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I am passionate about Intelligence from and Social Interaction with Information.

I am a leader and visionary.

I am successful at building and leading high performance marketing, product management and consulting teams for global software development and services organizations with annual revenues exceeding $100 million.

I combine business management and operational expertise with innovation, creativity, and exceptional public communication skills.

I establish the strategy and vision to increase revenues and expand market share throughout and following an acquisition.

I follow through with quantifiable results.

I conceiveI collaborate. I deliver.


To objectively grow business, market awareness and sales pipeline by leading motivated teams by example. To successfully bring emerging products, technologies and services from concept through design and code to market.


Jun 1997Aug 1998


Focus on Internet Mediated Communications. Graduated with honors. Coached NIU Policy Debate Team.

Aug 1995May 1997


Double Major in Philosophy and Political Science. 


Social Competitive Intelligence
Developed the SWIFT framework - Social Web Intelligence Framework and Tactics.  This is the synthesis of business process, software and analytics to produce actionable intelligence from mountains of unstructured social media and deep web data.    
From web analytics tools to sentiment analysis and voice of the customer tools to statistical analysis of latent and nascent trends, I have a strong facility for trend spotting and trend making.  The ability to communicate trends with predictive accuracy is vital in order to secure competitive differentiation.  Familiarity with: Webtrends Google Analytics Oracle Campaigns (Siebel) Oracle Real Time Decisions WCM AB testing Content intelligence employee expertise systems (Tacit / Oracle Beehive/ Oracle WebCenter) Datafacet (Wand technologies) Clarabridge RDF annotation for use in triple stores, reasoners and SPARQL querying
Analyst Relations
Seek, cultivate and maintain relationships with industry analysts and pundits.  Formally present product roadmaps and business strategies to top industry analysts in closed-door settings.  Present and interact publicly with industry analysts and pundits through social media, trade show conference panels, blogs and webinars.  Respond to MQ, Wave, and report requests on an annual basis.
Oracle E2.0 ACE
The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Oracle Technology and Applications communities for their contributions to those communities. These individuals are technically proficient and willingly share their knowledge and experiences.  Billy Cripe is recognized as an Enterprise 2.0 Oracle ACE.
JAVA, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX, HTML, XML, SQL, Idoc Solution design proficiency Technical Architecture   Programming daily 2000-2006 Programming occasionally 2006-present  
Semantic Web
I am passionate about semantic web technologies and promise.  I have a technical understanding of RDF, OWL, SPARQL, FOAF, ontologies and microformats.  My focus in on applying SemWeb patterns and technologies to unstructured information from text analytics, sentiment analysis and entity extraction to storage, formatting, querying, assembly, and relationship mapping for the purpose of illuminating the digital dark matter of the information universe.  All this is done with an eye always on revenue or efficiency impacting business issues.   Practical implementations include conceptual topographies, organic topic maps, accidental assembly and unintentional aggregation of inferentially faceted results.   If you understand what that means the we should talk.
Enterprise Web 2.0
I have been actively engaged in use, design, development, and management of social web applications since the mid 1990's.  In 1998 I helped create intranet based team collaboration spaces using MS Exchange Team Folders for Habitat for Humanity International.  I blogging in 2003.  As web technology has evolved information has become the primary business commodity.  Whether intelligence and analysis data, web pages, binary files, documents, MP3s, videos or social graphs, it is the information we produce and trade and covet.  Web 2.0 technologies have evolved from the earliest roots of the internet to now be easily available to anyone with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.  I understand the code, infrastructure, design, business drivers, requirements and revenue considerations needed to make these desires a reality for business.   I am responsible for Enterprise 2.0 products and solutions at Oracle with a focus on the play and availability of unstructured information to systems people and teams.   Enterprise Web 2.0 means that people, applications, and information communicate conversationally (back and forth, immediate feedback, asynchronous, with memory of what was "said" before).   Associated areas of expertise include: collaboration development folksonomy, taxonomy, tagging and metadata design canonical and organic data modeling  social graph management and leveraging trust systems design and implementation expertise systems participation culture engineering personalization rich internet applications
Enterprise Content Management
Management of unstructured information is critical in today's interconnected environment.  I have both customer side and vendor side, developer side and architect side, implementor side and administrator side experience.  I understand the horizontal nature of Enterprise Content Management and the Vertical requirements that make it work in any industry.
Public Communications
I have a passion for presentation.  I have hands-on experience with highly technical concepts, processes, and tasks.  I have real-world experience in high-pressure environments to present and execute with speed and precision.  I bring these experiences to my passion for public communication whether written, web mediated, or in person speaking.  I moderate panels, podcast, present in the Board Room as well as in the conference hall.  I guest lecture at universities and in ad hoc working groups.  I write articles, blog and create presentations.  I do this with an understanding of my audience as well as the message.

Who Is Billy Cripe?

My Book

Work experience


Founder | Principal


BloomThink is a social business strategy agency. Our focus Areas:- Integrated Digital Strategy to Augment, Amplify, Personalize & Monetize Your Brand- Social Media IP Protection- Social Competitive IntelligenceHappy Clients Include: Digitiliti, Field Nation, St. Jude Medical, Guardian Glass, Team Informatics, AIIM Minnesota, Inveni, Ronsberg Technology Partners, NorthWire and others!

Jan 2012May 2013

VP Marketing


Drove complete turn around in marketing and brand awareness for this pivot cloud start up.  Oversaw web, social and product re-branding, channel development, industry recognition (TechTarget's top cloud storage finalist for 2012, Best of St. Paul) and landed largest 6-figure deal in Digitiliti history.  Digitiliti is now a happy BloomThink client.


VP Marketing

Fishbowl Solutions

Directly responsible for global marketing strategy and execution for Fishbowl Solutions'products and services to partners, clients and prospects. Results: Increased Sales Pipeline Valuation 66% YoY, Increased Awareness Uptake of Fishbowl Solutions web presence by over 90% YoY, Increased Average Deal Size of FBS sales by 100% YoY


Director of Outbound Enterprise 2.0 Product Management

Oracle Corporation

  • Started with Intranet Solutions as a developer-consultant and manager of consulting staff.  
  • Intranet Solutions changed their name to Stellent.
  • Designed and started the consultant onboarding and mentoring program.  Oversaw all new hire and PIP consultants.
  • Started the Sales Enablement practice at Stellent as Director of Sales Enablement with global responsibility for sales and channel strategy, innovation and collateral.  Help drive stellent to $100M+ in revenue.
  • Stellent was acquired by Oracle in 2006.  
  • Took position as Director of Outbound Product Management for Enterprise 2.0 which was subsequently re-branded WebCenter.  Drove global sales and channel enablement with responsibility for APAC, Europe and America.  Influenced over $130M in global WebCenter revenue per year with substantial YoY growth.



Certified Information Professional

AIIM International