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Sapphire Rose - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Seven Times Brighter - Bass Guitar

Fabulous Mood Swings - Bass Guitar And Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Rage Against the Hungry Machine - Lead Guitar


Music Training

A the age of 16 I began guitar lessons with John Forbing.  One year later I was teaching guitar to my drummers little brother Eric Bair.  I continued to play with a band I help start, Sapphire Rose, for the next 7 years.  In 1996 the band was disolved.

  • Sapphire Rose 1997-1994; Lead/Rhythm
  • Seven Times Brighter 1996-1997; Bass Guitar
  • In 1997 I was the Music Coordinator for Tayor University Youth Conference.
  • Matt Redman: Attended Face Down Song writer's conference - GA 2005
  • Worship Leader: 9 months at First Missionary Church, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Playing in Sunday music Worship since 1996 


  • 2010-2012 Lead Guitar Rage Against the Hungry Machine (RATHM) Livingsocial