. Control Acne Process

6. Summary of Clinical Results

7. Brief Summarry of Dr. Georgiades MD, PHD Scientific Activity

I cannot stress enough how unique and revolutionary this new product and technology is and the remarkable opportunity it represents!

Our products and technology are truly positioned for explosive growth!