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William Dickey

Responsible, Reliable, Hardworking


I am a hard worker who has been consistently and happily employed for the past seven years.  I am studying at Woodbury University in San Diego to become an Architect.  I have had numerous jobs that have taught me the importance of a strong team effort.  Providing customers with great service has always been my forte and I find it very rewarding.  I am the type of worker that is willing to roll up my sleeves when needed with hopes that I can also contribute, learn and work towards the success of the company and my future as much as possible.  I'd like to note I'm in good standing with all previous and present employers.  As you continue to read this resume you will find I have compatible skills that apply to your company.

Work experience

Jan 2017Present


Peters Architecture

  I am interning for an Architect to gain experience so that I can get my license in the near future.  Our firm designs custom homes in L.A. County and some local projects as well.  I am lucky enough to have a lot of involvement in our projects everywhere from creating construction documents to visiting clients and local planning departments.  We preform most of our work in AutoCad and are usually working on 3-5 projects at a time.  With just three people in our office we run a tight ship that is highly reliant on well coordinated teamwork.  Wage - $15.00 per hour

Aug 2015Jan 2017

Account Executive

Elite Salon Services

We are a professional hair product distribution company.  We import our products from Italy and Paris.  I am an account executive currently servicing sixty-plus clients.  Our main objective is to accommodate Salons throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  This requires me to interact with managers and stylists as the face of the company and to maintain a great relationship with each and every client.  My job consists of sales calls, customer service, inventory, shipping, receiving and currently office manager.

May 2015June 2016


Seaside AC and Heating

Seaside is a great and well known company in south OC.  They have countless awards for customer service and installation quality.  I took what I knew from my experience as a solar technician and things came to me pretty easily.  The day to day was showing up at the office, checking supplies and organizing materials, then taking the company vehicle to the job site and assist the installation process.  Other duties involved some paperwork in the office, collecting fees from customers, as well as going to the service store and pick up whatever materials might be needed for the job.  Start pay: $12 per hour, Leave Pay: $14

Oct 2013Feb 2016



Mahe is a fast paced, up-beat coastal restaurant serving dishes such as sushi, steaks, and burgers.  Starting as a bus boy and currently working as a waiter I have gained an immense amount of experience in customer service.  Having to keep groups as large as twenty-five people happy can get slightly precarious, but with the amount of experience I've had it always seems to go very well.  As a waiter their is not much manager intervention and most of the time none, it is very important to maintain a professional and composed attitude towards the customer as you are the face of that company.

Apr 2014Aug 2015

Solar Technician / Installer

Active Solar

As a solar technician I had to go through three months of extensive safety training as well as memorize a large handful of procedures and components.  I later gained promotions with this company and ended as a lead installer coordinating residential products with one other installer on my team.  Obviously as a solar technician you are putting pricey power systems on a customers home who needs to trust you, so a large part of the job was providing excellent customer service and answering a variety of questions ranging from the actual application of the system to the financial possibilities/projections. start pay: $10 per hour; end pay: $15 per hour.


Jan 2018Present

Bachelors of Architecture in Progress

Woodbury University - School of Architecture San Diego
Aug 2013May 2017 

General Ed.

SaddleBack College 

 Credits in the following; Real Estate, Architecture, Computer Science.

Proficient in AutoCAD and easily trained on any other computer program.

Jun 2014Present

Private Pilot License In-progress

Sunrise Aviation

Extensive training in a light weight aircraft and in the classroom.