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Traveling the world with my wife

Spending time with my two boys

Watching NHL Hockey

Playing Ice Hockey

Learning as much about Social Media as possible


Where You Can Find Me

Who I Am

I am actively seeking opportunities in social media and online marketing with an innovative company.  Being an entrepreneurial thinker, I can always find something encouraging and motivational in every situation.  I focus on ways to help see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I view every "problem" as a new learning opportunity.  These skills, partnered with my tenacity and attention to detail will enable me to further enhance your existing product line, expand potential revenue channels, and build widespread brand awareness.

My passion and expertise is supported by 10 years of experience in online communication, community journalism, and social media integration.  I will provide online media strategies to benefit your business by incorporating social media and online marketing into your current communication channels.  

You can find me involved with many social networking sites and I am usually collaborating on Twitter, networking on FaceBook, uploading photos to Twitpic and Flickr and sharing my passion for Hockey and the NHL on my blog.

Work experience


The Brister Group

Specializing in - Product Launches, Social Media Design and Social Media Campaign

Business Analyst

Broad client relations knowledge combined with outstanding leadership ability and creative problem solving skills in both strategic and tactical areas.  Helped build a 60+ person member services department that focused on total member satisfaction.  Implemented work schedules, budget analysis and workflow practices for this online marketing company.

  • Supervised the daily operations of a 60-person member services department.  Managed assignments, projects and schedules relating to the completion of tasks and maintaining service levels.  Develop business practices, workflow policies and procedures. 
  • Coordinated the usage of the Kana Response email management system for three departments.  Provided reports and escalation guidelines for technical and service-related issues. 
  • Designed and implemented a change management process for administering Kana Response. 
  • Directed communication between information technology, fraud and community departments regarding member services issues, with the goal of utilizing Kana to its fullest potential.

Systems Analyst

Providian Financial

Project management professional with a successful track record of developing and implementing policies, procedures, testing environments, and enhancement requests that resulted in new opportunities to better service customer needs for this credit card provider.

  • Trained users on how to utilize the Kana Response system and its technology. 
  • Published workflow documentation, support and escalation procedures, MIS reports, monthly and quarterly management reports, system snapshots, trend and risk analysis. 
  • Provided production support for the email services customer service center (100+ Users) on all Kana Response application issues. 
  • Managed application upgrades, built development and quality assurance environments.  Lead technician on developing rules, queues and categorized responses.

Technical Manager

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Home Services

Successfully managed a team of 38 field technicians by increasing efficiency and performance standards.

  • Conducted peer-to-peer technical manager training regarding best practices found by crew members and focus areas in other call loads (geographical areas) that are not meeting projected goals. 
  • Responsible for establishing monthly goals and productivity levels in order to create a challenging and rewarding work environment. 
  • Provided training and guidance for up to 38 field technicians. 
  • Responsible for resolving customer complaints. 
  • Assisted each technician in creating action plans to improve performance and work habits. 
  • Submitted weekly and monthly reports to senior management identifying areas that exceeded goals and those in need of further analysis.

Founder / CEO

Individui, Inc.

Researched, planned and built a working process aimed at lead generation for Real Estate agents using SMS Technology.  Increased social media expertise with the ability to evangelize its benefits to clients and partners.

  • Created business plan for mobile SMS technology in multiple channels. 
  • Researched social media and social networking, conducted reviews and presentations to business owners and potential partners.   
  • Responsible for aligning customer needs; requirements and solutions into an affordable and scalable package.   
  • Developed strong relationships with other Social Media / Social Networking leaders.

Project Coordinator

Channel Intelligence

Assisted the director of QA on developing standards, SOP's and auditing practices for the feed engine, future projects and the company's social media creation.  Responsible for assisting in gathering business flow requirements, analyzing and digesting internal process flow requests.

  • Developed process flows, business performance indicators and audit guidelines for quality.
  • Designed troubleshooting knowledge base for support on-call after hours use.
  • Responsible for the architecture, layout and usability of the operations internal Sharepoint site.
  • Responsible for developing and recommending meaningful metrics that measure the effectiveness of new social media programs.