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Glenn Schick

Billy's attention to detail is just one of the strengths that make him such a fantastic producer, mixer, and engineer.

Justin Eshak

Billy Hume is a magician.  You'd never know it from his humble demeanor but he's touched some of the biggest urban records of the past ten years.  He's also equally adept at at producing/mixing/engineering rock albums.  It's also rare for someone as talented to be as reliable.  He's one of the few engineers in this business you can send something and know it'll be done on time and exceed expectations.

About Me

I was in bands for 17 years; anything from playing bass in heavy metal bands to playing mandolin and fronting a southern rock band to doing regular singer-songwriter gigs at the Bluebird in Nashville and Eddie's Attic in Atlanta. My musical journey took a wild turn when my air conditioning repair man convinced me to do some hip-hop sessions with a few guys named Bonecrusher, Lil John, and David Banner...the result of our chance meeting was what's now known as "Crunk Music."

I’ve gone on to produce, write, mix, and play multiple instruments on major label records in several genres...from Rock, Rap and Pop, to just plain weird. Taking a chance on hip-hop years ago when a lot of people thought I was crazy ended up leading to some of the most successful years of my career; but rock music has, and always will be, where my heart is. Luckily there’s a new wave of bands coming through now that I’m really excited about.

I now have a top secret underground studio called The Zone hidden in an unassuming suburb north of Atlanta. I've been doing this since before most of my clients were born...back before MIDI, before PODs, before digital ANYTHING we were cutting tape and playing songs all the way through with no click track.

Below, you will be able to find out more about me and some of the artists and labels that I've worked with over the last few years. I'm always looking for new artists and projects to work on whether it's an indie band looking to release a record independently or a major label artist working on their next hit record...I'm just in to good music and great artists. period. Not bound by genres...just good music.

Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call anytime.


  • Al Kapone - "Gettin Mine", "We On Deck" $5 Cover Soundtrack -(Co-W/P/E/M/I) (MTV)
  • Al Kapone - "Deepest Hood" (M) from Stomp The Yard Soundtrack (Sony Pictures)   
  • Archie - Untitled (MCA) (M)
  • Beezel - "Get Ready" (P/M/E),  Mixed add'l 18 songs from LP (Breakem Off/Def Jam)
  • Big Sky - "By Design" (P/E/M) from By Design (Dragon Car)
  • Big Mamma's House - "I Like Dem Gurls" (E/M), "Ohh Big Mamma" (E/M) from Big Mamma's House Soundtrack (Sony)
  • Billionaire - Various tracks  (E) Ascension (Universal)
  • BG - "I Want It" (M) from Heart Of The Street (Chopper City)
  • Bluestring - Overthinking (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Bluestring - Pick Me Up (W/P/E/M)
  • Brandon Scott Smith - Modren Day Prodigal EP (P/E/M) (IND)
  • Blak Jak - Place Your Bets (Vintage Sound/Universal Republic) (M) ** Including "Bobbin' My Head" , "500 Dollars".
  • Block Exhange - Forthcoming LP (M) (DTP/Geffen)
  • Bohagon - Various tracks (M) (Emergent)
  • Bonecrusher - "The Wall" (Co-W/P/E/I), "Never Scared" (M), "Grippin The Grain" (M), 2003"Lock And Load" (M), "Back Up" (M), "It's Me" (M), "For The Streets" (M),"Hate Ourselves" (M), "Peaches and Cream" (M) from Attenchun! (So So Def/Arista)
  • Bonecrusher - "Come On" (Co-W/P/E/M/I ), "Let It Go (f/ Jason Tillery)" (Co-W/P/E/M/I) (Jive)
  • Bree - "Girls Cry" (M) (Drift City)
  • Cloud 10 - The Sound of... (Superkala) (P/E/M)2003
  • Colour Academy - Move With the Tide EP (P/E/M) (Rectifier)
  • Chyna White - "Thug For Life" (Co-W/P/E/M) from Love and a Bullet Soundtrack
  • Crunk and Disorderly - Crunk and Disorderly (Compilation) Various tracks (M) (TVT)
  • David Banner - Dem Fire Water Boyz (Big Face) (E/M)
  • David Banner - "Choose Me" (Co-W/P/E/M/I)  "Like A Pimp" (E/M/I), "Mississippi" (E/M/I), "Really Don't Wanna Go" (E/M/I), "Lil Jones" (E/M/I), "Bring It On"(E/M/I), "Still Pimpin'" (E/M/I) from Mississippi, The Album (SRC/Universal)
  • David Banner - "Cross Roads" (Co-W/Co-P/E/M/I)2005 from Certified (SRC/Universal)
  • David Banner - "Crank it Up" (M), "Pop That" (M)2003 from Baptized In Dirty Water (SRC/Universal) 
  • Dolly Braid - 4 Song Demo (Columbia) (E/M)
  • El Puz - 5 Song Demo (Virgin) (E/M)
  • Erica Chambers - 5 song EP (E/P/M) IND)
  • FA - "Hold This" (M) (Upfront)
  • Fabo - "She Get Loose" (Co-W/P/E/I) from Forthcoming LP (Atlantic) 
  • Field Mob - "Baby Bend Over" (M) from Light Poles and Pine Trees (DTP/Geffen)
  • Fiend - Various Singles (Rough Riders) (E/M)
  • Film - Rolling EP (Projector) (E/M)
  • Flickerstick - Welcome Home The Astronauts (Epic) (E/M)
  • Full Contact Sports - Compilation (IND)
  • The Gang Of Roses - "Candy Coated" (M/I) (NAL Music)
  • Grout Untitled (Radiator) (Co-W/P/E/M)2003
  • Guest - Entrance (Jugular) (P/E/M)
  • Heavy Mojo - Blow Out The Sound (Co-W/P/E/M) (SRC/Universal)
  • Hitman Sammysam - Step Daddy (Universal) (E/M)2003
  • Hoodratz - Use What U Got 2 Get What U Want (M) (Collipark)
  • Josh Ritter -  Theme to national Crayola commercial (V2) (E/M)
  • Justin Hale - In Formation (M) (Daemon)
  • Kayne (from Ying Yang Twins) - Various Tracks (Co-W/P/E/M) from Forthcoming LP (TVT) 
  • King Konga - Something Good (IND) (E/M)
  • Kizzy Rock - "The Realist", "King S__T" (M/E) (Koch)
  • Lazy Eye - "All I Need" (P/E/M), "When The Lights Go Out" (P/E/M) from 3 Song Demo (Disturbing Tha Peace)
  • Lazyeye - Lazyeye (IND) (P/E/M)2006
  • Left Front Tire - "Bring You Down" (E/M) from American Pie II Soundtrack (Universal)
  • Left Front Tire - "Cheaters" (E/M) from Cheaters Soundtrack (New Line Cinema)
  • Left Front Tire - Social Icon (Gladiator) (E/M)
  • Left Front Tire - 42 Ways To Lose A Friend (Redeye) (Co-P/E/M)
  • Lemar - "Another Day" (Co-W) from Dedicated (Sony UK)
  • Lil Fate f/ Gangsta Boo - "Break A Nigga Off" (M) from Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace(DTP/Def Jam)
  • Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - "I Like Dem Gurls" (E/M), "Put Yo Hood Up" (E/M), "Bia Bia" (E/M), "Move Bitch" (E/M), "Uhh Ohh" (E/M), "Where Dem Girlz At" (E/M) from Put Yo Hood Up (TVT) ** Certified Gold
  • Lil Jon &  The Eastside Boys - Kings Of Crunk (TVT) (E) ** Certified 2x Platinum
  • Ludacris - "Sweet Revenge" (M) from Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP/Def Jam)
  • Ludacris - "Get Back (Rock Remix)" (P/M/I)(DTP/Def Jam)
  • Lyrical Giantz - "Trick Buster" (E/M/I) (Tommy Boy)
  • Magic - Still Thuggin (Bodyhead/Universal) (M)
  • Magic/Youngbloodz - "I Smoke, I Drank" (M) from Body Head Bangerz (Bodyhead/Universal)
  • Memoranda - Demos (IND) (Co-P/E/M)
  • Michelle Malone - Hello Out There (E/M) (SBS
  • Michelle Malone "Feather In A Huricane - Remix" (P/M/E) (SBS)
  • Montana da Mack - "Rock On (Do the Rock Man)" (Co-W/M) (Koch)
  • Nappy Roots - Wooden Leather (Atlantic) (I)2003
  • Nappy Roots w/ Ying Yang Twins- "Po Folks " (Remix) (M) from Watermellon, Chicken & Gritz (Atlantic)** Certified Platinum
  • Nas - "Hero" (M) from Untitled (Def Jam)
  • Nelly - "Tip Drill" (E/I) (Universal)
  • Nelly - "Airforce Ones" (E/I) from Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention (Universal)** Certified Platinum
  • PH Balance - Fluent (IND) (E/M) 
  • Playaz Circle & I-20 - "You Ain't Got Enough" (M) from Ludacris Presents Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP/Def Jam)
  • Po' White Trash - Po' Like Dis (P/E/M) (Pocket Change)
  • Rehab - "Grafitti The World" (Co-W/P/E/M/I), "This Town" (Co-W/P/E/M/I), "Red Water" (P/E/M), "Chest Pain" (P/E/M), "Last Tatto" (M), "Bump" (M) "We Live" (M) from Grafitti The World (Attica Sound/Universal)
  • Rich Boy - "Get Money", "Throw Some D's", "Role Model", "Balla Life" (M) "D Boys" (M) from Rich Boy (Interscope) 
  • Rich Boy - "Throw Some D's (Remix)" (Co-P/M/I) (Interscope)
  • Shop Boyz - Rockstar Mentality (M) (Universal Republic) ** including "Party Like A Rockstar" (Co-W/M/I) --- 2x Platinum digitial single, 4x Platinum Ringtone, #1 Rap, Urban & Rhythm (BDS/BB), #2 BB Hot 100 
  • Stil True - Stil True (M) (IND)
  • Something Left After Misfortune - 3 Song Demo (IND) (E/M)
  • Sophie Nix - "Camera" (M/I) (Drift City)
  • Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Interplanetary Escape (Landslide) (E/M)
  • The Pack - "Milkyway" (Co-W/Co-P/E/M/I), "Backseat" (M) from Based Boys (Jive)
  • The Skyline Drive -Trains, Planes & Automobiles (P/E/M/I) (Rectifier)
  • Tum Tum - "Spill the Wine" (M) (Universal Republic)
  • Tum Tum - "T.U.M." (M) from Eat or Get Ate (Universal Republic)
  • Will Smith - "Party Starter" (M) from Lost And Found (Overbrook/Interscope) ** Certified Gold
  • Ying Yang Twins - "I Yi Yi" (M) "By Myself" (M) "Twurkulator" (M)
  • "Sound Off" (M) from Alley (Collipark/Koch)
  • Ying Yang Twins - "What's Happenin" (E/M/I), "Naggin" (E/M/I), "Georgia Dome" (E/M), "Me And My Brother" (E/M/I) "Grey Goose" (M) "The Nerve Calmer" (M) "Hanh!" (M) from Me And My Brother (Collipark/TVT)  ** Certified Platinum
  • Ying Yang Twins - "Live Again f/ Adam Levine of Maroon 5"  (Co-W/Co-P/M/I), "The Walk" (M), "Brothers Keeper" (M), "USA" (M)from The United States of Atlanta (TVT) ** Certified Platinum
  • Ying Yang Twins - "Keep On Coming", "In This Thang Still", "Jack It Up" (M) from Chemically Imbalanced (TVT)
  • Ying Yang Twins - "Ying Yang in This Thang" (M)from Thug Walkin (Collipark)
  • Young Bloodz - "Datz Me" (M) from Presidential (Laface/Arista)
  • Young Bloodz - "Everybody Know Me" (M) from Everybody Know Me (Sony BMG)
  • Young Jeezy - "Come Shop Wit' Me" (M) (Corporaate Thugs)
  • Yung Ralph - Various Tracks (M)  (Universal Republic)
  • V.I.C. - "We Ridin" (M) (Reprise)
  • Vistosso Bosses - Camera / Superstar (Co-W/P/E/M) Various tracks (P/E/M) from forthcoming LP (Collipark/Interscope)

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