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Aug 2010May 2015

Bachelors Of Social Work

University Of Texas At El Paso
Aug 2010May 2012

Associate of Arts

El Paso Community College



Recognising that other action may be needed and being able to adapt to change, without diverting from the overall objective.

Problem solving

Being able to assess situations, recognise difficulties and determine the action that might be needed to achieve a successful outcome.

Interpersonal skills

A strong ability to relate well to others, to accept and value others - particularly colleagues and customers.


A strong capacity to motivate and encourage others, in the achievement of specific objectives.


Building positive working relationships that help everyone to achieve goals and  objectives.


Includes verbal and written communication, and listening.Having the ability to   to tailor my message for the desired audience and listening to the views of others.

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Platoon Leader

US Army Reserves

Commanding and controlling company-sized transportation operations.Coordinating  Transportation Soldiers at the company level.Responsible for effectively using the platoon's resources and directing the platoon during exercises.Lead current platoon in support of all company and battalion missions. In charge of planning missions with the help other key personnel. Responsible for the day-to-day tasks the platoon must accomplish. Maintaining the safety of all soldiers assigned to company.Accepts responsibility for all platoon actions.

Jun 2014May 2015

Social Work Intern

El Paso Public Defenders Office

Interviewing clients and performing assessments  to determine clients mental health needs.Requesting medical records from correct sources. Conducting  interviews of parents, guardians, and other relevant family members gathering and analyzing information relevant to assessing client needs.Providing crisis intervention to clients as needed. Developing safety plans for clients once released. Working together with attorneys and other case-workers  on each case. Assist attorneys in understanding mental health records and other materials related to the social worker’s area of expertise;Researching issues of mental health, and performing any other research deemed necessary.

Apr 2012Jul 2014

Customer Service Representative

GC Services

Answer incoming telephone calls for products any additional products added to the Call Center.Provide accurate information about client products and services to the caller and educate callers on how to use client products.Handle customer calls,  in a courteous and business-like fashion.Giving all customers  excellent quality customer service.

Feb 2007Apr 2012

Retail Cashier & Stocker


Responsible for receiving merchandise, unloading or unpacking it, marking it with codes to be identified, stocking shelves, and helping customers place orders.Stock shelves with unpacked items.Replace damaged or missing products. And operate forklift to lift or place merchandise Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, Issue receipts, refunds,credits, or change due to customers.Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.Greet customers entering establishments.Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas.


  • Selected from more than 200 applicants to receive a ROTC scholarship.
  • Personally responsible for over $3,000,000.00 of command equipment with no deficiencies, losses or damages. Maintained 100% accountability for my platoon at all times during missions.
  • Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, 2013 (16 HOURS)
  • Volunteer, EPISD JROTC Grader, 2012,2013,2014 (36 HOURS)
  • Volunteer, Safe Home Food Drive, 2012,2013 (5 HOURS)
  • Volunteer, Wounded Warriors Program, 2011, 2012 , 2013(16 HOURS)
  • Volunteer, Military Child Toy Drive, 2011,2012 , 2013(20 HOURS)
  • Volunteer, Adopt a Soldier, 2011,2012 (3 HOURS)Volunteer, Veterans Home Dinner, 2012, 2013 (4 HOURS) Volunteer, Wrestling Assistant Coach on Ft. Bliss 2010-2013 (45 hours)
  • Volunteer, USO Ft. Bliss 2014 (33 Hours)