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Billie Holiday

Harlem Renaissance Resume

Personal Info

Real Name: Eleanora Fagan

Address:  17 Irving Pl. New York City                                     

DOB:  April 7th 1915

Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Married Twice : James Monroe (1941) and Louis Mckay (1957)

Job Objective

I am applying for a job as a singer in a club or music hall at Irving Plaza Venue in New York

Work experience


I started Working in Harlem Clubs With singer Laurence Jackson


First record and commercial recording session

With agent John Hammond and Benny Goodman

When I was 18 years old


I singed to  Brunswick Records

Thanks to the help of John Hammond


I toured with the Count Basie Orchestra and Artie Shaw

I was the first black woman to work with a white orchestras


I worked at Café Society in New York City

NY first integrated club

Famous Works

I have many songs that are very well known

  • 1939 Strange Fruit 
  • 1941 God Bless the Child


I wrote my autobiography in 1956 called Lady Sings the Blues

In 1987 I won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2000 I became part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Civic Involvements

My song "Strange Fruit" talked about the lynching  of African American in the South and it angered a lot of white people, some radio station even banned the record from their radio. I also wrote "My Man"  and other songs that talked about abusive relationships.