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Bill Ryerson’s immigration, emigration and population growth expertise places him at the top of his field. For nearly 40 years, William Ryerson has specialized in spurring positive change around the world in the area of reproductive health education. Since 2008, Ryerson has served as CEO of the Population Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on spreading knowledge about the potentially alarming trends in population growth throughout the developing world. Through his work at the Population Institute, he advocates for increased access to family planning resources so that women and families everywhere can make a choice about the size of their families. He also educates people on the impact that population growth has on immigration patterns, along with the challenges that large migrations of people present in terms of resource allocation.In addition to assisting with public education campaigns, Bill Ryerson focuses his efforts on motivating legislators and other key players to pay attention to population issues. He urges these groups to take the necessary steps to address population-related problems such as food, water, and energy shortages.Since 1998, Ryerson has served as President of the Vermont-based Population Media Center. In this capacity, he produces a range of broadcast media programs that are aimed at improving public health and elevating the status of women in developing countries. He and his team have worked on serial videos that promote healthier, more modern community attitudes on topics such as high-risk sexual behavior, HIV/AIDS prevention, and birth control usage.Ryerson received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Amherst College in Massachusetts, graduating with honors. He then earned a Master of Philosophy in Biology at Yale University. William Ryerson is a recipient of the prestigious Nafis Sadik Award for Courage from the Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development. Learn more about Ryerson’s work at

Work experience

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Population Media Center

Founded and serve as Chief Executive Officer of this non-profit organization, carrying out comprehensive broadcast media programs in developing countries designed to encourage adoption of small family norms, use of family planning, and elevation of women’s status. The organization is working to bring about stabilization of human population numbers at a level that can be supported sustainably by the world’s natural resources and to lessen the harmful impact of humanity on Earth’s environment.




Yale University