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Work experience

Systems Engineer

Development and continuation work on SCSI-II software for Elite series High Performance disk drive.  Designed and developed high-speed SCSI test equipment.

Setup, maintained, and administrated Novell NetWare Local Area Network

Software Engineer

SSESCO / WindLogics Inc.

SSESCO contracts out engineers for super computer design and develops an interactive  three-dimensional visualization package for scientific models called Savi3D.  Member of  the team responsible for the design and development of Savi3D using C++, Perl, GL, OpenGL, OS/2, Windows 95/NT, Unix, and  XWindows/Motif.  Includes some system and internet administration for OS/2, Windows NT, and Unix systems.  Additional duties included coordinating code development, product documentation, and packaging.

Systems Engineer

Alliance Data Systems

Responsible for coordinating the technical implementation of wide area networks for retail applications. Review, pilot, and oversee implementation and roll out of nation wide TCP/IP networks for the purpose of credit processing, polling, inventory processing, and other Point Of Sale connectivity applications.  Primary internal technical interface, customer technical interface, and vendor technical interface for customer specific production and implementation issues.

Manager of Network Operations

Alliance Data Systems

The Network Operations department was responsible for ensuring 24/7 connectivity to well over 10,000 stores, 26 data centers, and numerous banking institutions.  The department was also responsible for ensuring credit card processing, capture, and settlement applications function without impact to the customer.  I successfully improved training, procedures, reliability, consistency, and moral of the department.  I was the escalation point for all significant issues.  Responsible for coordination with other departments in improving final product and customer satisfaction.

Manager of Network Engineering

Alliance Data Systems

Managed team was responsible for design, implementation and support of a highly redundant, nationwide network.

  • Provided a nationwide, 24/7 network capable of 100% up-time.
  • Ensured network documentation and inventory were current and accurate.
  • Consistent infrastructure audits to ensured maximum efficiency and cost savings.
  • Established creditable team, responsible as an final escalation point for all operational departments.
  • Ensured seamless transition from legacy network to independent solutions.

Manager of Application Support

Alliance Data Systems

As the manager of the Application Support team, I was responsible for isolating development teams from operational divisions, customers, and vendors.  My team acted as an escalation point for all operational divisions of the company, supporting hundreds of customers and more than ten of thousand retail sites.  Managing this team required work with Sales, Development, Product Management, Help Desk, and Operational Centers.

  • Delivered current documentation and training to operational departments.
  • Provided customers with a last resort of problem escalation by ensuring that my team was fully qualified to handle all isues.
  • Established creditable team, responsible as an escalation point for all operational departments.
  • Furnished development and product departments with feedback from an operational and customer point of view, for the purposes of improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Provided account management with the information they require to meet customer expectations.
  • Implemented projects in a timely and low-impact manner.

Manager of Customer Support

Oracle Retail (Retek) is the premier retail software vendor for Fortune 500 companies.  As the manager of the Logistics Customer Support teams, I managed a multi-national team that was responsible for the analysis, development, and resolution of warehouse management product issues.

  • Enforcement of issue prioritization, definition, and escalation procedures.
  • Improved structure resulted in greatly improved department efficiency and quality.
  • Provide a creditable team, responsible as the final escalation point for product defects.
  • Increased moral and productivity through proper problem management.
  • Work closely with the Development team to improve change management and release quality.
  • Work closely with Services division to ensure customer implementations are executed as smoothly as possible.
  • Work closely with Product Strategy to define product definition based on the needs of the customers and the company.

Director of Information Technology

Lupient Enterprises

Lupient Enterprises is an half billion dollar enterprise consisting of several automotive dealerships, two property management companies and a building maintenance company.  My team was responsible for the well being and advancement of a diverse computing and telephony environment.

  • Turned a historically hostile relationship with divisions of the company into a positive and productive relationship.
  • Created an open team environment, improving moral.
  • Shifted focus toward business goals.
  • Greatly improved availability of documentation.
  • Reduced field time and costs by centralizing routine field functions.
  • Implemented metrics for monitoring, utilization, and ticket resolution.
  • Significantly reduced dependence on consultants by tackling more issues in-house.
  • Investigated, proposed, and implemented new technologies.
  • Introduced significant cost savings through infrastructure and vendor audits.


Bachelor of Science



Windows Server, UNIX, VMWare, Windows Client, OS/2, Novell Netware


Oracle, Sybase, SQL, Apache, MS-Exchange, Active Directory, and many more


TCP/IP, VoIP, Cisco, DNS, DHCP, ICMP, SNMP, SMTP, IPX/SPX, Frame Relay, Point-to-point, MPLS, ISDN, Fiber, Firewall, VPN, Satellite


C, C++, Java, Pascal, Oracle Forms, Fortran, Assembly, Python


Law Enfocement - Member of the Bloomington Police Reserve since 1993.