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Work History


Crew Member

Sonic Drive In

While working I take the customers orders, make sure they are made correctly and proficiently. I also greet the customer, and make sure everything is correct. I keep the work area clean, and stocked with the necessary items for everyday use, all while making the orders as they come in. 


Community Ambassador

Campus Evolution Villages Murray South

Public relations duties for this job included social media advertisement, 1 on 1 recruitment , leasing of apartments, general office duties, and organizing and overviewing events for the residents.

September 2016January 2017

Customer Support Specialist

Rotech Healthcare

This position required me to muti-task all day, everyday, by talking on the phone with customers while simultaneously taking their supply orders, transferring their calls to the correct departments, and fixing any issues that might have been wrong with their previous shipments. I became very proficient in dealing with a wide variety of customer calls, and requests, and also working many different computer programs. 

Oct 2011 -2016Current

Shift Leader

Dairy Queen

Includes many tasks such as handling paperwork, doing cash transactions, teaching and managing all/new employees. 


Aug 2014May 2018

Murray State University

Business Administration 


Customer Service

The combination of my job at Dairy queen and at Rotech, have given me plenty of experience in dealing with different types of customer service. While at Dairy Queen, we interacted with the customers face to face everyday, while at Rotech, I was only on the phone with them everyday. Given the differences in these two jobs, I have become aquainted with how to deal with customers in person, along with over the phone or online. 

Technology Skills 

I have recently become much more proficient in working with a variety of computer programs, such as Microsoft excel, word, and a private network interface that my previous job required us to use. I have become much more familiar with the systems on the computer, and learn fairly quickly, how to access and use new programs. 

Administrative Duties

I completed nightly paperwork to include inventory, cleaning procedures, and cash balances. I ensured that all machines and areas were maintained with supplies. It was my responsibility to ensure that all the basic duties were complete relating to closing the business for the night.  

Personnel Trainer 

I conducted training for newly hired employees. I assisted the entry level employees learn all the basic job skills required to preform their daily duties. I worked closely with the employees to oversee their progress and help them retain the information needed to be successful.

Public Relations

I communicated directly with customers when taking their orders. I assisted customers with any complaints they had. I worked to resolve any issues customers may have had with service they received. I built a professional relationship with the regular customers to ensure they had the most pleasant experience possible with the business.


Here is an example of one of my works that I did for an education class I took in college. This paper is about motivation for your students, however I feel that some of these points could be taken into the workplace under the right circumstances.

Volunteer Work

Olympic Field Day

         I helped special needs children walk the track, and build self esteem through various sports and          group activities.

Peer Tutor

         I worked daily with special needs students, helping them learn basic life skills, academics, and to          forge friendships.