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Throughout his life and career, entrepreneur and executive Bill Alverson has maintained involvement in an array of professional, charitable, and personal endeavors. After a formative period as a Financial Advisor with American Express Company, Bill Alverson followed his entrepreneurial spirit and founded W.M.A. & Associates, a full-service venture capital and management consulting firm in Newport Beach, California. Through W.M.A. & Associates, Alverson cultivated a strong specialization in his field, demonstrating his superior acumen with investments in promising, young startups in the financial services, consumer products, and travel and tourism sectors. As a direct result of Bill Alverson’s involvement, numerous portfolio companies of W.M.A. & Associates attained astronomical growth over the years, including stock market technology platform (which achieved a 2,100 percent return on equity), child development retailer Genius Products (which achieved a 400 percent return on equity), and Admore Memory (which achieved a 900 percent return on equity). 

In 1995, Bill Alverson steered the investment capital of W.M.A. & Associates toward TravelMax, Inc. As the largest shareholder of TravelMax, Inc., Bill Alverson served as Chief Executive Officer in its first year and helped the business grow from 7 to over 200 employees with more than 40,000 independent travel agents across the United States. Since then, Alverson has founded Jupiter Venture Partners, where he currently serves as CEO. Bill Alverson also serves as Chairman of Healthient and on the board of directors of SnackHealthy, Inc. 

Recognized for his contributions to the community, Bill Alverson donates his time, energy, and resources to a wide range of charitable causes. As CEO of The Healthient Foundation, Bill Alverson supports various programs that address the worldwide epidemic of childhood obesity. Married with four children, Bill Alverson enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, and going fishing whenever possible. Alverson lives and works in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

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