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Binh ben Tran

Antenna Design, Satellite Communications, Radar System, Material Characterization


Jun 2008Aug 2010

Research Assistant

­Microwave and Optics Laboratory for Imaging & Characterization. D

­­Dr. Vasundara Varadan, George & Boyce Billingsley Chair & Distinguished Professor in UARK

Aug 2010May 2013

Research Assistant

­Satellite Communication (Linear Signal Inc.)

Dr. Karl Warnick, Linear Signal Chief Scientist & Professor in BYU

May 2013Jan 2014

Research Assistant

Materials Characterization (Raytheon Inc.)

Dr. Karl Warnick, Dr. Brian Mazzeo. Professors at BYU

Project Experience

  • Design and characterize microwave materials for medical imaging.
  • Simulate and test Focused-Beam antenna measurements.
  • Apply Microwave Imaging methods for object detection.
  • Design and optimize various RF and microwave devices using Matlab, HFSS, ANSYS, ADS, Empire.
  • Broad band, high efficiency Tx/Rx dielectric resonator antenna arrays.
  • Active steer-able antenna array.
  • Dual RHCP/LHCP circular antenna.
  • Maximum theoretical limit of aperture efficiency with numerical multi-modes sources.
  • Material characterization.
  • Electrodynamic model of low loss materials at microwave frequency, high temperature.
  • Radome-Enclosed Active Antenna Arrays.
  • Multipath and Monopulse Model for Radar System.
  • Design, model, optimize, fabricate, test, package, evaluate, propose and industrialize various RF and communication systems.

Published Paper & Conferences 

  • Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Tissue Mimicking Phantom Materials by Using Focused Beam Antennas, T. Tran, V.V. Varadan. IEEE Region 5 Technical Conference April 20, 2007.Arkansas, USA.
  • Non contact broadband free space measurements of the complex permittivity of biological tissues, Said, V. V. Varadan, B. Tran. The Bioelectromagnetics Society conference June, 2008. San Diego, California, USA.
  • Broadband, High Efficiency Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Satellite Communications, Binh T. Tran, Karl F. Warnick. IEEE APS-URSI Symposium Jan 2013, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
  • High Efficiency Dielectric Resonator Antenna Array Feeds for Satellite Communications, Binh T. Tran, Karl F. Warnick. Communication section, IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation (under review).



Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

­University of Arkansas

­Minor: Mathematics

Overall GPA: 3.8­


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

­Position: Research Assistant

Overall GPA: 3.8­


­Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical & Computer Engineering (PhD ECE)

­Brigham Young University

Current GPA: 3.5

  Awards & Scholarships  

PhD Fellowship - Brigham Young University

­MTT-S IEEE Scholarship

­Research Grant - Honors College

­FIES Academic Scholarship

­MLK Academic Scholarship

­ICT Outstanding Award

­Poster Stone Coop Scholarship­­


­National Recognition Awards - Honors College

­Dean List & Chancellor list - University of Arkansas

­Ambassador of Good Will – Arkansas State Governor

National Honor Society (GammaBetaPhi)

­National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

­Honor society for Electrical Engineering (HKN)
Graduate Student Society (BYU-GSS) – Student Council

Leadership Experience

Cross Culture Mentor - Group Mentor

­International Culture Team - Core member

­Vietnamese Immersion – Committee member

­NWA American Red Cross- Outreach Committee Chair